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Monday, June 11, 2012

Too-Big-To-Fail KREMLIN Intolerantly Turns Up Heat On Eve Of PEACEFUL PROTEST

  With the new law, in place since Friday, increasing fines for unauthorized protest, Reuters and The New York Times report investigators stormed the homes (apartments), and confiscated possessions of at least ten prominent protestors including Aleksey NavalnySergei UdaltsovIlya Yashin and Kseniya Sobchak.
  Dissuading the public from attending Tuesday’s government reform protest seems to be the reason behind the intimidating searches, while requiring the searched to report for further questioning will keep them from personally attending Tuesday’s rally as well. It’s assumed though that the government’s escalating intolerance might have the presumably unintended effect of prompting even more citizens to attend the rally than expected. But also possible that violence associated with recent protests could be more easily blamed on a less organized crowd, though so far the repressive police seem at least as responsible for their own aggressive tactics that have fallen far short of responsibly acting as society’s referees.
  However holding President Putin completely responsible for a division of government performing strongly on his behalf will hardly change attitudes. Even in the world’s most tolerant societies complete acceptance of anti-establishment sentiment does not exist. But a return to the previous lip-service tolerance of protest would be a step forward that the president does owe the country for the confidence shown in him by his winning the recent election. A job that would seem to require encouraging the country to try to be polite with each other rather than focus on their differences coming between the people.
June 27 - July 18, 2016
Too-Big-To-Fail Kremlin Intolerantly Turns Up Heat On Eve Of PEACEFUL PROTEST
6/11/2012 concluded: However holding President Putin completely responsible for a division of government performing strongly on his behalf will hardly change attitudes. Even in the world’s most tolerant societies complete acceptance of anti-establishment sentiment does not exist. But a return to the previous lip-service tolerance of protest would be a step forward that the president does owe the country for the confidence shown in him by his winning the recent election. A job that would seem to require encouraging the country to try to be polite with each other rather than focus on their differences coming between the people.

  "Polite with each other rather than focus on their differences coming between the people." Vague and corny. If only the politics of fomenting discord were just vague and corny. Civilians might be as cozily copacetic as we're sold to be? 
  Police are supposed to be referees. Acting on behalf of an objective aspiring court. The fact the art of Public Relations has made defiant forms of expression the enemy of happily going along with entrenched statehood in our own obsessively patriotic ways means money talks. Don't walk.
  So here we are, where the way in's the way out

American Penal Reform Is The Only Way To Get The Rest of the World To Give A Rat's A__.

  The fact is all over the world power defends itself against whomever and whatever conflicts with power's enjoyment. An independent judiciary is, hopefully, no threat to independence. But the list of people leveraged from influencing public debate by questionable authority is very, very long. And while it, of course, may appear I'm way off the soapbox's mark by not directing this essay towards Russia's stifling publicity speech. Still, the world over Public Relations influenced Public Opinion is practically copied from formats used authoritarian-ly in good-ole, tried-and-true, American resistance to being trued.
  Once again, sadly, we are experiencing more worst days in American History. Because people are shot every day. Of course hearing both sides, the militarization of the American Police is a miconstrued reality the police aren't responsible for. Though the motives that cause undue force all seem to revolve around defending morality immorally, when the very people trusted with access to the best defenses available regard resorting to lethal offense as a warranted defense. I have to read about how officers never expected of such atrocities, defend them because it's really team politics in this us vs. them creation, the Criminal Enterprise System. Right, people shouldn't be irresponsible. As bad as Hitler if, in honoring Anslinger's memory, the whole country's doomed
  Of late I've become addicted to watching the television Police Drama Blue Bloods, as opposed to my previously avoiding supporting the show's star Tom Selleck whose propped up status with Conservatives was accomplished by claiming to stand against Hollywood liberalism when actual people all feel this contrived dog-and-pony show is nonsense. Team Spirit people've fallen in behind, where now a presidential candidate announces that Newt Gingrich* will be a part of the future government as a standard of credibility. The grin so we bear it political hard-edgedness, basically, descends from history's evolution as organized leech. The Criminal Enterprise System is, like inflation, never beaten so they must be solved.
Best bet yet. 

  Opportunistically lining up at thoroughly stocked, Lake Opportunity? The New York Times published this linked conservative broadside, implying the country's not academically centrist enough because leftists dominate New England's universities. Imagine John Lennon singing The New York Times sees becoming The Wall Street Journal Lite as their economic salvation? Redundantly representing Americanism's same old narrowed possibilities. Rhyming with history. Great. Our minds are owned or don't exist forever more. Amen. Fabulous. 
  The dog and pony political show has led to half the country, still, carrying the siren-called tune, by, among others, scruple-less Roy Cohn. Mr. Cohn, who when it came to bringing down innocent people is an historical fact no matter what your slant

  Pedestals have been, pretty much, raised to successful reiterations of authoritarian Stalinism. Where shaded truth's really lying, and acceptable. Because power's all that matters, though what's right isn't wrong. And slapping the Constitution to the chest so the document's intent to change humanity's militarization isn't even read? The police shouldn't be victims. They're supposed to be referees. Where's the intent to End the Criminal Enterprise System
  So Blue Bloods timely(?) celebrates alcohol's responsible use as if it were the superior instinctual cultural tradition. A civilized ritual. But without facing society's stimulant ills nearly enough. The drug war was begun by opportunists on many levels of governments' ruling apparatuses. Hasn't this grudge-filled world's militarized enforcement done enough? Shared responsibility for corrupting enough souls? Babies aren't born to be criminals. The temptations themselves are of our devising and government should really do something about mellowing all this nonsense down. From the violent confusion to entrenched rhetoric. Until warped reasonings have grown to understand, one thing's for sure, no matter how polished the power point display. Humans created a monster. God/Allah is not responsible for our mistakes. Worship is appreciating the opportunity. And look how much humanity got pretending to be supreme?  
  So Blue Bloods is just television. Not a Barney Miller and especially no Mayberry, of course. But the show's in the lineage of expressing what police go through. Congress, you should look into that? Rather than becoming forced to see whether an idea can afford your expensive point-of-view. 
  So Blue Bloods is tuned into New York City Police Commissioner Bratton's doubting that the glorification of Harry Anslinger's legacy, extending the Criminal Enterprise System, was an, unnecessarily destructive, undermining of America's core. No. Morality's heads shake. Governors Scapegoat of New York and New Jersey maintain the stage where the world's capital's comically under siege to the immorality of morality's brutality born of a façade. Their three shaken heads blaming a drug culture that, with all its' faults, ethically grew from understanding the criminalization of America really is elicit exploitation. And power accomplishes what it can. Drink to that, Mr. Selleck? 
  Sorry. Condolences can't begin to express my regret bad things happen. 
  So. Blue Bloods is finely produced. But where are ideas for stimulating the laying down of the world's militarized societies? Right. It's not the guns. It's all the people. Where's ideas restructuring the public's badly misconstrued publicity face? Instead of answering the confusion, a form of authoritarianism has us skewered by the Criminal Enterprise System. Idiots excusing revenge. Wonder how many presidential candidates would at least understand both of those concepts?
  Dallas. ... . That the modern era's violence and revenge is an answer is on George W. Bush's shoulders and not just the delusional erratics people've even been preached into believing. Mr. Bush made a public statement about his and Laura's sympathies for the shooting victims in Dallas, when only the utterly fooled would perpetuate infinite martyrdom. A smirk, grin and straight tie, plus platitudes, are impersonations of shame? A lot more needs renovation than the Military Industrial Complexes. Who'll afford the logarithm? Because our world's beyond compromise compromising us? Settled in ruled so completely, obedience is reverent awe? 
  From Dallas, tragedy's visibly seeded into martyrdom's fabric. Now. Which religion teaches against that? Or have all been so distorted, and disgraced, that it's no wonder God/Allah's above us all. I'm not particularly fond of the contrived violence here either. 

------------- LITERARY ENDORSEMENT -------------

  His life is depicted in the play, Turn Me Loose Starring Joe Morton at the Westside Theater through July 17 Theater Talk The New York Times Review by Charles IsherwoodThe Root Joe Morton and Dick Gregory talk. ReviewsEBONYTODAY SHOWThe State of the Black Union 2008Dick Gregory Breaks Entertainment Color BarrierDick Gregory Live @ The Village Gate 1970 "That really frightens me as much time as I spend in jail?" The Light Side The Dark Side, Dick Gregory's last show, James Baldwin and Dick Gregory, Dick Gregory Speaks OutToo Few Know "sanctioned by the people in control" & how Honky came to be is explained. WISDOM - "Killing is wrong by the state." 
  February 1980 I shook Dick Gregory's hand thanks to Reverend Ralph Abernathy's shaking mine the year before after Reverend Abernathy spoke @ the University of Central Florida's Black History Month. After my former PE instructor, and 7th grade basketball Coach Oscar Willis, who was then Vice-Principal of Orlando's Jones High School, must have made some remark to Reverend Abernathy after his speech because I'd overheard their talking, when Reverend Abernathy arrived, and that they'd worked together in St. Augustine back in the day
  Leaving Reverend Abernathy walked into my aisle to address overly shy me. If only all the world's contests were decided by who's the nicer person? 
  So. There I was, year later, in the Engineering Building's large auditorium. Where I sat in the middle that must often feel like the podium's aimed right at you. Because I can't recall ever situating myself in that particular type of seat again. Anyway. I remember wondering why Mr. Gregory's speech wasn't funnier. Or maybe it's just the seriousness overwhelms memory? 
  Anyway. Mr. Gregory indicts the next generation for amusing themselves with drugs and not putting their shoulders to the grindstone to fulfill humanity's better destiny. While above-the-sinner self-righteousness is still a problem too. But Mr. Gregory does never lose focus on humanity's need to grow up. Not his fault good pot couldn't circulate in the ghetto. Spawning the more disastrous chemical results of the drug culture. 
  So. Shyer than even now. I'd made the commitment to shaking the writer of those books' hand. The hall's clearing and I'm just more nervous. Standing at my seat, watching Mr. Gregory sitting on a chair arm facing the young black man facing him. Finally I walked to the end of my aisle, shaking inside. Then over behind where he sat. And after my standing there, up to a good 30 seconds, he gave that sideways glance that meant: what the heck do you want. The next beat I grabbed his hand, he didn't offer, and shook it and at no time have I ever shook a hand as limp and said, "thank you very much" and left. One supposes with Mr. Gregory's thinking I didn't show much capability to do anything. (Took some time.) Some people have sacrificed so much for the world, that the people, left here now, have no business thinking they'll ever sacrifice as much. As Mr. Gregory might say, we're still just an across-the-board spoiled generation. 
Joe Morton as Dick Gregory
The Long Grudge
White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide
by Carol Anderson

  Tougher solves the terrorist crisis when its' exacerbation was the cause? The innocent dying is on everyone's shoulders. Moral enforcement is not a plan. From Charlie Rose's coverage of militaristic progress to the delusional giddiness of moral superiority that's just rationalization for Allah/God's gift of independence squandered on human greed. While a burnt Bush sleeps undisturbed. Shame. There's so much that should have to be faced.

  Well. Yes. I know. Academics call on the nation to see the underpinnings of power all the time. But still the result of a framework of alliances where this side is this and that is that and everything's overlooked to patriotically hang behind bs art... .
Sarcastically Acceptable = Car (mobile throne) Apologists

* Two decades ago, on television I sat through the entire Newt Gingrich American History course, just to know, and felt as lectured at as having given Sean Hannity 3 hours a day, five days a week, for a year, five years later. And in case anyone's miraculously wondering, yes, I've been criticized for not writing liberal enough. Because unless jargon's recited, you're no team player, and hence can't fulfill the real purposes of a team. Hence2soapbox. I could deride President Obama's legacy for having "saved the automotive industry" and remaining as indecisive about a transportation system as his excuse spewing, White House, laurel-sitting, forebears. Or, if you'd prefer I could spew about how Bill Clinton sycophantically coat-tailed the criminalization of more of America for contrived political purposes. Proving Jesus' hopeful quotation, for us, from the cross. "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." 
Time To End Criminalized America

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boston Criminal Boss James (Whitey) Bulger’s Common-Law Spouse, Catherine E. Greig, Sentenced To Eight Years

  Often those needing sympathy don’t seem to deserve it. 
  Sixteen years on the lam with alleged ruthless killer Whitey Bulger and described by her lawyer, Kevin Reddington, as having a loving personality might be a tad incongruous for, now convicted, Catherine Greig. But not so much in our legal system that a judge can’t hear with a straight face a defense attorney’s straight face that friends stand by her who haven’t seen her in years. 
  As reported by The New York Times, Ms. Greig’s lawyer asked in a, filed Monday, memorandum that she be sentenced to 27 months, using literature to support his repeated line that Ms. Greig’s crime was falling in love. “Why people fall in love has been debated since before Shakespeare’s sonnets.” Jack Pirozzolo, a government lawyer, questioned that logic in court, saying, “This isn’t poetry. This is a woman who, by choice, decided to help a man who has been accused of vicious crimes.” 
  A summary of Mr. Bulger’s criminal career and fugitive life can (used to) be seen at the America’s Most Wanted website, as well as an ABC News recap of how the FBI advertised to women, on afternoon television programming, because they might have seen Catherine in beauty parlors. The effort to find Ms. Greig to flush out Whitey happened within an astonishing forty-eight hours since they’d been missing sixteen years until then.
  Still, no matter how pampered by money she’d been most of her life, used has to only be the half of Ms. Greig’s experience as Mr. Bulger’s criminal career seemed based on carrying out threats on virtually everyone whoever met him, including most likely, allegedly, the FBI. Another sad tragedy of our ruthless world that she wasn’t rescued before.
July 27, 29 - August 11, 2016
Boston Criminal Boss James (Whitey) Bulger's Common-Law Spouse, Catherine E Greig, Sentenced To Eight Years

6/13/2012 concluded: Still, no matter how pampered by money she’d been most of her life, used has to only be the half of Ms. Greig’s experience as Mr. Bulger’s criminal career seemed based on carrying out threats on virtually everyone whoever met him, including most likely, allegedly, the FBI. Another sad tragedy of our ruthless world that she wasn’t rescued before. 

  People need "miracles" so the future stops inheriting our crime riddled past? For Catherine Greig, once drawn in the orbitthere wasn't a break except years on the lam with Whitey. Make no mistake. Whitey Bulger was a ruthlessly opportunist criminal mastermind for which the makeup of "the streetsis blamed. The excuse is economically tortured levels of life, whose disputes with authority are labelled complete lawlessness are the whims of the State's own opportunists perpetuating socially flawed law. Criminal Intent? Once again, Whitey was no genius. But meant from a baby for a thoroughly mean streak? Possibly. But he probably, couldn't have ever invented the Criminal Enterprise System itself, himself, without vast amounts of fellow colluders living marginally criminal public lives. Because a game where we're our own nemesis-es, has-to-go. Law Enforcement is our police, the public's, not military states'. 
  Crime is so vast? But what morality should face and stop pretending otherwise, is judgement's a vaguely subjectively understood capacity of vast sources of view. The most preposterous moral failure humans have is reducing religion to competitive nonsense when there's only one God/Allah just as we're all one creation of The Creator. Because what's happened through our own vanity claiming Allah/God influences holy war (justifiable revenge) is complete balderdash. Hysterically kept in preponderant place by rationalities that deem our free judgement as reason enough to blame anyone else but ourselves for our mistakes. 
  Our own human miracles could form if people understood our depths were lowered criminalizing virtually everyone. Something else the country's waiting on Congress no to do? Well. Certainly the details entail nuance. But Civilization's still enduring the remnants of feudalism's nightmarish principalities' monopolistic resistance to legitimate competition within their empires. Justice? The word's so entwined with revenge, the pursuit's just excuses for politicians to toss out to sycophants to chew at the games. Prisons and jails have a purpose, yes. But there's something to the fantasist's persuasion fathoming confinement should actually be more like actual Country Clubs for every prisoner instead of a petri dish of stirred punishing resentment. Some get their minds straight there. But the operative words to remember about even a sparklingly pleasant environment is it's still jail or prison.  Locked up is not feeling free. And where they live's not accomplishing its goal by being just another in a long string of broken homes. 
  Instead? Really work for a living? The compromises felons made that dropped them into irresponsible lives should be regretted. But the justice system's a method for handling crime. Solving cases, not solving crime. Crime is a social phenomenon overwhelmed by the competitively played game, Criminal Enterprise System. Broken America's what we have by judging Americans who never should have been cornered into becoming criminals. Prohibition, the mistake that keeps giving. Watch the TV Police Drama, Blue Bloods idolization of alcohol right there on the screen. Morality? The American Culture may have a clue a huge boondoggle spread misery few could afford besides authoritarians as the DEA reaffirmed? As with Whitey Bulger and the vast network of bureaucracy handling America's Criminal Enterprise System. Some of this handling criminals is directly about the Criminal Enterprise System needing a fix. Why not solve crime civilized?
  Criminals to the left of us and crime to the right is an inundation of criminality. Moral rectitude's line walked over, stepped on, and smudged into incoherence as the Criminal Enterprise System rolls over the innocent population who're told we're victims of symptoms that're really structural defects. Change the law? When law's been sat on to such overweight effect. As if the whole modern-day planet's confusions are easily traced back through tyrants such as Henry the Eighth. While modernity's just made crime more conveniently gotten away with. So law's last option is force though ending crime is more important than punishing criminals. Why bleeding heart liberalism's more than just political toys
  Uh huh, WikileaksWiki. Where should Americans stand on individuals belligerence toward authority? Obviously, first and foremost, behind free speech. Because everyone knows crime's the cover-up and public's vast coax-ability by simple message is futile charades. Soapbox View
  Speaking of bargaining political power. This university class' half-hour documentary  
is about a town
that became a Central Florida neighborhood. One lesson of history is winners are ruthless, though that's proven never completely smart. 
  Also revealing is criticism of Sapolio Soap's jingoistic slant in the Filthy State Clean State Spotless Town campaign. The ad's cited in Scientific Authority & Twentieth-century America, edited by Ronald G. Walters. Advertising blemishTch, tch? Now we're talking the way politicians mention talking about issues by just referring to them. Or that's all the media's fault? Facing the truth's disturbing, but cool. JK Fraser was a relative kid when credited inventing Spotless TownArtemus Ward owned the shop. 
  Or rather, Enoch Morgan's Sons Co.

  Fairly bright?
The Extravaganza's Rhetoric
Of Course Criminal Intent's Bad 

  August 2nd, New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced his end of August resignation. Initially, Commissioner Bratton's lukewarm acceptance of modifying the militarizing of American Police through his community policing, meant his resignation could have been about getting out from under Mayor de Blasio's thumb. Where released from the post's obligations he'd be free as former Mayor Giuliani is to pronounce from a marketable pedestal that only they see how morality should be enforced and Criminal Enterprise System reformed. In a country dedicated to a people's freedom as individuals. Maybe the Commissioner'll get to play quarterback for Rudy's team until his own publicity threatens Giuliani's figurehead status in the pyramid scheme's hierarchy again as the media reported supposedly happened when they were both in office together. 
  If things happened as I preferred? William Bratton would have remained New York City Police Commissioner and grown with the hoped for civilized change. Heaven knows there's been enough chest-thumping from the public stage to have lasted lifetimes. There's always change. 
  And, for good measureanother Criminal Enterprise System mention as politicians do claiming to "talk about" issues from their pedestals. Try counting the times that happens in the next US Presidential debate? But don't hold your breaths for sycophantic coverage of that. Though news maven Charlie Rose, August 3rd, personally (scooped) uncovered Commissioner Bratton's resignation was for more money. All the best.