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Friday, March 1, 2013


Misha Friedman The New York City Museum and Cultural Events Calendar was my alert the gallery, 287 Spring was showing the 2010 documentary, 

to accompany 


Justice For Sergei
So instead of a gallery opening first, Sergei Magnitsky. The figurehead, martyr, by whose death (some) rich Russians can't currently shop in the United States. While Russian orphans are no longer allowed to live in a U. S. family. With Russia's rationalization that their president promised to take care of all the orphans now. Now? Moot before long, as all political promises can become. American President Bill Clinton's First State of the Union Address, before the United States Congress, insisted something should be done about the working poor. 

The law, right or wrong, is always
 about money.
But as Film is convincing, I'll just include, here, contrary perspective provided by four anonymous authors on the internet, published, Tuesday, August 16, 2011. They provide backstory, not in the film, while fanning conspiratorial flames. Communists, spies, everyone, following where the money the flows. 

Still, Mr. Magnitsky was locked up and denied rational justice and allowed to die to be shut up. The show
Photo51 - Is Corruption in Russia's DNA?  
provides the subtle explanation ruthlessness can't afford to care. How its almost normal to see  Sergei's mother, relatives and friends resolved to the pain interwoven into the tragedy of a person's principles being used against him in a court of law. Justice for Sergei was lost because he didn't deserve revenge.

Sergei Leonidovich Magnitsky
April 8, 1972 OdessaUSSR

Prison environment Sergei Magnitsky is alleged to have endured 
contributing to his early death.
now this little reminder of  
That Should, or not, Ease Wonder Over How Long This Economic Disagreement Could Take?

And this, link, in case anyone wasn't wondering how objective RT could be?


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Monday, February 11, 2013

Argentina Is As Nice A Place To Be As Anywhere In The World Right Now

I'm not in the New York office so this is the first, scheduled, not 'hot off the press,' Soapbox View as we're in Argentina. I decided the penny essay, deserved the first page through the weekend. But, before leaving, Thursday, the 7th, wouldn't you know, The New York Times ran this headline, Iran’s Supreme Leader Rejects Direct Talks With U.S. So, since, as everywhere, there are many Iranians who could use more pennies too, I dedicate the penny's longer stay as first page, through the weekend, to Iran.

Fabulous. In that nine word, two abbreviated, headline, is the incredulous strain this excessively grudge ridden world remains. Reading  Thomas Erdbrin’s run down of who, what, when, where and why, the politics struck me. As the supreme commander to whom all Iranians are subservient, Ayatollah Khamenei is where the Iranian buck stops. If he were to show moderation toward the U.S., that's political weakness and not what any politician, of any kind, likes being known for. 

Still, the United States, in some way, should be trying to get out from under the warmonger albatross and talk to whoever knows an Iranian. This isn't rocket science, finding a way both sides have nothing to fight over. Even the Ayatolla needs to be talking to someone. And for Allah's sake I hope listening, too. So if the United States will never have a good image with certain Muslims, that's what needs to be worked on now.

Even if its just talking to the Iranian grocer on the corner a dialogue should be kept open. Both countries need to come down from the mountaintop and compromise and conclude jihad is the fault of earlier times. Mean son-of-a-b_____s need to clean their acts up. 
President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Bernardino Rivadavia was the first president when Argentina was called the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata, from February 8, 1826 to July 7, 1827. Just a quick look at the first President's résumé  indicates politics has always been quite a contest. Not unlike everywhere else on Earth?


Comodoro Rivadavia is the first place in Argentina I visited after Buenos Aires.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is It Important Governments Pretend To Have Real Relationships?

Due to their labyrinthian nature, governments tend to naturally avoid responsibility while nailing the simpler to define individuals for the littlest things. Why justice seems imbalanced toward the wealthy when they're, sometimes, just more difficult targets in the pecking order of things. 
Well, as Ellen Barry reported, Friday, Jan. 25, in The New York Times in U.S. Withdraws From Project With Russia on Civil Society, rubber stamps is what are in abundance when it comes to government relations. Ms. Barry wrote -  The United States, in answer to Russia’s recent crackdown on civil society groups, is withdrawing from a bilateral Russian-American working group on civil society. A three-year-old project, that embodied the spirit of the “reset” between Washington and Moscow. The US–Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission.

Imagery, as highlighted by Ms. Barry's strategically placed middle sentence. - The working group had not met in a plenary session for more than a year, amid disputes between the two sides about its scope and format.

Otherwise known in politics as a boondoggle. Where doing the right thing is constructed into a big waste of time. 
As Yuri Dzhibladze, president of the Center for Development of Democracy and Human Rights, an advocacy group based in Moscow, quoted by The Times, said,  - “In practice, it has turned out that human rights and the rule of law and democracy have all but disappeared from the agenda in the U.S.-Russia dialogue. A symbolic anatomy of the failure of the reset policy. This particular working group has not been too helpful, and I’m glad it is gone. We should not pretend that this has been a real mechanism for dialogue.”

Jessica Allina-Pisano
Still, obviously decision makers do not intend to lack for excuses. Just wait. Soon everything will be adequately polished and Moscow delinquents stashed and warehoused away. Then, as if by nothing near magic, there'll be an acceptance of outright Potemkin Villages, no less, just as New York City's polished Times Square showcases America's chromed domed success while what's tarnished beneath remains stained. Just because Russia refuses to face civil society, doesn't mean America should pretend our own flaws aren't as bad as having the other side's. If America is greener, we should keep improving.

Anyway, Dmitri S. Peskov, Mr. Putin’s spokesman, said he regretted the American decision but played down its importance. He said, “It means nothing, actually. We deeply regret that we’ve been deprived of one of the formats of dialogue, without compensating its absence with a new one. We are very sorry about that. It’s negative for both Moscow and Washington.”

Meaning, naming a new group to pretend would have been entirely okay? Sure, the spokesman wasn't implying the creation of more façades is acceptable. But he may as well have. 

Mr. Putin's spokesman said the dissolving did not pose a great loss, especially because Russia insists its domestic affairs should not be subject to international scrutiny. 

There you go, that's original. Its not as if a Russian spokesperson ever insisted on minding your own business when addressing the public before. 

Mr. Peskov said, “We cannot discuss our domestic affairs. We can share our views, exchange our opinions, but we can never discuss our domestic affairs.” 

Yet Mother-Country patriotism aside, Russia's recent deluge of legislative calculations just seem to be a method of buying time. After all, no one really intends to avoid whatever foreigners feel comfortable spending in Russia? 

Remember the end of the Soviet Union? When people just gave up and there weren't enough citizens lined up at the economic trough to keep the operation afloat? That was capitalism that collapsed, when too few benefit. When its all struggle for little reward. That's what a president should listen for and not just what would satisfy the aristocrats. Here's wishing, at least, President Putin's spokesperson lightens up.

RT itself also reported Friday, Moscow regrets US pullout from bilateral commission on human rights. Beginning - The United States has delivered the latest setback to Russia-US relations by announcing it will no longer participate in the Russian-American Bilateral Presidential Commission on Civil Society.

Suffice it to say, free speech is still an inadequate substitute for transparency
Fabulous. According to The New York Times, North Korean Leader Vows ‘High-Profile’ Retaliation Over New U.N. Sanctions. By Choe Sang-Hun, January 27, 2013. Seoul, South Korea — Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has ordered his top military and Party officials to take “substantial and high-profile important State measures” to retaliate against American-led United Nations sanctions on the country, The North's Official Media reported Sunday. 

After I wrote such conciliatory, hopeful sounding, essays toward Kim Jong-un?
June 14, 2012 Soapbox View 
October 15, Soapbox View 

Its just posturing as of the old days with whatever there is to bargain with lying around. Where government interests are wrongly substituted for their people. An easily reached for excuse apparently as governments throughout the world justify their rights over their individuals. 

Does anything like an opinion really exist in North Korea? How the hell did people ever justify thought control, propaganda/advertising, as the best way to control and define and rule their citizenry? Except ultimately combining together to rule ourselves militarily is how we evolved to this point where the individual is still regarded as less important than The State. When the rights of the individual is the principle upon which the United States of America was founded?

Talking it out at least tries to pretend something is being solved. Surely Kim Jong-un can speak?
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Monday, January 21, 2013

This Is The Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is not celebrated as much as other holidays. Sure, most people, even possibly, actual bigots know Martin Luther King, Jr. significantly stands for our aspirations being better than we actually are. Asfor instance, there wouldn't be so much litter if we were, in general, good people who still weren't in so much need of improvement
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & 1964 Nobel Peace Prize
The 35-year-old was honored for promoting the
non-violent principle in the civil rights movement.

 Oslo, Norway, December 10, 1964

So its worth noting the nation's  annual slighting of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday is not just in the shadow of all our other abuses of privilege. It is truly tragic that this day can't be better celebrated, and not just from the sweet coincidence of President Barack Obama's Inauguration. Or is a portion of the country really that upset about the government forcing citizens to take a day off? In a sense that speaks well to the fact that so many private citizens own so much of this country. But that doesn't change the fact Martin Luther King, Jr. died for this country's sins. No its not that he alone stood out because many stood up, it's just he took the cause the necessary step further. 

Presidents Washington, Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. symbolize the liberation of the United States of America. A country that against its better instincts commonly does what's against our interests. Such as claiming money spent, for whatever reason, on medical care, just disappears. Or else why would it really matter how much is spent on health? Etc. 

Too many American businesses do not recognize Today's Holiday, forcing those who take The Federal Holiday off to use their vacation day or sick leave as on any other normal workday. Technically designating those businesses as abnormal in light of their dishonoring today, or just ornery? 

Rev. Ralph Abernathy, left, and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., are
taken by a policeman as they led a line of demonstrators into
the business section of Birmingham, Alabama. April 12, 1963
Of course I'd not have a big personal grievance with Americans being paid overtime or holiday pay for the day, as, if anything, Dr. King's Day presently symbolizes how much work there is left to be done. While businesses pretending today doesn't have to be as important as other holidays, portray having a handle on productivity is just a matter of time. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev. Ralph Abernathy 
ride one of the first desegregated buses with 
Montgomery, Alabama, December 21, 1956 
Yes, Presidents' Day, New Years and the December holidays are grudgingly allotted paid leave by employers so business is, at least(?), partially sincere its not commercially affordable to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. But can we afford businesses that can't afford The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday? That's the question. Not whether we're noble now and less pathetically biased than ancestors who created Dr. King's opportunity to be a national hero. Because regardless of how much we've accomplished, there's, face it, more steps to go including this one made by Martin.  
The Rev. Ralph Abernathy, right, and Bishop Julian Smith, left, flank Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
during a
 Civil Rights March in 
Memphis, TennesseeMarch 28, 1968.

When Martin Luther King Jr. and Richard Nixon Were Friends, THE DAILY BEAST

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., second from left, shakes hands with Vice President Richard Nixon
as they meet to discuss race issues in the South, June 13, 1957.
Martin and Coretta Scott King
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Who's Not Curious About North Korea?

Google Chief Urges North Korea to Embrace Web was the, The New York TimesJanuary 10 datelineby Andrew JacobsBeijing. 

Beijing in Red parallels North Korea on the right.
News that confirms reporters can still congregate as close to Pyongyang as Beijing. Though the San Francisco Chronicle and Associated Press reporter Jean  H. Leefiling from North Korea, January 7th, chronicled the government can accommodate a successfully coordinated field trip. That, as everyone knows from their local situations - politicians leave.
While Reuters' headline, Richardson says didn't meet detained American on North Korea trip, is straight to the point. 

North Korea is not lightening up. Forget songs and dance and microphones in politicians' faces. For now, all that matters is the North Korean people diversify. 

Does North Korea have to be such a misfit odd-duck? China's state is even "trying" to have more than token regard for individual rights. Something beyond the smile and nod of the head. Because the truth is, rational thinking is North Korea should peacefully evolve from cultural dependence on the supreme right of the The State into their greatest resource, each independent North Korean.
Really? What are the odds, in locked-down North Korea, that an American conspired to do more than just smile at a few people? Fact is every bureaucratic position in North Korea is on pins and needles over their own interests in whatever transition happens. Just as a self-interested capitalism was always behind the communist facade. 

Once North Koreans agree to transition from Joseph Stalin's paranoid method of governing, that was just easiest for the ruthless dictator to control. It was a different time and era when at best people had marginal expectations. It is legitimate to expect the intelligent rulers of North Korea to share.

What should be encouraged is anyone with two sticks to rub together starting businesses. Go for broke. No taxation for a few years until a private economy gets on its feet. As has been repeatedly proven, commercial and government interest can overwhelm grassroots capitalism.
Because obviously North Korea's time has come to do something, and quit pretending this is a game of chess over nationalism. Its about those satisfied with their jobs making sure everyone else is too. That was supposed to be communism, where everyone had as much as they needed? Fully circulating capitalism is the socialist revolution. Kim Jong-un

Is The Baseball Players Hall of Fame Worth The Fuss?

Yesterday Bill Shaikin reported, from the Paradise Valley, Arizona baseball winter team owners' meetings, for The Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, that professional baseball commissioner Bud Selig believes Hall of Fame vote does not diminish MLB

No, why would Bud Selig worry? His celebrity is assured he'll get a special dispensation vote into the Hall. I'd rather Bud tolerated the question rather than be defensive. 

This year's Baseball Hall of Fame vote was about baseball writers, whose careers are made slighting sports celebrity because - that puts readers in the seats. Suddenly the very people who constructed tawdry scenarios, out of, most likely, very personal stories, are not going to compromise their economic franchises to vote tainted heroes into The Hall

Bud Selig isn't bothered the National Baseball Hall of Fame could be interpreted as the Baseball Owner Lobbied Baseball Players Hall of Fame?

Truth is since the time players broke through bargaining for a better share of baseball's profits, players have been made scapegoats for prices going through the roof. Otherwise no self-respecting business person would be seen trying to get away with what sports franchises are forced to charge customers to make money. 

If Baseball can't share with the public, how are a bunch of sports writers going to discern athletes may deserve some pity for probably feeling cornered into taking performance enhancing drugs. Excuses? Sure, as self-righteousness is. Soapbox View
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