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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Diminishing Art Of Enlivening The News?

The ratings façade behind broadcasted news is, theoretically, common knowledge? Naturally there's at least a minimal public awareness of a war for popularity. 
Elizabeth Hasselbeck
Not Pictured, Jenny McCarthy
Audience appeal comes first, as described in the book below by New York broadcaster, Bob Teague pictured above with Malcolm. But what better place for cheerful people than delivering bad news? Mr. Teague's book was written in an era ratings ruled. When the escalation of viewer camaraderie hit a peak just before Internet Society found more specific consumer information as invaluable as amusement. Reporter Bob Teague wasn't the first to notice a discrepancy between clarity and flash in packaging journalism. Where the roots of mediocrity are bred from the primary purpose of becoming The Show. Still expected to conform, stationed before screens, today's Flash Gordon existence implies anything's possible when it comes to how well we're uninformed, or not.  

Things could be a lot worse and are if political voices can be so well organized not to listen, that the counter-weight of opposing opinion can't prevail over speech polished complacency while maneuvering behind the scenes still rules the world. Therefore the business of delivering news should be less taken for granted, and less lamented over because there was always the question of who owns the Point-of-View? 

January 2, 1929 - March 28, 2013
The ENLIVENING NBC, 23 second, and WNBC 2:34 & 47 second Bob Teague adieus to the man who criticized shortened stories and cameras beautifully described as pointed at nothing
"This was the story of Howard Beale, the first known instance of a man
who was killed because he had lousy ratings."

The Appearances Are And Aren't Everything Presidency of President Mohamed Morsi 

There's no question people would argue till kingdom come. Nor doubt solutions are opponents accommodating separate points of view. Making Egypt's Army replacing their elected president, the most troubling aspect of Egypt's Army replacing their elected president. In The New York TimesJuly 4th, 6th, and 9thThomas Friedman eloquently describes the, now mainly jailed, Muslim Brotherhood as Egyptian too. Mr. Friedman points out the economic chain is what everyone should be worried about. Here's wishing calm heads prevail. Politics, whew. Egypt is in the thick of it. 

The Legacy, The Nile
Last Tuesday morning when the New York news announced the Egyptian Army planned to depose President Morsi before the end of the day, my initial sense was - oh come on, that's a Public Relations nightmare. But the relative ease with which a president was forced out corroborates the Egyptian Army is in the Economic Drivers' SeatObviously the military's centrality to the economy grants them control. Fascinating when throughout history military elites have had military intentions. But in this case the hope is as Anwar Sadat was a Military Colonel, fighting is considered immature since this military is trained for business? For Everybody?

Another point over which to fashion some judicious fear is how now twice, pointing crowds has removed presidents in Egypt. Though while these manifestations are laudable as citizens finally having a popular voice, only a fool would think crowd control won't be ratcheted up. The next new government ignoring the bases for hostility and maybe focusing on hiring their own souped-up American Consulting Firm, or another, to design crowd controls that will enable people to appreciate their patriotic options while leaving the satisfied class alone? It's not about rich and poor but fully functioning economies as crowd control remains the big economic trend.

Obviously people are misled to participate in violence?
Los Angeles Times Photo of President Morsi Supporters
Two 2012 Soapbox Views on George Zimmerman's Sanford, Fl. Trial 
The Cultural Indictment of One Man?

Reviewed Copy of 
Provided by 
Queensbridge Subway Station
21st Street and 41st Avenue, Long Island City
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Thursday, June 27, 2013


How does anyone of President Putin's vision even have time to tackle something as profoundly elaborate and significant as crime? Because in The New York Times, Tuesday, June 25th's Putin Rules Out Extradition for Snowden in Russia Airport, it sounded a bit as if he's been in the gym. In addition, four days earlier, last Friday, June 21st, The New York Times ran Putin Puts Pensions at Risk in $43 Billion Bid to Jolt Economy, which stunned me with what could have just been lines of parody. Excepwhat if President Putin's announcement is true in scope, this plan could begin changing the criminal enterprise system all over the world? 

Quoting The New York TimesPresident Vladimir V. Putin announced a risky stimulus program, along with an amnesty plan for white-collar criminals intended to improve investor confidence.

Wow! Amnesty, technically for arbitrarily supervised white collar crime is absolutely fabulous. Then Russia's justice system may seem less the result of darts thrown at targets with no civil rights? 

Russia's Government can't possibly expect to compensate all unjust fraud so the plan could just devolve into legalese that The State is kind to let anyone free. Victims may remain desirable statistics by reviving their business careers. While some entrepreneurs will disappear sloppily, unable to regain traction over tasks they'd conquered. Otherwise why bother confiscating their property at all? 

Why not wipe the full slate clean and forgive judges leveraged by  ruthless competition? Think about how deep forgiveness must reach for everyone to forgive? About how if this is just to calm investors, innocent Russians are once again betrayed by the absurdness of purity being a reason not to try. Not being a lawyer, I myself can only advise something unrealistically foolish. Buy out the corruption, President Putin. Early retirement for everybody. Because no court system in the world is large enough to alter the financing of corruption all by themselves.  
As President Putin can capably guess. Corruption won't be faced from behind a podium in front of cameras. Facing corruption is perhaps unrealistic, but still not a reason for half-hard-hearted zealous enforcement of law that should be altering crime's incentives rather than just perfecting the feeding at the trough.

So? Who will Boris Titov's miracle lawyer be, whose staff starts the untangling of the Great Stalinist Scapegoat, OpportunismOr is this breakthrough a Patronage Feast too?
Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Part of Voting Rights Act in The New York Times by , June 25, 2013

Three Cheers For Summer Vacation

This decision could be thought of as nitpicking minutiae and hardly a political score. Because just because country clubs include all the right people now, doesn't mean the complete culture is included. So, no matter how cold this decision could be made to seem towards racial equality now, I hope the whole country takes the Supreme Court's challenge to prove them right when they're not completely wrong.

Two 2012 Soapbox Views on George Zimmerman's Sanford, Fl. Trial 
Congratulations 2013 Inductee, Tim Raines
My First Interview, 1976

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Endlessly Negotiated Middle East Peace?

The New York Times had an excellent editorial, Friday, March 22. Carl Giacomo's In Defense of Palestinians is as good a title as any from which to assess President Barack Obama's First Presidential Trip to the Middle East. 

Tree Huggers?

The weekend's commentators concluded the imagery was a disappointment to Palestinians who'd have liked more symbolism on their behalf. Because it was also important Israelis were pleased as the American President spoke publicly that Israelis should see Palestinians' point-of-view. This trip then, for the most part, was virtually euphoric as even the Gaza Strip's dissenters Hamas provided fireworks. 

But if not kidding ourselves, we know nothing will happen unless grudges change and The Holy Land is shared. If ever a situation was in more need of a jobs program, huh? And isn't it painful to think of Palestine's Gaza Strip aWest Bangladesh? Or why can't everyone just say Free Trade Agreement and squeeze this industry of hate out of business with a complete economy? It's ridiculous limiting God/Allah's imagination to violent jihad that's just plain Medieval.  
Another Highlight, The Auto Broke Down

Anyway, it was also encouraging that President Obama facilitated rapprochement between Turkey and Israel. Didn't President Obama give off a 'we can be casual about this' charisma? Of course that's the message smiles always deliver, but our president really seemed loose for the cameras. The kind of cool you want to see at diplomacy's free-throw line. But now it takes sweat because last week was just symbolic and the antagonists will only begin stepping on new ground when the old vengeances no longer fertilize revenge. 

Should I ask if he has problems with telemarketers too?

January 9-11, 2008 was the last time an American President visited IsraelPresident George W. Bush met Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and President Shimon Perez, plus, on the tenth, President Mahmoud Abbas of the temporary Palestine National AuthorityFact is, as an alone gesture, a Presidential Visit is quite symbolic. Before Bush II, only ClintonCarter and Nixon made the journey that was an apparently too hot of a political potato for TrumanEisenhowerKennedyJohnsonReagan and Bush I.
Soapbox View      Soapbox View       Soapbox View  

Missing from Picture? The Fireworks Crew and disappointing in light of how everything else was so polished.
President Obama's March 21, 2013,
49 minute 
Speech to Israel.

Game Over?
Paraphrasing a frustrated Palestinian,
EVERYONE should do Gandhi well. 

Secretary Kerry's finger left securely in the dike?


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Monday, March 18, 2013

Miracle of Miracles, Finally, A Huger Argentinian Celebrity Than Maradona?

Diego Maradona

And Messi

 + both Perons?


Because it seems the Papacy of Pope Francis I has received enough ample air time to dethrone the football players from Argentina's pinnacle of public esteem. Live Network Coverage in the United States of an over-an-hour-long spectacle of waiting between the smoke signal and St. Peter's Square celebration included CBS news anchor Scott Pelley's, play-by-play, anecdote that all the Cardinals had to have their very own personal moment alone with the new Pope. But what's obvious is the suspense would just die without the extended interlude. 

Imagine this then in jest, that the several Super Bowl sized crowd, is waiting, standing room only, while upstairs a ceremonial kissing of royal rings is more likely to have happened than finding out the gospel truth a new Pope got in a game of foosball backstage before coming out from behind the curtain?  

Immature hijinks just isn't the message of humility The Vatican seeks to flaunt? Especially when there may be no end to hearing Pope Francis I cleaned his hotel room and took the bus. It's good shtick, while promoting Pope Francis I as arrogant beyond belief would have flaws.

But, due to the new Pope's purported humble pose toward the use of limousines vs. mass transportation, to be totally believed now he'll have to hock the treasury's more flamboyant crown jewels to feed the children sleeping on the streets of Buenos Aires. Because he's already traveling, after only a few days, as pictured below with the grin under the scrutiny of Security

As the world over something more than just the police clearing eye-sores is necessary. No? 

So? It's reported the new Pope was partly chosen for his record advocating traditional values. Not to be confused with complacent self-righteous satisfaction and over-wrought moralism planted in our modern world and fertilized by eccentricities from the Middle Ages. Still? Soapbox View 

Expectations are high for the new Pope and there's so much to gain kept that way. Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Everyone. Hop to it?
Any Similarities Between This Vehicle And A Limousine Are Purely Coincidental


And Coming Soon To A Nightly News Near You

Today's Daily Mail scratched up this headline, Day One and new Pope faces first controversy: Argentinian pontiff Francis I labelled British 'usurpers' in the Falklands one year ago.

A day one controversy? Based on a year old comment from the Pope just to create headline eye candy for the British public. While covered President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner greeting the Pope today without their apparently stoking the issue.

As Argentinians insist, its a conundrum from the age of imperialism but restraint is best on their part while almost being comical that neither side accepts slicing Solomon's baby anywhere near down the middle. 1Kings 3:16-28.

Cameron warns Argentina, CFK calls referendum a ‘parody’ from the Buenos Aires Herald 

Unilateral facts, indeed By Andrés Cisneros for the Herald 
Merco Press

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