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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Great Hall at Cooper Union Introduction of Fifth, Park and Madison Starring Steve Athineos

September 28, 2012

The following was my introduction of 
Fifth, Park and Madison at the 25th Anniversary celebration of The Battle of the Bike Ban in 
The Great Hall at Cooper Union
Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.A., September 28th, 2012.

The Preamble: While humanity slowly woke to protecting our Earth, the bicycle contributed since the 19th Century.

Thank you for coming rain or shine – like a bike messenger. The artist Dragan Ilic videotaped all of Fifth, Park and Madison during the street protests of August, 1987. With interviews from a scheduled, but informal, forum and Labor Day Parade, plus street footage of couriers demonstrating for Dragan how they rode the avenues.

The documentary premiered, that October, a stone’s throw from here, at a short-lived downtown film and video festival. Across from The Public Theater in the basement of 432 Lafayette Street on Colonnade Row.

Art historian Alan W. Moore, who preserved this original copy, is right describing it a document. A slice of life, from a period of time, whose authenticity even makes me not regret that I didn’t put everything in.

Dragan found real jewels that made this documentary. So thanks to him, I welcome all of you to my little bike messenger’s interpretation of history.

September 28, 2012 - Times Up! Event
The Battle of the Bike Ban in The Great Hall of Cooper Union

receives all proceeds from your viewing this free documentary. 
Apologies for the poor resolution of the event program.
Steve & wife, Sheila Cobb
The Need For Speed - Steve, Fox, Vicki and ... 

Bob. Bob McGlynn Eddie. Eddie Williams

The 1987 Bicycle Uprising by Charles Komanoff 
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 @ Streetsblog

The Battle of the Bike Ban by Keegan Stephan

For more on the subject of bike couriers
From author Sydney Schuster, a comprehensive 1987 article on the bike courier profession, HELP WANTED/The Myth of the Mighty Bicycle Messenger including the web-link to 
Cheetah: The Nelson Vails Story
The Couriers' Friend, Rogers Simon
Abraham Lincoln

25 Years After Ed Koch’s Proposed Bicycle Ban, Cyclists Have Gained Much Ground
Bicycle courier, London, UK, riding a fixed gear
Colonnade Row 

Peter Cooper

Friday, August 31, 2012

The 1987 Battle of the Bike Ban Commemoration in Cooper Union’s Great Hall

September 28th, New York City hosts The Battle of the Bike Ban in The Great Hall at Cooper UnionFOR FREE.
Sponsored by Economist-ActivistCharles Komanoff and NYC’s Direct Action Environmental Organization, Time’s Up!, the event is partially billed as a Reunion for participants in 1987‘s rolling street demonstrations opposing Mayor Ed Koch’s decision to ban bicycles on the main central avenues, Fifth, Park and Madison, 10-4 weekdays. Mayor Koch, in his most well-meaning intent, was no doubt out to solve why so many people rode backwards too fast, scaring pedestrians, and frustrating traffic-stuck drivers, jealous their vehicles couldn’t get through like the bikes.
The Event starts with an in tandem-ish Six O’Clock Ride with that evening’s last Friday of the month Critical Mass Ride. To commemorate that inspirational time, noteworthily remembered for peaceful demonstrations.
At 9 PM in The Great Hall, The, As Advertised, Vintage, courier-centric documentary, Fifth, Park and Madison has its 25th Anniversary to celebrate the real forward progress bicycling has made from before, and since, Mayor Koch’s watershed event provided visibility to battle the bike ban.
I may have only gone to two demonstrations in 1987, because after I noticed Dragan, with the camera, for the second day in a row, I offered to write something. He decided I was his intern and I logged all the videotape at night and wrote the script on the inside steps of the Madison Avenue entrance to 42nd Street’s Lincoln Building. No one appears in the documentary as much as I wanted for them to be, because the downtown festival appearance Dragan arranged, allotted 40 minutes.
I would like to extend a warm welcome to our noble NYPD, as, in attempting to have the documentary present many points-of-view, forebears in the department said very interesting things.
I am personally grateful for the work that went into making Fifth, Park and Madison’s inclusion in The Battle of the Bike Ban festivities possible. Documentary Producer, the artist, Dragan Ilic and I hope everyone thoroughly enjoys our part inthe show.
From The Bicycle Blueprint, by Mary Frances Dunham – “Fifth, Park and Madison” care of Transportation Alternatives.
Charles M. Fraser offers essays back through May and returns weekdays to Journal Block, September 10th.
This is The Review of The New York Times Review of PREMIUM RUSH: A Film About In A Hurry – A Major – bike courier– Motion Picture.
And now, the documentary, Fifth, Park and Madison, cued at 19 minutes, 20 seconds. Distinctive for representing apeaceful relationship between police and protestors.
Messenger Memorial Site

Lower East Side Folk Historian, Observer of Fifth, Park and Madison's production in Dragan's Williamsburg warehouse.
Clayton Patterson homepage

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Satire Worth Wondering

January 15, 2020 - ? ?, 2020
Film About In A Hurry Dec. 9, 2019 - Jan. 15, 2020

Equal rights do not attack traditional values. Traditional values are less authentic without equal rights.
Dear Reader,
The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service was written to broaden society's commercial outlook. "Capitalism from the bottom up," becoming a catchphrase decades before this novel was figured out. Hank Greenway's noble capitalist, Moscow, adventure during 1991's Soviet August Coup
And this film, 
is, an hour reading, from chapters One and Four. Including the last, imagery laden, 24 minutes next to Roy Cohn's 39 East 68th Street townhouse. The first Tuesday following the 2016 November Presidential Election.
In Case Anyone’s Not Seen The
that continues Chapter IV by Roy Cohn's townhouse doorstep. Followed by my Summer of 2017 Sit-In  
The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service 
While this film
is from when Keegan Stephan asked me to speak in The Great Hall of Cooper Union. After screening the 1987 documentary, Fifth, Park and Madison, and before the panel discussion, a picture appears of Lake County, Florida Sheriff Willis V. McCall with three of the Groveland Four and "Sheriff." Meaning face history. Through age 15, his house was a block from mine. His dog bit me when I was five-six, and all the older kids laughed hysterically when I cried screaming I'd sue. I was too young to know of track records. Just that he was Sheriff McCall. My mother, uncomfortably, received his call the next day inquiring whether I was ok. 
Soapbox Views To Note