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Monday, December 15, 2014


Okay. So it's not the last thing I want to do. Endlessly harp on  
George W. Bush's martyrdom on our behalves. Claiming God told him to continue the cycle of revenge you should apologize for, sir. Yes sir. I'm repeating myself and there's no reason you'd listen. However. In light of recent torture revelations, you visited the 9/11 Memorial Sunday evening, December 14th, around 6:30 PM for an hour on a low key basis according to the next morning's radio news. The 9/11 tragedy is everyone's grief whether they believe it or not. While we, humanity are smarter than this. The idea people hate each other so much they won't stop at anything, does not excuse crossing an objective line and insinuating any holy war mattered more than any other. Poppycock
People are wrong blaming anything about this on God. Unless these hatreds are solved perverse cycles of revenge won't be. You, George W. Bush have to apologize because everyone needs to get a grip. Oooo, Isis formed. No kidding. Even NBC's Meet The Press traced Dick Cheney's warning of ramifications on C-Span to 1994. 
The strategy of overwhelming the public with pragmatic patriotism was never a secret. The cat was never in the bag. Yes sir. Essentially invading the Middle East was another flaw in the cycle of revenge. Not right for them or us either. Pride shouldn't doom us to this paraphrasing of Samuel Johnson's warning - PATRIOTISM IS THE REFUGE OF THE SCOUNDREL 
Now. It's foolish contradicting someone elected twice. Also the United States tried running the fairest war the world has ever seen, despite discrepancies, including billions of dollars flowing for capital means if the money only learned to land. The yang, of course, corruption. So what. It's offensive but how money flows till fluid while even America's revenue streams have eccentric patterns. The point is, the reality of this nonsense was resentment wasn't altered. Hatred that hadn't changed for centuries you jumped in feet first. This quicksand of animosity. Just more "hate you to kingdom come" ridiculousness from the dark ages. Everything about terrorism is offensive. The battle shouldn't include any of us. Yet you went ahead and essentially said, jihad for everybody. When its hardly anyone's right to claim stupid prejudice is God's reality. Defending America? None of this Terror War nonsense even defends Allah. None.  

Our martyrdom is more sacred than yours is the cycle of revenge tragedy that caused September Eleventh. Misguided reactionaries? Ring a bell, sir? Xenophobia? Have you ever at least heard that word describe nationalism's flaw? Or has your life been so politically carvedthe absurdity of the cycle of revenge wasn't enough for you to have restraint. 
For God? When we are God's suffering and smarter than this. Apologize. You did it, sir, and you keep doing it. No matter what imagery your people sell you, we're living with something else. People blinded by smite. An apology from you would really go a long way toward solving this. What's this? An unconscionable, soulless, bigotry. Visiting our shrine to a crime in a solemn hour and only shaking hands with a few on-duty security people may be an act of noble humility. Still, apologies' missing. 
I know. In this instance I should show more deference to a President of the United States. More grief in light of 9/11's tragedy. Or outrage for the victims? STOP THE HYSTERIA! Its impossible all this was ever Allah's/God's wish. For Pete's sake

C'mon dude. Preferring non-partisanship I'm writing this against the grain in this way because this out of proportion anti-Americanism issue must be addressed. What'dya say Mr. President? Iron out the façade? Please, Mr. Bush, sir. Life can be seen with brighter eyes. Please?

Here. Watch this. 

The Time of Your Life, 1948 - JAMES CAGNEY 

H.C. Potter | William Saroyan

Take a break. Don't be anyone's sycophant. How much more possibly outlandish an eccentric rant could this become, anyway? The film deals with life under the surface and how grace, tolerance and understanding plus spine combine organically, from the roots, building a better world. Stage Play takes place entirely in a bar.
 The Presidency's Honor Requires An Apology, Sir? Mr. President. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Political Momentum

If I can't say what anyone might be afraid to hear. 
I have no business writing The Soapbox View.

A little tune to read to from the Jingoistic Nationalism By Every And All Means is The World's Biggest Flaw of All Catalogue. 

Well here we are as usual. Where the more stably unstable the most powerful are, the more the world is misled to believe that power in our names is pure patriotism and not really that far out of whack. The Ukraine debate has been fashioned such that 
President Putin is characterized as on the simple path of ruthless nationalism. OK, but barriers are rising to curb that goal in Ukraine so now there's this pseudo short-term appearance militarism is on hold. Except, as noted before, and William J. Broad pointed out in The New York Times, Sunday, May 18, 2014, In Taking Crimea, Putin Gains A Sea Of Fuel Reserves. Why would Russia want all of Ukraine's problems when their profit is primarily concerned with supplying the world's owners who were so darn contentedly complacent over-polluting the planet, they have held back our progress both environmentally and economic? Shareholders my ___! Bait and switch psuedo-conservative hysteria for simple-minded market-share when it's past time people woke to the mess financial circulation remains because of petty political jargon. Can't pour oil across the US from Canada? President Putin could drill tubes underground anywhere he wants so who's driving now? 

How can powerful disinterested self-interests face the truth? By everyone taking responsibility so we somehow also find how to put on hold the demonizing of this poor wealthy man, Vladimir Putin, who's just a Chester pounding his chest atop the tip of a darn cold iceberg. Soapbox View The associations of individuals (hey) conspiring to funnel the world's financial flow instead of letting it go for everyone. Getting ourselves beyond this contrived lazy worked-up nonsense of blaming a lazy economic class for not having more access to opportunity because there really is a massive cornering of wealth away from where it could more righteously flow. For example: The New York Times, Sunday May 18, 2014, by Elizabeth RosenthalMedicine's Top Earners Are Not the M.D.s examines the numbers of how the business of medicine was actually coerced from the actual practitioners in The Medical Industrial Complex. Soapbox View

As criminal as legally stealing health care and blaming the public has been, let's address the other charade - the 21St Century precedent set by former President George W. Bush inserting jingoistic self-righteousness into the cyclically misunderstood holy war of revenge over all of our one Allah/God. So of course following that Chester-ish lead, why shouldn't any nation assert sovereignty across borders? Any revolutionary carry out violence against women when power for its' own sake is the real worshipped evil. Sure. The toughest can always win but no mere mortal can just assert they're right and be correct. 
The point is critics will criticize and compliment ANY statesmanship. But where was President Putin supposed to learn civilized law and order is not a decree? From George the Grinner's post-presidential interview comfortably facing his daughter? (It's ok honey, detractors are just nobodies.)

Image makers? It's like no one has to give a da_n. Claiming to let history decide? No one besides actual terrorists deserves that. No shame? Believe me. I'd prefer to write around this opinion and not offend sycophants. But this is my country too and I feel the shame of your cohort of bandwagon jumpers' satisfaction as mere manipulators. Apologize, or whine to God. Your choice. 

If George W. Bush apologized would that get the ball rolling? Because politics shouldn't just be the art of using people. As wild as it sounds, South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a perfect precedent for the position the whole world is in. Not just Russia, Mr. Presidents.  
Fictionalized Biography


I apologize for my redundancy concerning this topic. I'd prefer to not offend law abiding citizens. But these three films confront the immorality of the
Criminal Enterprise System
Sanjay Gupta "systematically misled" Interview
Moral Totems Should Be Risen To, Not Fallen From?
So where's President Obama's criticism? 
Isn't recognizing all politicians blow in the wind enough? 
The Soapbox View Satirical Twispursues the 
Twin Legacies Andy Rooney and I.F. Stone?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fix The Sidewalks Party

** A comment was added, April 17, 2014, and this
Soapbox View of Ukraine

Okay the deposed Ukranian president was thwarted from consolidating Russian influence through a months-long, 24/7, street demonstration. A Tiananmen Square-like police/military action failed to stifle protestors and superficial concessions provided temporary cover for Yanukovych to abscond to Moscow, leaving a palace, but taking an as yet undisclosed fund as, after all, Moscow's business supposedly isn't providing charity to their fellow ruthless as neither Europe nor America would want to have their own positions slanted as well.  

Granted, Crimea was Russia's by virtue of centuries-old imperialism and despite rural-Khrushchev's gift of the territory to Ukraine a Russian majority has remained planted there thanks to the Soviet Union's previous jingoistic enforcement of Ruissian-ism over their entire domain. State-Capitalism remains the name of the game despite ALL claims otherwise throughout the planet. Just as the Russian Congress is the domain of millionaire-access, the U.S. Congress, rightfully so, is made up of millionaires representing billionaire-ish access. 

THE POINT: Though we want an easy to understand defined common public knowledge, what we have is a commercial interests' crafted networked public sphere. Consequently making it too easy to thrust complete blame on either Western influence OR a Putin dictatorship. While neither are merely tips of the ruthlessness iceberg - The elitist commercial structure moving trillions and quadrillions of dollars, rubles, pesos, pounds, euros and assorted negotiable banknotes a few feet a day from one account to another while claiming only hard-work separates the poor and less poor from a greater share of the wealth that's NOT COMPLETELY CIRCULATING in anyone's dreams - yet. 

MY POINT: In a world where public opinions are craftily bought, the public is not even receiving a minimal compensation for OUR attention. As the American-ism rubber stamp Sean Hannity once publicly voiced on his television show, with his fellow poll-taker/watcher, the truth doesn't matter. The message only has to cover what the public has already been convinced to believe. Hence Russia's television hypnotized public and America's jingoistic exceptionalism.

FIRST: Let's get further than the excuse of Russian corruption. Just as China's mass pollution resulted from mimicking American automotive success when China already knew how to ride a bike, America itself hasn't evolved out of its' own corruptive roots. From a 6-figured salaried Congress that could debatably ALL survive without the personal salary and a lucrative publicly financed Socialized (insurance) Medicine for themselves, to a business environment that minimized actual work while manipulating the account books to preserve inflationary elitist wealth, progress is, and has been, actually slow. Another example is the tradition of Democrat Party politicians access to wealth through graft and Republican "business" connections i.e. mass arrests of local Democrats in New Jersey the day before former Federal Prosecutor Republican Chris Christie won the New Jersey governorship is evidence corruption, legal or illegal, is and always will be an activity among friends and or, at the least, convenient acquaintances. FAVORSHence Russian police curtailing open street journalism and street vagrants being the problem rather than just a symptom of the actual problem of poor financial circulation that's cursorily dealt with through extravagant charity organization dinners awarding comfort for the charity-givers substituting for actual circulating economies benefiting - EVERYONE.

SO? A good place to start is to consider every legacy, as currently portrayed, a shame. Top to bottom, no one, corporation, state or nation, is worthy of their current images as they are being sold. Sycophants are not creative but creations and only Allah/God has any business being even slightly satisfied with a devotion, result, such as that. While the Divine Creator really has no business being accused of harboring so many human frailties/prejudices as the world's religions try portraying. There's just so much smoke and mirrors when, obviously, the technology already exists for the least among us to be living closer to more comfortable lives. It's time they weren't the excuse and power the only thing the powerful believe in. President Putin et. al. ?

OR: We are tectonically moving toward George Orwell's prediction of hemispheric alliances diametrically opposed for the sheer thrill of THE GAME. Turn on the consoles, the children of the world are primed and ready to play.

Okay. Redress has finally been achieved over Khrushchev's short-sighted anti-Russian nationalism. The path is clear for the backwoods revitalization of Stalinist disguised statism. Secret Police For Everybody? As with Wal-Mart, drinks are on the house until market-share domination is secure then prices rise as per convenience. Because surfing inflation has never been or ever will be - for everybody.



Putin (phone call) throws ball to Kirchner in Argentina for Argentines or for the United States to play more in that court and therefore divide to conquer? Dominoes again? If only anyone ever really stopped playing that game. Because business is supposed to consist of quality rather than the current certain amount of actual disrespect for the customers' interests. 

And so it was in my personal experience that seven years ago on my first trip to Argentina I sprained my ankle on a portion of cracked sidewalk. It doesn't matter where, though I remember, because the sidewalks throughout the country are broken except in the most exclusive or recently constructed neighborhoods. It was back then in this country of multi-political parties tugging this way and that for influence changing nada that I thought a Fix The Sidewalk Party would be apropos. But be a business that only fixed sidewalks as in my seven yearly visits to Buenos Aires I've only twice seen three-person crews working on small portions of sidewalk. A structural laziness co-personified by dog-poop lying everywhere and drainage gutters that cause flooding rather than hinder it during storms. With dogs' natural function thought of as their fault when the irresponsibility is that of the dogs' owners. Reminding me of how a former New York City Mayor is credited with ridding New York City of indoor tobacco smoke when all along tobacco smokers should have been politely smoking responsibly outside already themselves before their claiming to have been picked on when it's obvious now how much more comfortable indoors has been made for everyone. A law concerning picking up pet refuse should be unnecessary where people appreciate being polite. No? I'd also wager broken sidewalks are chronic all over the world except where prosperous economics made it possible for land owners to be held responsible for paying for their own portions of sidewalk. 

Needless to say Buenos Aires is experiencing road improvements for the most successfully subsidized industry in the world? 

Oh well? Rhetoric is everywhere you turn, ya know?

** April 17, 2014 Facebook Post
comment that highlights my frustration over Ukraine. 

Tony Gillings - I'm supporting the Ukraine in their fight against Russian-backed tyranny and Putin's empire-building covert military actions. I am sad that when we all thought including Russia in the global market place and opening our markets to trading with them, would be a way to embrace them and building political trust, this is how they respond - grabbing land, ignoring the sovereign integrity of neighbours and throwing the world into chaos and fear. Way to go Putin!
  • Charles M. Fraser - The dude needs to create a whole other role for himself or his powerful legacy will just mean that. Which explains their almost casual reviving of respect for Stalin, anticipating how extreme the leaders might have to go to enforce control. It's all a bunch of bs until certain dudes learn to lighten up. 
    Word Search Soapbox View Comrade Putin
    + Power Is Tenuous?



Pete Seeger died Tuesday, January 28, 2014 outliving his persecutors?

Austin Horse - "I've got a ‪#‎PeteSeeger‬ story to share- Quite a few years back I was at Clearwater with Times Up! doing the bike valet. Pete came up and told me a story from his youth. Apparently he had spent summer riding his bike all over New England. He'd ride until the late afternoon and then look for an idyllic farmhouse or barn. Then he'd stop to paint it with watercolor. When he was finished he'd go down and knock on the door, show it to the farmer and offer it to him. They'd be very curious about what he was doing riding around and then he'd allow that no, he didn't have a place to sleep for the night and yes, he was hungry, and they'd usually take care of him afterwards. Always dug this memory of him. Peace!"

Circle The Hysterical Wagons? 

Nancy Grace on Pot Chris Christie is morally against.
How much sense is it making believe we can all be civilized then insist we'll always be at war over people's taste in stimulants? 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Every Major Military Strike Has Advance Warning?

War Tard

Still The Precipice, Again?

Is there literally no one safe in their own homes who doesn't know war is an easy way out for enemies to have not to compromise? The real game of life. Push and shove and now in Syria's case what do they mean, jumping line? Feigning having little idea that the use of chemical weapons betrays this advantageous strategy shared by nations whereby wealth is military hardware distribution that has nothing to do with preventing acts of destruction since we're all, after all, so mature, smart and civilized? 

But crackpots released the gas? And why did idiots believe it was just the right stuff to have lying around waiting to be cracked open? Because enemies don't compromise? That's the deal? Death and zealotry define us, win, lose or draw? Spelled out the facts aren't so cute, huh? While we're all just standing in virtual awe of the absolute power of corruption.

Yet everyone's expected to be intelligent with the dangerous toys only used for honorable wars that, guess what, is the problem to begin with as honor is in the defense, not the war. Signals are crossed then, if ends justify lethal means? 

So it would be nice if referees just stepped in between and said, "stop fighting. The cycle of revenge has to end." 

But that's comic book superhero mythology. Where ultimate warriors of objectivity just drop in on warring neighbors and beat everyone up that needs destroying. However ridiculous, the cycle of revenge be damned. Uh huh. That life exists under the ultimate might of military right is reality. As is the problem also of Syria's Assad thinking like everyone else that he's not just a pawn too?
 Justice Is Not Revenge  
No not Pontoon. Pawn too. Soapbox View 

Are Politics Just Standing On Our Acrobatic Heads?

Politics are essentially mental calisthenics that don't take actual Einsteins to figure out how much shrewd ruthlessness is rewarded above all else? Only paling in comparison to the indignity life is by being both bought and sold out for no other reason than the same ole song and dance my friend? 
Turns out that the staunchly labelled and well tailored liberal Bill Moyers, who conservatives wanted whitewashed as a poison inside Public Television where William F. Buckley, Jr. planted the Conservative Firing Line flag a generation back, continues enacting his revenge on the political game on his show, Moyers & Company. For instance this past week, except for his closing editorial, Mr. Moyers  interviewed Mark Leibovich of The New York Times Magazinefor the entire show, about Mr. Leibovich's book This Town.  
Their discussion cut to the nitty-gritty basics of how Washington D. C. is finally the place to grow rich for the reasonably young and successful entrepreneurs this country is already supposed to be thriving on. Now.
"all it's about is bein here"

On the other hand this literary review episode actually copies an April 27, 2012 Moyers & Co. softball presentation of the tainted money in politics issue with the writer of Eddie Murphy's The Distinguished GentlemanMarty Kaplan of The Norman Lear Center. *            Solutions?
* Both Moyers and Leibovich had huge grins during the distinguished film satire's rendering on their episode.
"Son the system ain't perfect. The fleas come with the dog."

And you know what they say about sleeping dogs? You let 'em lie.


We Know What's Happening?

There's not much to be confused about. Money is a simple enough system. Yet corruption is just the surface of what the real problems are with power that generally makes people seem outright mean. Our generation has learned to make a lot of money mean a lot and a little not enough. But it takes money to accomplish anything and that's for the best. Cut to the chase,

Then Corruption For Everyone Is The Real Test? *

The Soapbox View Satirical Twist in pursuit of the Twin Legacies

* Russia's Kremlin is used here to represent the entire world's Institutions of Authority. Merely historical coincidence this ideal structure is so intricately beautiful.