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Monday, August 26, 2013

Every Major Military Strike Has Advance Warning?

War Tard

Still The Precipice, Again?

Is there literally no one safe in their own homes who doesn't know war is an easy way out for enemies to have not to compromise? The real game of life. Push and shove and now in Syria's case what do they mean, jumping line? Feigning having little idea that the use of chemical weapons betrays this advantageous strategy shared by nations whereby wealth is military hardware distribution that has nothing to do with preventing acts of destruction since we're all, after all, so mature, smart and civilized? 

But crackpots released the gas? And why did idiots believe it was just the right stuff to have lying around waiting to be cracked open? Because enemies don't compromise? That's the deal? Death and zealotry define us, win, lose or draw? Spelled out the facts aren't so cute, huh? While we're all just standing in virtual awe of the absolute power of corruption.

Yet everyone's expected to be intelligent with the dangerous toys only used for honorable wars that, guess what, is the problem to begin with as honor is in the defense, not the war. Signals are crossed then, if ends justify lethal means? 

So it would be nice if referees just stepped in between and said, "stop fighting. The cycle of revenge has to end." 

But that's comic book superhero mythology. Where ultimate warriors of objectivity just drop in on warring neighbors and beat everyone up that needs destroying. However ridiculous, the cycle of revenge be damned. Uh huh. That life exists under the ultimate might of military right is reality. As is the problem also of Syria's Assad thinking like everyone else that he's not just a pawn too?
 Justice Is Not Revenge  
No not Pontoon. Pawn too. Soapbox View 

Are Politics Just Standing On Our Acrobatic Heads?

Politics are essentially mental calisthenics that don't take actual Einsteins to figure out how much shrewd ruthlessness is rewarded above all else? Only paling in comparison to the indignity life is by being both bought and sold out for no other reason than the same ole song and dance my friend? 
Turns out that the staunchly labelled and well tailored liberal Bill Moyers, who conservatives wanted whitewashed as a poison inside Public Television where William F. Buckley, Jr. planted the Conservative Firing Line flag a generation back, continues enacting his revenge on the political game on his show, Moyers & Company. For instance this past week, except for his closing editorial, Mr. Moyers  interviewed Mark Leibovich of The New York Times Magazinefor the entire show, about Mr. Leibovich's book This Town.  
Their discussion cut to the nitty-gritty basics of how Washington D. C. is finally the place to grow rich for the reasonably young and successful entrepreneurs this country is already supposed to be thriving on. Now.
"all it's about is bein here"

On the other hand this literary review episode actually copies an April 27, 2012 Moyers & Co. softball presentation of the tainted money in politics issue with the writer of Eddie Murphy's The Distinguished GentlemanMarty Kaplan of The Norman Lear Center. *            Solutions?
* Both Moyers and Leibovich had huge grins during the distinguished film satire's rendering on their episode.
"Son the system ain't perfect. The fleas come with the dog."

And you know what they say about sleeping dogs? You let 'em lie.


We Know What's Happening?

There's not much to be confused about. Money is a simple enough system. Yet corruption is just the surface of what the real problems are with power that generally makes people seem outright mean. Our generation has learned to make a lot of money mean a lot and a little not enough. But it takes money to accomplish anything and that's for the best. Cut to the chase,

Then Corruption For Everyone Is The Real Test? *

The Soapbox View Satirical Twist in pursuit of the Twin Legacies

* Russia's Kremlin is used here to represent the entire world's Institutions of Authority. Merely historical coincidence this ideal structure is so intricately beautiful.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Incarceration Or Not To Be Is A Question?

Buster Keaton - Rationally Speaking?
Whether its nobler to lock Everyone up and Pragmatically throw away The key for Insurance Against Immorality. Resolved, Incarceration Solves Everything

Isn't that the dream? 

That moral rectitude supersedes the actual inhumanity in prison that's also just a Casualty of Cultural War?

You'd think in general locked-up people would get better treatment than Charles Manson?

But brand spanking new days are ahead if the pictured right smiling faces of Russian political stars Medvedev and Putin was their actual reaction to learning of last Monday the 12th's announcement by United States Attorney General, Eric Holder that the American government intends to reduce our prison population. Thereby following Russia's noteworthy lead in this new trend toward de-incarceration after President Putin's June 21st decree releasing a portion of their economic criminals.
Nadezhda Tolokonnikov
Twin Events that could no doubt soon be recognized and remembered for what's allegedly already thought throughout the world. That however benignly money can be calculated, the ruthlessness in the criminal enterprise system is just capitalism too. Why not just count us all out?

Clarence Darrow
Clear a path for the lawyers to come through? Yet while litigation can solve and lay bare the various nefarious transparent motives underlying criminal intent, the desperation behind crime continues unresolved. Such that a criminality that's as much cultural as criminal co-finances the ruthless Drug War's enforcement of an intolerantly framed public mind? A nanny state cultural prejudice, and all that jazz, that doesn't just incorporate inhumane punishment, but violates The Constitution against obstructing liberty?

Let The People Go?

There'll be those who'll not Manage life's hard knocks And earn punishment, but Not the crime punishment
Prison an architect's Dream? Hovels to the nth DegreeWhat is there to advocate but hope logic comes to pass?
From THE ASSOCIATED PRESS as Obituaried in 
The New York TimesAugust 14th
Jack W. Germond, Longtime Political Columnist, Dies at 85
Jack Germond's punditry on The McLaughlin Group has been characterized as old-timer cornpone schtick journalism from, among other things, his admission to hanging out in Bars for real inside information. Retires from the business, and now, passing, leaves his wife and family and recently finished first novel of a political reporter involved in intrigue. Published last Friday, August 16th, A Small Story for Page Three
Caricatured Lower Left

Show Nemesis
Remember Jack's seated stretch?Tightening a pant leg for effect then squinting as his head reared in reactionary awe, injecting, "Aw c'mon" into some preposterous discussion that contradicted decent judgement? 
According to AP in "Fat Man Fed Up," Mr. Germond wrote, "after 50 years of exposure to thousands of politicians, I am convinced that we get about what we deserve at all levels of government, up to and including the White House."

Egypt's Facing Tragedy?
Aug. 14 Death Toll In Egypt Climbs To 525 
Aug. 19 is 800 + & Soapbox View

Apparently the "we dare you to shoot us" attitude of the demonstrators was the official explanation for Muslim Egyptian protestors deaths last week though justice is not revenge. Especially when gathered as political pawns and nothing good ever comes from violence.

Of note is The New York Times August 17th editorial, Let Our Client Go by Ross Douthat summarizing the assessment "a great power that thinks it's buying influence is often buying into trouble instead." 

While Egyptian Authority cannot bring President Morsi back? Nor look less authoritarian? But understandably as the military was always in charge, they should act more like it than killing civilians with feudal outlooks or not. 
But guns are coups so Egypt needs more vision for compromise? 

Perpetual Debtors' Prison
So the last word should be Politics?
What’s Worse Is The Claim Two Wrongs Make A Right?
Friday, August 9, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

To The Victor Goes Being Spoiled?

Winners Write History. Losers lose sycophants. But objectively points-of-view are just opinion without encompassing all aspects. Where wrong cannot be recognized if clarity rests in the shadows unpolished by the light. When there's no recess in the always in session court of public opinion marked by varying degrees of imaginative publicity the public endures, susceptible to the most disturbing public private hijinks. If only twisting the truth were just the half-of-it. 

From a surface, cursory, look there seems to be something of comforting value in the proportion blowing candidate for Mayor of New York City Anthony Weiner Scandal. As Reid Pillifant touches on in The people who are advising Anthony Weiner, or not in Capital New York, alluding to The New York Times Magazine April 10th profile, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin's Post Scandal Playbook, there's a subtle twist to this scandal's backdrop. That not so rare Public Relations phenomena of losing a round. 
"Father of Public Relations" 1928 book Propaganda

Without complete facts, 1928,
women's attitudes toward
smoking were changed
With a twist. Though practically multitudes (my embellishment) of associates answer Mr. Weiner's queries for advice, which is basically his appearing to handle this on his own, no professionals were named early advisors even wanting to be paid as if this has truly been the most devastating melodramatic political burnout possible. Really? Even Popes have been disclosed as outright deviants, though, for the most part already dead when evidence is revealed, but still. Presidents, philanderers of the most executively privileged bent. Right, Mr. Weiner is married and I can personally feel flirting is over an unfaithful line. But media coverage is the thing. 

For instance Bill O'Reilly blowing his top over black on black crime. There are buttons to push to be in the public eye.

TV news reports even mention former Congressman Weiner's running for office now is damage control giving the politician a better opportunity at a later date, having already challenged the embarrassment. Pshaw. 

Fact is people are goofy and the most straight laced respectful, polite person in the realm of sexual compulsion appears not quite normal either. 

The question is how affordable is the circus as an answer? That Anthony Weiner can't yet directly buy his way out of this particular Public Relations spectacle isn't the problem. He's paid a price and the public has been amused. The problem is money is how debates are decided. 

Global WarmingEqual TimeTime was when perhaps a pint of ale bought political favor while today's just more simply complicated? Still might always makes right and hope is truth one day actually brightens deceit for all to see that when nothing matters except winning and the battle for territory is everything, it's one-sided. Know what I mean?
The public shouldn't be pieces in a chess game but are. Otherwise there's little point finding out what people think at all. It's not an accident real life is stranger than fiction. In fact The New York Times July 27th reported Anthony Weiner's 28 year old campaign manager, Danny Kedem quit which could pass for fiction. No?

Political Control Is Made Up?

RT paid this month's psuedo-nationalist rent with their political celebrity coverage of the Alexander Navalny sentencing to five yearsThe Washington Post covered post sentencing demonstrations. Specifics were noted by RUSSIA Beyond The Headlines, while Pravda even had some nice regime editorializing under the title, Alexei Navalny follows the path of Pussy Riot. 

Somehow though The Atlantic found How Putin Uses Money Laundering Charges to Control His Opponents, printing "The Magnitsky case highlights Russia's multi-faceted corruption problem." The Soapbox View
Kirov Government Building 
Courthouse Photo Unavailable
Of course what's fascinating is the public is supposed to make up their own minds about the polished melodrama that makes up the news. In The Edward Snowden In Transit Affair it seems the truth has us all in over our heads. Where producers of Twilight Zone hold onto all our poor pawns' scripts. Really. As much as government is right wanting to control their reality, misguided, misjudged, or even in a purely innocent way, governments should still have to be judged on the same level of distrust as its' investigated citizens. The basis upon which rule of law exists. It's all used against us in a court of law? The Russian Court System's shame is that Mr. Navalny's lawyers did not get to present his complete case. But then courts muddle things the same as the rest of us. If only we all shared a degree of that same immunity.

But, no fear, all is right with the world's public imagery. July 27th The New York Times also reported Putin in Ukraine to Celebrate a Christian Anniversary.

We want institutions to be more than brick and mortar façades. Revenge is no real reward, and so justice is not the enforcement of law but the facilitation of ending territorial violence in all forms from individuals to States.
Sanford Courthouse

Friday, June 7, 2013

Power Is Tenuous?

Alexander The Great
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton, John Dalberg-Acton.

Power is tenuous. Political relationships are such heavy slopes governments lose traction and tumble over populations entrusted to their care. The world is up in arms over corruption the corrupt understand is money. Thus the tenuous hope pure legality fixes the sin criminality with the same public resolve used to manufacture wars with anything. Can you feel how future generations might learn to refuse to even think of the word, thereby no longer recognizing war? Déjà Vu?

Tribal feudalism. Enclaves mad they're not in power. Whatever happened to peace, love and understanding entering everyone's head? Bet some war or another interfered with human rights. 
Beyond the restraining of the Power of the Press who knows what governments or citizens are capable of in the name of control? The definition of what ruling and being ruled is at stake. The importance of government is everyone's protection and not just the various prosperous tyrannies ruling the minorities and majorities of the world. 

The Wednesday June 5th Reuters covered an example of extreme government over enforcement requiring an evolution where the antagonists can only perceive themselves fighting. Yes decades of political prisons means a government is not flexible but North Korea's elite could experience the light of day yet.

Or it just may be in the stars humanity goes forth perpetually blue in the face investigating corruption while dodging and weaving simulating attentive indifference to dishonesty's enrichment that's anyone's guess when even the Supreme Court can't agree how to vote. Allah/God be blessed.


President Makes Headlines
Fourth Term Already Bagged?

Marriage, the contractual obligation. Russia's President Vladimir Putin finally released his wife. Even Pravda reported the reclusive President Putin increased his gossip factor. How much farther could the president go? Well. This divorce appears so routine social circles all over the world are green-with-envy. How it should be for all parties to live out their lives peacefully. We should all have the connections of presidents. Vladimir Putin has that ring of political genius? 
It is tough to criticize Russia's president which is why I make fun for him to join in. Everyone is pleased to no end by progress achieved by the Putin Administration. But Mr. President, details require addressing that have been lost in the muddle of who's getting blamed. 

You should just pick one corrupt issue and explore it for a month and come out of your research thinking how you'll get the innocent and guilty out of this one. Stalin could put people on trial. You sir, Mr. President, should show imagination worthy of a modern-day leader.

Officially divorcing his wife he'd not been seen with in public for years is just the beginning. 

Wait until Vladimir is breakdancing his open shirt across the discotheques of Moscow and Europe? We'll have all the joyful noise we need to see, read and feel the truth is that gossip is the only really entertaining news our busy lives are given time for. The rest will just iron out if we can just leave things to men like President Putin who can so business-like extinguish the flames of matrimony in such a forthright way wife Lyudmila Aleksandrovna acted accordingly.
Short Story In Memory of Counter Culturist, 
Bohemian Tuli Kupferberg

Thursday, May 30, 2013

To Be Advertising Or Not To Be Is A Question?

According to a first page banner advertisement in The New York Times, Sir Edmund Hillary topped Mt. Everest with Post Grape-Nuts in his pocket, May 29th, 1953. There's no mistaking the value of the consumers' attention, such that as destructive as consumerism can be, financial democracy is a useful solution. 

It's reassuring that whatever the real problem is if it's just about money and everyone's access then we know the solution. The financial success of nuts and berries and families of buffalo? 

Eventually the panacea of education will have created new people so smart that present problems are just maturing society's past. Though a poll consensus would indubitably run high that this generation already considers itself very mature. Especially as the dark ages of the traditional 20th Century shrink in the collective mirror. The world not only improves through education, earthlings evolved. Yet for all our developed strength, where's the efficacy in thwarting the financial security of the crippled, weak and even beaten since the general necessity is that finance circulates throughout society so that everyone can afford Grape-Nuts wherever they're sold whether they want some or not. Grape-Nuts for everybody.

And Now, While Dominoes Fall In Russia, Something Slightly Different?

A Theoretical New York City Political Tale From The Other Side Of The Commercial Fence

Whose Under Society’s Big Tent?

I had to get away and go where I wasn’t expected to torment myself for my frustrations. I went to see a film I was told I’d never seen anything like before. Still you have to be suspicious when anyone says something will blow your mind. I was. No one’s discovered a new way for James Bond to explode.

I made it to my seat with no difficulty as carpet led my fellow gentry, who can afford feature films, to our individual chairs. Then something was different right away as if revolution was in the air. The music stopped and curtains abruptly closed halfway as the vibrantly pulsating full-screen ad faded to black and a little grainy film came on. The view was from an across-the-street camera slowly panning a graffitied building. Then the camera zooms in and focuses on the sign above the door that says the Tuli Kupferberg Memorial Library and Coffee House. Then the camera lowers slowly to follow the back of a man’s head then his torso inside, so that, after waiting on a car, the camera catches up with the man's back just inside the door. Then the camera widens right to pan from behind the unmanned bar, past the other room of books, to continue left across various heads, sitting at tables and reading alone on the floor. 

So when the camera pan reached the left wall it zooms in on a painting of people screaming at the top of their lungs. Then music starts and the song CIA Man by The Fugs plays in its’ entirety. (3:35 mins.) And when the music started the camera about faced away from the picture to catch the man, grinning in profile, while he surveys the room. Camera 1 also slid backward along the side wall until stabilized in the back corner where it shot from for the rest of the play. So when Camera 1 locks in place, another camera is on a new guy's back coming in and from over that new second man's shoulder, Camera 2 catches his chewing gum extremely slow as the two men stand next to each other listening to the song. 

Meanwhile Camera 2 slid along the front wall to lodge in the front left corner where it remained pointed at the bar to the protagonists' right. Once the visual symmetry of the stage is established, a long-hair got up from the floor to leave and passing the two guys shrugs, “There’s no service here.” Which just gets the two men grinning and looking to their right at the small coffee machine on the small coffee bar. The right guy said, “Serve coffee? Tuli might say we’ve served coffee long enough.” 

So then when they stop grinning, Camera 2 pans left from them and the bar to the table in the center of the floor that the long-hair had sat next to. A chair seated man in his sixties raises his eyes to give them a look and then drops his head back in his book and the men give each other the same look. But short-lived as now Camera 3 enters as if it’s the eyes of the person coming in. The other two cameras check-in as snapshots that miss the front door, then the two men effusively turn around facing Camera 3 as if they're greeting the camera, as Camera 3, as the eyes fade, and Camera 2 catches the new arrival in profile. It was as if a sign on his face said political celebrity even before he said, “I had to see this place.”

Then the first man answers, “Thank you, Mr. Mayor. You agreed to see for yourself. Not just take others' word.”

The politician said, “Yes I make up my own mind,” then the first man mumbled “on a whim” while facing the music/speaker. So the politician looks him in the face and says, “What?” a little angrily, but the first guy just replies, “I just meant what Tuli might think.”

Shrugging, the yet to smile, politician cracks, “And what’s that?”  

Then the first man takes a broad step toward the next room that's the library, and lowers his right arm practically in a curtsey, to say, “Follow me this way to the books.”

Then in passing between the two men, the politician stops to face the first man. He says, “I asked you not to call me Mr. Mayor.” Then the politician listens as if he has to smell this out. Then says, “And will they always have this music?” 

And the first guy says, “Aren’t we all dead when music’s gone?

So now the politician has instinctive reactions. He's dropped his head to a light beat, and discreetly coughed while rubbing his right shoe on the floor. As if preparing to skewer an opponent and lower the boom. With no explanatory narration so far about what a Tuli Kupferberg sign on the door might mean, I’m still following the story. It didn't move at a pace where I wasn't understanding the symbols. 

Then after the last scrape of his left foot, the politician says, “Seinfeld. Can I call you Jerry Seinfeld?” 

And the guy says, “You just did.”

Then the politician snickers and says, "Well. I just did because last time you didn’t want me to know your name.”

So the man falsely accused of being named Seinfeld, says, “Hey.” But the politician ignores him and shifts his weight in place as if he was just peeking inside the library. Then turning back to the first man, the politician's eyebrows move in as his stare centers on the man he'd falsely accused of being a Seinfeld and the politician says, “Everything's a joke to you, huh? The revolution is not coming back to my district. Period. If I don’t have peace and quiet, it’s a blemish on my spotless record I can’t permit.”

Then the anonymous Seinfeld seems to wait on the music with this slight look of maybe his message is lost if the song's cursing doesn't stop. So to himself in voiceover the man thinks, "Man. Tuli sure represented the broad parameters of free speech." 

Then the song ends and Man 1 faces the politician, and out loud says, “I’m quiet.” 

So the politician tries taking him into his confidence. A voter is a voter so the politician says, “You know this isn’t about you. You’re hard working. But society doesn’t need radicals here.”

“Well,” the first guy says, “I’m not Jerry Seinfeld. But you’re the man.”

And the politician didn’t miss a beat. He said, “You know I’m cool. I ride a motorcycle." Then that's when the second man, who’d been listening over the first man’s shoulder, leads Camera 3 past the other two into the Tuli room where he sits in a chair and the camera immediately about faces to focus on the first man's face when he’s not blocked by the back of the politician’s head.

Camera 2, across from the bar, catches the politician's smile when he says, “I’ll be honest with you.” Then not Jerry smiles and gives up on it when the politician continues. “Politicians serve a purpose," he says and at that, Man 2 raises his head from his book and Man 1 squints when the politician says, “I serve the public. The most expensive corporation of all.” 

Amused, as if he was Jerry. Man 1 nods and says, “Ah. So it follows then that government might just be too big to not have inherent corruption? Power corrupts absolutely and all that jazz. What do you think?”

The politician's shoulder shakes. He says, “I think, you think, you can put words in my mouth.”

And Man 1 does a Jerry-like laugh and says, “I wouldn’t assume how far an opinion can reach.” 

So to that the politician raises his chin to give Man 1 the sizing up. Then he says, “You can twist words. You should consider writing speeches. There’s more money in that than this.”

And Man 1, actually in Jerry’s voice again, said, “As it should be?” 

From the beginning the politician had a don’t play smart with me attitude reduced to cliche by the comedies. Friction for friction sake to tantrum-wise portray a job. There was an undercurrent of ideology about this film. Then the camera seemed to forget the protagonists were at a rough spot and focused over the first man's shoulder on a woman and man entering with a box they plop next to the bar. They’ve brought dinner and set a table then one spills a water bottle on purpose, that starts a short water fight and the camera backs away as they clean the floor. 

Then backed up from the water fight, Camera 3 stops at the Tuli room door and about faces to follow inside along a bookshelf aisle where it zooms in on the politician perusing the books and stopping to smack his lips and shake his head holding up the book, 1001 Ways To Avoid The Draft, that someone deliberately painted the title in neon to be perfectly seen.

Then the second guy, sitting, looks up and speaks softly to the first man. “You’re smiling?” And Man 1 says, “Tuli would love this.” 

Then the shot goes black and I’m half expecting a Stallone extravaganza to start, or whatever it was that had tricked me into that theater. But bam, Camera 1, in the back, focuses on no one's there then zooms in on the locked front door popping open to The Fugs’ Summer Of Love, (cued to 7:30), and three enter.

First in, a woman throws up her hands and says,  “Wow the mayor is after us.” And the next new guy says, “The councilman. He’s just a councilman,” as the woman smiles at Man 1 crossing the room to look at a new picture of bicyclists playing polo in a park. 

The new guy says, “That’s why he’s mad at us. Labels are all politicians have. Fred, you have to apologize.”

Finally a character’s name Fred answers a mystery. I’d invested time and it seemed no one else complained, as if we all wanted to see what would happen just like from real compelling films with stars all over the place. Even though Jerry Seinfeld was just replaced by Fred. 

So Fred is completely against apologizing or even staying involved with the project. He says, “Celebrity to celebrity, so to speak. If I were Seinfeld famous, which I’m not.” 

But the woman interrupts, “Fred's right. Except we’re closed unless this becomes an issue.”

Fred says, “I’m not an issue. I’m a comedian.”

Which sparks the other guy who says, “But Fred that’s all we’re asking. Hone your craft here for a really big show. Instead of burning yourself out on the road, do it here.

Fred says, “Yeah. The Book's Last Stand.” 

“Right," the woman says, "I'll be Mickey Rooney in the big show. Fred, people were scared not to sign his petition. We were invited to that meeting just to gloat. This isn’t about books Tuli couldn’t bring himself to throw away. He was obscure for a reason, and not just because he didn’t play guitar like Hendrix. The radical point of view isn't poison. What are you going to do?”

Then the cameras fade out and in on Fred all by himself, at a table, in a chair leaning against the left wall. He’s staring at the wall art and laughs and says, “No one's here. I’ll do a monologue. Leverage. Power. Whoever actually is, was, or becomes mayor, they’re not mayor. Mayor is just a title. However you slice social relations, no person has power to pull strings all by themselves. Any title is a network of tentacles. Look, even Stalin, the bastard, had to dupe millions to get what he wanted."

Then Fred looks up in a questioning pose, as if the sky were inside, and he says, "Tuli would say Occupy isn’t radical. Why would people, pleading, for those that can to stop screwing around with the money, be anything but rational? When the world is unhinged by strict compliance to thought control, where can independence compromise? Ever win?"

Then the camera blacks, but the mega-hit has to wait as an across-the-street camera focuses and follows Fred following the original second guy outside to sit at a table and watch a school bus pass. 

Man 2 says, “No matter who bought the Lower East Side, no one owns the state of mind.” And Fred smugly frowns and laments, “Not this week anyway. No telling what the future is compelled to claim.”

Then everything is black for at least eight seconds when the house lights come on and this wild-haired guy, with a film case, flew by and out the back door chased by theater security. Now that's 3-D!