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Friday, July 18, 2014

Transition Who Can't Afford?

Something has been added to this essay's conclusion on CUBA.  8/7/14
Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States

The previous essay, PATRIOTISM FOR EVERYONE? included an idea that was highlighted by two events yesterday. Israeli ground troops entering the Gaza Strip and a Malaysian Airlines Passenger Plane shot down by a surface-to-air missile over Ukraine. Reuters

3. Which is why international dispute is not about - who's wrong? 4. But whether ruthlessness is rendered impossible?  

The rocket that brought down the passenger plane was a "mistake." Trigger-happy is a mistake. The passenger plane was nowhere near landing in Ukraine at that height and speed. So without the proper instruments the Ukrainian rebels couldn't take a chance? When conflict escalates the innocent are victimized. Clearly the fog of patriotic militarism entered this century as pervasive as the last. What idiotic logic made all this patriotic militarism acceptable? Freedom Fries pictured above. The buck stops with "the decider." Soapbox View Everyone knows how to hide from responsibility. Chesters just push out their chests insisting their pride is their nations'. Despite what PEACE really means?

So perpetual war and defense are necessary evils? This essay, A Damaging Distance, in The New York Times, Sunday July 13, 2014, by Ethan Bronner focuses on what the Middle East hasn't fixed. Who in their right minds thought limiting Palestinian financial progress would be a protection when anyone with a clue knows everyone's better off when there's full financial circulation? Again both side's elites are likely duff sitters. 
4. To Mideast Diplomacy Rendering Ruthlessness Impossible.

"Vengeance is mine sayith the Lord" - not mortals.

Despite war's exploitation, no one wins and maybe, just maybe, we lose our souls?

Change is constant. Transition a longer  haul. They're not the same difference if change is sudden and transition, evolution. The point? Most of the world has been relatively poor virtually all of human existence. Change has taken place, but not an actual transition. That "the poor will always be with" us is almost a dandy excuse for our destiny. Why lazy insufficient prosperity is the working poor's burden while improved circulation on their behalf is considered weak by those for whom opportunity overflows, and those that resent more hasn't rained on them - yet. Resourcefulness sure is part of the equation, and not entirely out of line to expect of people. Within reason. 

Visiting home, ten years back, my wife and I swam laps in my favorite swimming pool. A nine year old African-American boy, there with his little brother, was from another nearby small town. Like paradise, not crowded, only us four and the older man in lane 6.

The kid asked to look at my goggles then popped out both lenses before I got him to give the goggles back. Sure you can re-insert the lenses as he gigglingly pointed out. But done enough the seal is never the same. He was amused playing with me and when his little brother came over and asked to do the same thing, his older brother told him he'd already done it. But before that. Alone, hanging on to the deep end's gutter. He asked if I could give him money. Reminding me of my precious summer youth collecting cold drink bottles with my friend Patrick who'd told me about the bright idea. I made the kid cry. There were adults collecting everywhere and you were in trouble disturbing their territory. Don't tell me balance didn't drop out of the bottom of our economy. 

With education for the taking most everywhere on this planet? Plus all the money thrown far and wide for the denied to at least grab on to something? Yet money isn't circulating completely throughout while we have this nice basic reality used as an instrument economists can't solve. Inflation. Well, it's a fact of life the poor will never adjust to it and remain destroyed by it. Unable to tag along on the continuously replenishing financial treadmill the elite surf. The Poor rendered useless as perpetual debt. The president of the World Bank and functionaries even state that economies need some inflation so the salaried can keep up better. Considering all things equal, that's fine and dandy the relentless pursuit of inflation propelling those with the power to compete. Which does not solve the problem of economies not fully circulating. Maybe Russians fighting in Ukraine taking care of business at home would have kept Malaysian Airline Flight 17 aloft?
It is sad. Rumors of revolution gossiped about Brazil if the hosts lost the World Cup before losing to Germany. Because money hadn't instead been spent on the poor who'll rise up in anger unless massaged by a championship. Perhaps contributing to tolerance of football field violence when a referee allowed Brazilians latitude attacking Columbians leading to unintended retribution that knocked a Brazilian star out of the tournament. Paraphrasing Sam Borden's Blame for a Crushing Injury Is Spread Across the Field The New York Times, July5, 2014. Digitally titled: For Bellicose Brazil, Payback Carries Heavy Price: Loss of Neymar

The first title worthily sums up the article's insight. While the second gauges momentum as the core of any sports story. One star makes a difference. Not easily replaced. Regardless. It's sad cultural identity is reduced to feudal rivalry.
Any learned person can point to dissatisfied people falling into further disarray. But considered logically, successful revolution against modern militaries is preposterous. As anyone can guess, throughout history, the poor have seldom relieved their stress through revolution. Possibly that great time of equality in the Soviet Union? Unfortunately elitist and when weighed with the sins of persecuting individuals - equality was not ironed out. 

Statistics show Brazilians are discontentWikipedia notes the 2013 Confederations Cup Riots followed that tournament Brazil won. Initiated mainly by the Movimento Passe Livre (Free Fare Movement), a local entity that advocates for free public transportationThe demonstrations were initially organized to protest against increases in bus, train, and metro ticket prices in some Brazilian cities, but grew to include other issues such as the high corruption in the government and police brutality used against some demonstrators. By mid-June, 2013, the movement had grown to become Brazil's largest since the 1992 protests against former President Fernando Collor de Mello.

It's of course ridiculous for affairs of state to be tampered with through sport and vice-versa. Yet on the other hand, political leadership is the art of forming mass opinion translated from ambivalent drivel to avoid blame? Football and politics aren't just games. 
June 27 
Soapbox View conjectured - Crimea, the next Monaco
July 2nd, 
The Moscow TimesFlow of Crimea Tourists Drops 35%
July 4th, 
The Moscow Times Crimea and Sochi See Futures as Gambling Centers

For objectiveness sake, history sinned.

Now. Relish this. It's not every day news is this close to making sense.
The National Capitol Building in Havana, Cuba, home to the Cuban Academy of Sciences. - Nigel Pacquette / Wikicommons

Russia Ratifies $35 Billion Debt Write-Off For Cuba  

The Moscow TimesJuly 9, 2014

Huh. 90% of 35.2 billion forgiven. So it's a deal to get 3.2 billion out of Cuba. When if 35.2 billion were put into Cuba to circulate properly this debt theoretically would have never happened. I think Cuba should take this last 3.2 to U.S. Federal Court and dispute that there's any debt at all. Everyone's thumbs were on the scales. Cuba would be a better ally if that 3.2 went into itself. The whole world should be paying Cuba not to industrialize to maintain a vacation paradise. But that's the great equalizer, for funding nations, terrorizing the land. I say try for Paradise Cuba. If you asphalt the entire island it will sink under the big flood. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

What Appears to be Politics is, after all, Just The Politics Of Appearance?

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, 1979-1990rode a logical political wave that changed the confiscatory capitalization of socialism that gripped Great Britain. Doesn't take a fool to see The Beatles paying taxes somewhere else is a problem.

Her death drew depictions of her as an innovative personality from the major news sourcesand she was most certainly a major figure-head. But its sound to question mass-marketed points-of-view.
Where the convenient message shields the abstractions from scrutiny. 

Or Change Masks?
No duh, taking from the rich to give to the poor was fictional fantasy. Too bad financial circulation, Ms. Thatcher helped release, is tied-up in astronomical operating costs that preclude a more complete circulation British Socialists might have had in mind. In our age it's hard imagining a better world is where the state is ingrained in your life. But its worth remembering something had to be done and social advancement spurred capitalism on. 
Times change but not how cultural memory is manipulated. 


Is it possible Kim Jong-un doesn't understand the 

The syncopated chant of democracy, set on continual chime, may be why North Korea is confused anyone should even care to attack them. Certainly, except for swagger, on the surface, Kim Jong-un isn't a mad idiot and held hostage to their elite cluelessness how to honorably prosper outside state capitalism. 
The Daily Squib
The Google guy and Dennis Rodman were floated as olive branches and somehow, some way, the North Korean Military Industrial Complex has to understand what they've seen. Or after grand-dad's birthday celebration still won't really be time to let the Bamboo Curtain rise? 
A while back, you know, last Spring/Summer when Kim Jung-un just came into his own, some hope was put into this idea that he was exclusively schooled in Switzerland. Apparently elitism isn't the problem? 

Maggie, as I had never referred to her, in part staked her flag-waving credentials on refusing to let a military regime take the Malvinas Islands. So maybe what Kim has learned is the importance of militarized nationalism conveys token justification for treating public diplomacy as if it were the chest-thumping of professional wrestling.  



Last Sunday's Meet The Press featured MSNBC's Jim Cramer, of Mad Moneysmiling the advice 60,000 pipeline jobs for $60,000 a year would heal big business' momentum so America's smaller fry might thereby get better slices of the pie. Courageous call, huh? Mr. Cramer said depend on big business. When after over forty years of solar panels and the investment community complaint is there's not enough money in it, we're either corrupt or lacking financial imagination and most probably both. Money shouldn't disappear so buying Arab oil shouldn't matter. But since, of course, money rules its best we muck up the country-side for financial leverage when we're really supposed to already be too smart for this world's current levels of pollution. No?
They accomplished more than just a contribution to the expansion of the Charitable Industrial Complex? 
  _ __ __ __ _

360° Google Map viewed the home I was raised in. The tip of the desegregation monument is lower left. I recognize all the trees. Even those, still sorely missed, that once lined the avenue, like a canopy, until destroyed for the widened highway in the mid-1960s. I am ever so grateful to see these trees preserved.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Could FACEBOOK Be Any More Wholesome, Or Cold Tomorrow?

  According to the Wall Street Journal, Friday’s Major IPO had Facebook stockholders only selling about 20% of the company’s common stock. Inundated by hype that’s a startling percentage when according to The Los Angeles Times the financial frenzy accumulated around $16 billion in the third-largest public offering in U.S. history. Oh for when billions were what millions meant.
  Still, success was even shorter of euphoric as Reuters reported Wayne Kaufman, chief market strategist at John Thomas Financial, saying, “We have got some unhappy guys out there.” Sentiment an unidentified Wall Street retail broker confirmed. “They were hoping for Facebook to be considerably better. I bet there are a lot of disappointed people in the market.”
  Facebook fizzles Yahoo opined since the shares rose to the mid-forties then back near the $38 dollar starting offer. Sadly institutional investors had to step in to stabilize the stock observers yesterday boasted were the only investors capable of the leverage to buy in since this Initial Public Offering was so huge. Hm?
  Well, business proceeds. There’ll be music with Facebook depicted as everyone’s social media friend. A fresh campaign as if we weren’t already entertained by the mass harvesting of glittering cash. Meanwhile maintaining public interest is undertaken by real market go-getters in addition to that being how Facebook already is, plus too big to fail. Gone are the days of casual Internet behavior, by-bye. People will feel forced to SET controls on their cyber-activity or the distraction of everything under the moon sold to them will overwhelm.
  No matter how financial giants paint Facebook’s Super-Sizing, you have to admit it’s a wonderful thing. In ages past people didn’t really participate in much of anything worth anything without financial access. So civilization has gotten somewhere if Facebook has 800 million users and growing. God forbid the service gets where it costs so much.
January  4 - , 2016
Could FACEBOOK Be Any More Wholesome, Or Cold Tomorrow? 

5/18/2012 concludedSo civilization has gotten somewhere if Facebook has 800 million users and growing. God forbid the service gets where it costs so much.
  Once again I can't reiterate or emphasize enough that this preposterous concept not believing global warming is a factor could ever excuse mistreating the global biological framework of this entire planet. 25 Sea Turtles washed ashore Long Island this morning having been frozen because they'd been confused and not migrated south. A few were saved but how many stuck to the ocean floor? Dust to dust, but it's the innocent who're punished and guilty conspiring to cherish rewards of encroachment on nature's domain.
Look at yourselves. Really look. Everyone. 
  Oh Dear Facebook. What's in a name? Promise or token appeal? Prestige or ethics or just a seal?
  One could under-imagine Mr. Zuckerberg tearing through the office in their earlier days, lighting into employees if perhaps the ads producing revenue weren't engaging. Not, as in interesting. But as installed, clicking in, cha-ching. Unlike this office where shoulder shrugs remind the despondent brain cookies crumble. While modifying to meet a shrewd outcome may be all it takes? That's hardly searching for full truth preferring valuing readers' trickling pennies as a basic real value, one. "The real world's" apparently most disregarded. Pragmatic absolute realistic measuring unit one. Nor inflated one where exploitation serves a purpose. Because it's accepted truth's better twisted to fit rather than question the twisted truth.
  Jeez. Financial complaints? That's life in the 40th Anniversary Year of the poem inspired by the Roger Dean picture of the lone man climbing the skinny mountain inside the YES album, FRAGILE. 

Closing in on a goal to achieve,
One must clear their own frontier.
Keep sights in line and goals in time,
And great wonders will appear.
Once conceived, all you'll need
Is the effort which attains accomplishment.
Thank you.
So sense of humor for everybody as this year's time
is found.

  But, once again, ad nauseam, the local CBS radio business forecaster, just as he'd done months before the 2008 economic collapse when he said experts don't expect the coming catastrophe others warned of and so he advised keeping investment up. Despite the eventual gloom the unrealistically inflated economy was doomed to face. Houses aren't actually piles of money yet treated as if they are. And so on. So now, this morning, 1/5/2016. Advise was automobile experts anticipate two more years of successful sales. Hell, cars'll soon be programmed to spend our day in traffic while we sleep playing games, finagling money, clicking a donation or two. While continuing to pretend losers won't do real labor that's no longer needed to be paid for as if work were never regarded as real anyway. Especially, he gushed, since naive "millennials are 30% of the market." Nothing, nada, zilch about participation in a logical transportation transition. Except ignoring responsibility for finance trending to destroy Detroit's inner-city because the industry's success actually circulated elsewhere becoming inspiration for China's rampant inspired by America's elite's success. Well played money-making money and - good luck with that.
  I could defend sensible car use as easily as sensible gun use. Yet reality's actually beyond the necessity of defending either. So remember there's not really any such thing as right or wrong, but simultaneously right and wrong.
  Be realistic? Sure. I'm all for giving it a shot. Otherwise move out of your way. Got it. 
  And again. Good luck with that since the next day the exact same local business forecast used the term, "psychological boost" in redundant Babbittry on behalf of a subsidized industry that's more than given people alse belief it's realistic worshipping the car
  Just this morning, walking home, an older gentleman stopped at a green light with traffic behind and also coming the other way while he was signaling for me to cross with his permission. That I always refuse because that idea mobile throne sitters give people something has led to countless accidents and so something I object to. But finally, after honking at me, he hits the gas while shaking his brain enclosed head because I wouldn't honor the belief mobile throne offering's are really gracious when they're an act of naive superiority. So Solomon might remind there's exceptions to the rule? 
  So the business forecaster, using the term "psychological boost," could be realistically guessed to be, ultimately, pitching advertisers, rather than a better performing, fully circulating, economy. Financial façade without razz-ma-tazz promotional-ism boasting of sponsorship by Bloomberg Business. That totemized NYC name from a former relatively adequate good NYC mayor. Pedalstal-ized against pervasive gun possession. While apparently content backing a century of auto idealization undermining mass transit because "cultural suicide's" not his affair. Pointlessly not using alternate fuel experiments in sports-car racing that was racing's great tradition. We can get to the moon any time we want. Why's it so important to get there in a car? No one's asking Nascar to become solar powered nuts. But not giving a crap? Running on, for all practical purposes, down-graded jet fuel. Car Racing is a metaphor for the ongoing financial spin circulation dreams its' way across the top. Where money's shared selling and re-selling while the less-leveraged lower classes pour their financing up to purchase the fiction of riches deemed theirs for just for a major-minor cost. BAH HUMBUG
  Epilogue: Morning of 1/7/2016, a peep about mass transit was heard from the above cited business forecaster, Joe Connolly. Keep up some good work. Meanwhile the other Gov. Gateway, of New York, announced further auto subsidy stabilizing bridge tolls to come out of other revenue sources. Though I am against gouging customers. Still, more subsidy of a system that's truly allowed to exploit the public's misunderstanding of what contributing to the planet's future really means. 

This comment's unusual because The Soapbox View refuses to advocate any person for the American Presidency.

  Nonetheless I am very, extremely, upset by the local Corporation for Public Corporate Broadcasting radio station, WNYC's sycophantic pandering praise of Governor Gateway of New Jersey and if the American public selects Gov. Gateway president I will think God should just as well take this planet out. Because those who relish taking on God's benign judgement for themselves in a malignant fashion will only grow in influence. And as such their more profitable Criminal Enterprise System using the police against themselves and the people will continue as will the pounding of their Chester chests rather than humbly submitting to this world's judgement of our troubles as God's final say alone.
P.S. Funny huh, right? How a soapbox loner bows to no person alive on this planet? 

  But while I'm p____d. This redundant traditional critically posing of NYC's Mayor de Blasio as not being of the traditional conservative economic logic persuasion, and consequently naive, is utter balderdash. He did not escalate the cost of everything in New York so only large amounts of money maneuver the city. Real Estate bought and sold and shared while the money hardly touches down. G__ d___ shame. Suck it up privileged and fly right. 
  So, consequently, if The Soapbox View's reading numbers are to be believed. Maybe those posing as Conservatives have chosen not to read my criticism anymore. Making self-satisfied liberals the next target for their lazily combatting that contrived other supposedly self-satisfied political persuasion that's battling their own definition of progressivism? Heretofore labeled here as making up history as it goes along. Go ahead. Label my opinion that too. I dare ya'llBut back to Mr. Posturer who on Sunday used that ole heading off criticism tactic, grandstanding over guns, calling President Obama "a petulant child" when that's exactly how I've always seen Governor Gateway pompously posing as the Poster Child for Enforcing a Moral Farce. Bait and switch Americanism? 
  One question: Why is there not pride in paying taxes as there is in paying (not necessarily affording) exorbitant real estate though both are rudimentary foundations of our country's paying for itself? A remnant of that ole excuse the weak undermine our strength. Especially in NYC where the mayor is blamed for the more visibly homeless when I've seen more of an age group sleeping on the streets that were never out there before which obviously resulted from the posture that there's no such thing as success unless the wealthy are satisfied. Hardly economic circulation and not entirely the elite's fault but rather the leeches attached to them. Ooo, now I'm in trouble?
"Our tax code is like a leaky barrel." - J. Todd Metcalf 
Democrats chief tax council on Senate Finance Committee
  Ultra-wealthy Americans are able to hire high-priced lawyers, real-estate planners, lobbyists, and anti-tax activists who exploit and defend a dizzying array of tax maneuvers, virtually none of them available to taxpayers of more modest means. 

From The Chatter in The New York Times, Sunday Business, 1/3/2016. 
What resonates, reverberates in the appearance
of projecting merely a great politician.
  Saudi Arabia executes 47. Iran vows continuing cycle of revenge because a cleric was executed. While responsibility is avoided by the United States of America, the world's most prominent nation, that won't stand against the farce of rationalizing execution by using the death penalty itself. As for example going back before and after Nigeria's execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa over how oil revenue wasn't shared. When the U.S. voiced objection but couldn't be taken seriously enough. 
  Ya notice whether, or not, anyone could see profit from this, that the conservatives say liberals say conservatives are what liberals say conservatives say what liberals say conservatives say liberals mean so t's as if there's almost the other's utter cluelessness about what's right about what they're wrong about even when they're both right about being wrong? Still there's a world class mind funk going on here when public discourse is so ruled by cliché. 
  So to conclude. However much people profess worthiness of forgiveness, there's nothing God/Allah can't see for what we really mean. Because paraphrasing Stevie Wonder,
you ain't done nuthin yet.
Plus, "It's been a long, long time. Isn't it?"