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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Yurmony's response to the file included "Chatter doesn't matter" and uncrossing a leg to recross the other. And his agreement, "When people have the end of the line drawn for them, you can stretch it however you want. But ultimately? Citizens don't care." Then his right eyebrow rose questioning whether I understood normal is following the rest in line with the façade?

So I pointed out for the lawyer that, "Ruthless jargon rules the world. Mere layers of more nonsense. Everything's just Goofy ruled by subterfuge and espionage. If evil's the problem? Stop raising it. Except for the various conspiracies of individuals' benefit, bitter rivalry hasn't been the solution for countless generations. Prosperity and patriotism shouldn't just be signaled by the ability to make and threaten war. Because as things cluelessly stand, we've proven to have not advanced past the Medieval Age. The future's here and we're a shameful lotCrying shame. But, suitingly, look darn good on the business page." 
Imagine lawyers getting digitally shortchanged but for a minute? Lighting out of there. Running away. Getting lost. Were my best options to elude repercussions. If there were any? While Yurmony's look just meant this should cost me. So he smirked, "Goofy's all you are," and waited a response. 

Squirm my eye. 

He sighed shutting off his screen. Then inserted finality in his voice, pausing after, "Well. It'll go this way." 

But I interrupted, "Sure it does. But by always going that way. Things can be turned a bit. Or there's no point. Unless it's the conspiracy that manipulates most has all the power. Where's the consent of the governed in that?" 

The attitude was all there in his answering me. The grinning self-assured mockery. Accusingly asking, "And you call others' jargon?" 

So I gave him his shrug back. 

He smiled, "Uh huh. Be realistic. Management is controlling people. Not what dissent fabricates and convolutes to mean tyranny."

"Ditto," I said because whatever he meant was questionable too. Power running roughshod.

"Uh huh," Yurmony pretended to have heard what I thought. "Individuals aren't successes by themselves."

"Why everything's a conspiracy." 

"Except for nothings." 

"Ah. You mean it's fruitless encouraging voters not to be sycophants?" 

He said, "I'm telling you. Twisting logic doesn't make you correct. Makes you a muddler." 

Nice to hear at least. 

But he continued. "To the point. Since this makes no difference. Why bother? It's impossible to be in everyone's corner disagreeing with both sides. Look"

"Look? Lawyers profit defending everyone. Even pro bono's good for business. Plus I don't advocate poaching. Tolerance doesn't mean tolerating crime. Our problems are deeper than the rule of law. Cultural and perhaps chemical, the way people, beneath the skin, always bother each other."

"O-kay. Let's stick to not making a case of this."

"There's no case," I replied. 

While Yurmony'd moved on and smiling, waved me through the Sliding Glass Door onto the balcony. Even designating a lounge chair, opposite him, where I sat on the edge. 

Grinning he, started a cigar and, waving it around, asked if I knew, "why people confer with lawyers?" 

"Paid to keep their mouths shut."

"Besides that, cynic. People need someone doubting them on their side to come to grips with the truth."

"You're psychiatrists?"

"Dude. The law supervises people's shortcomings in dealing with others."

"Noble calling. But The Fine Society? Culture by punishment. Crime should end because it's really not polite. There are solutions for problem people. Among which is releasing them from the internal cages their anger's in. 

"I can't help feeling one thing could help with disharmony. Start at the top and see how it trickles down. George W. Bush should apologize for opening the floodgates on aggression and prejudice. More permission to go off the deep end. 

"It was just bullcrap blaming God for any facet of our endless cycles of revenge. Revenge, the attitude that raises every generation's criminality in the first place. No one can actually pay for crime and we live with that result every day. Viciously recycling The Criminal Enterprise System's Criminal Industrial Complex. Supporting this cockamamy idea that not only fools go to war. Civilization's not war."

"Okay there," he said. "There you go. Whether you are or not. You're a hard case. Anyway. You can't land or shed light on anything critically when you sporadically, but consistently, use, but never criticize, The New York Times."

Theodore Roosevelt
"That's not sarcasm? You mean never bring up something like the May 23rd essay in The New York TimesThe Making of a Great Ex-President? Where the author, Boise State University's Justin S. Vaughn, slipped in a humble reference to Ronald Reagan's consideration among the near-great presidents. Presidents are important. 

"Yesterday even, David Leonhardt's A Ruling Even Reagan Could Embrace began a paragraph with - Reagan, whose political instincts were generally fabulous, understood this point. To, maybe lighten the blow for a paragraph later lead with - What Reagan got wrong, however, was the definition of socialism.

"Capitalism is socialism is the truth. And it would be nice if people weren't so numb to the meaning of ideology they're hoodwinked by the catchphrase, 'socialism doesn't work.' Private companies are social cells. The Fire Department is socialist. Reagan rode bandwagon contraption that defined political debate as narrowly as possible. A game of ping-pong really. This idea of conservatism vs. liberalism. Caging each others' ideals in warped senses of righteousness. Intellectually lazy and not at all what the public could understand. But what's simple to sell. There's really no freedom from the slant.

"Basically all of history's notorious ride their era's crest. Ivan The Terrible rode the military state that held off the Mongol Horde and made Moscow king. President Reagan kept intolerance profitable while Californians re-wired the world. Cut. 

"I'm past hoping it helps America to understand its' political veneers perpetuate simplistic façades. A joy ride of hype in a propaganda store. Meaning nothing's getting us through this obstinacy power has towards being influenced by substance of depth. 

"What history keeps repeating at a poundingly numb rate is, we're so far, far advanced and happy that, for the most part, things falling apart's profit and loss too. Because there's already tickets to the moon and beyond for anyone feeling threatened enough to get away from any deep thinking going on about planet Earth. No matter anyone's status. We're all a bunch of losers when it comes to handling money. Everyone working their hearts out for something worth less every day. End inflation or the madness never will. Because otherwise pretending to catch up seems to have irrevocably damaged us forever already."

"Listen," he said.

So I retraced, saying, "This is that Justin S. Vaughn quote. 'Favorites like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy died as presidents, and others, including near-greats Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan and Lyndon B. Johnson, suffered health problems that severely constrained their post-presidential activities.'  

"Heavier than sound-bytes. The consolidating appraisal's meant to leave marks. Everything matters. But it's beginning to look a lot like history's become the number of times it's published you're an idiot." 

Yurmony grinned like I wouldn't shut up.

So I said, "What about Theodore Roosevelt's picture in that Professor Vaughn piece?" I threw up my hands. "He didn't like that name Teddy they used for the caption. Yet there the name sat under his picture in The Times. Naming him exactly against what he'd wish. Characterized. A small isolated incident. Yet there it was in The New York Times. A fact. In effigy over the Manifest Destiny attitude toward life and war that he hadn't created but built 19th Century America that raised him. Plus he even came to regret that warrior mentality after his son, Quentin died a WWI hero. But to conquer a nation you have to break a few heads and have no room for shame on the mantelpiece? That's what our world's been taught their elites thrive on for victory. Why I'm willing to lose repeating don't be anyone's sycophant.

"Meaning where there's a bandwagon? I prefer getting off. George W. Bush Should Apologize. Our American military has an obligation to go to war only as last resort. What's at question from my point of view is God was blamed for deciding this holy war nonsense could handle escalation. Beaten to submission never works except for those without a conscience. George W. Bush Should Apologize

"I can accept Reagan was an adequate president. But not when it comes to pinning responsibility for the forward progress many are responsible for achieving. Near-great denies the obvious. Permission for the hard____s to persecute life-style choices is on Reagan's mantelpiece and to take it off is lying. Exploiting America's flaws is not a sign of greatness but the petty opportunism all America hopes and wishes were out of the boardrooms and our lives. Tough enough to thrive has been made a joke when political identity's proven a comedy. Saying we're lost without presidents is like claiming William Henry Harrison contributed much more meaning than symbolizing a military general's reward coming late in public life." 

Yurmony was stupefied
Quick. Take a look. Is your view asphalt as far as the eye sees?
The roads of America built this country one journey at a time. Still what's right for the future is right now. Bicycles and trains or smart cars for the perpetually entertained traffic living the excuse they're too rich to sit next to the poor? 
Hopelessness lashes out. - literal propaganda
Patriotic purity? As if there's no clue how nationalism's been historically used to cover the public's eyes to blind ambitionThe pragmatic jargon that's marginalized concerns for centuries. But what today's modern world's meaning for history, will mean to the future, is that with the potential for so much, we failed to deliver ourselves from profiting from evil. For instance, Pope on Weapons Industry.
Forget the dystopian future. 
It's this present pragmatic one heads will shake about. Perhaps laugh at our well-rewarded, laurel-sitting, generation that let festering passions fester on when we're smarter than this.
Criticism of Soapbox View South Carolina flag comment.
As musicians reminded, America's home of the red, white and blues. 
Enjoy the hope.
Soapbox View
Thank youChris Squire.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Year Sentence For Stunt Honoring Integrity In Church

  The New York Times headlined Russian Punk Band Is Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Anti-Putin Stunt, By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN, with Nikolay Khalip, Anna Kordunsky, Ilya Mouzykantskii, Andrew Roth and Anna Tikhomirova contributing.
  Datelined MOSCOW, Moscow judge, Marina Syrova, handed down stiff prison sentences of two years for three young women who staged a protest against Vladimir V. Putin in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior last February. According to The Times, the convicts’ jailing and trial on hooliganism charges have already generated worldwide criticism of constraints on political speech in Russia.
  The explanation continues that while a Pussy Riot guilty verdict against the three women was widely expected, suspense had built over how severe a punishment they would receive. Prosecutors had demanded three-year prison terms, but President Vladimir V. Putin had weighed in on the side of leniency. Commenting on the case briefly, while in London for the Olympics, Mr. Putin said he hoped that the women were not judged “too severely,” but that there was nothing good about what they had done and the decision was the court’s.
  But the judge showed little sympathy, and it was not immediately clear whether the sentences would prompt a reaction on Moscow’s streets, according to The Times. As the judge read the lengthy verdict, hundreds of demonstrators had gathered outside the courthouse and shouted, “Free Pussy Riot!”
  So, is this blow now stricken for the cause of purported conservative justice, or for the rights of those who hold power to benefit?
  Meanwhile riot police arrested dozens, including the former great chess champion Garry Kasparov, who is active in the political opposition. Mr. Kasparov fought with the police and appeared to be beaten as he was bundled into a police vehicle. Poor police mandated to protect their own safety before the public’s or the public will be without their protection. Huh?
  Think if newspaper reporters chimed these facts from inside a cathedral they’d be carted off too? Possibly gaining exclusive jailhouse interviews with The Three Convicts. Although the women disrupted a holy service, didn’t they? Spoke out of turn in God’s House?
  The Times states, near the start of the highly anticipated proceedings, the judge said Pussy Riot’s so-called punk prayer in Moscow’s main cathedral amounted to the crime of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred and repeated that charge today in her verdict. Because that’s the propaganda that has stirred Russia’s religious masses to support this obvious suppression of free speech. The territorial reason behind Jesus going to the cross if anyone cares to recall?
  And because the women acted as a group, the maximum sentence under the law is seven years in prison. Three, not bad, right, supposedly. So it would perhaps be thirty for stealing, and life every time someone is killed? Who’s kidding whom? Not them, they know what they’re doing. That’s why they’re in charge and intend to stay there behind the judge so that if she dared not act on behalf of the team … . So it must be that I’m being fooled? Are we not advancing? Yes Vladimir, what will your legacy be described as once we’re both gone? Traitors can be shot, but eventually no one has to be loyal to anyone alive now. Then where will you and your legacy be, then? Just another Czar?
  Amnesty International condemned the sentences, which a spokeswoman said show “that the Russian authorities will stop at no end to suppress dissent and stifle civil society.”
  The women have been in jail since March and a chorus of supporters, including the music world’s biggest stars have demanded their immediate release. Rallies in support were held in dozens of cities around the world on Friday. Look at that, Vladimir. The martyrdom is already more popular than a well-high-financed police state, except, of course, with The Well-High-Financed Police State.
  The case has become a touchstone in the unfolding political drama that began in Russia after disputed parliamentary elections last December. Partly because of the sympathetic appearance of the defendants, two are mothers of young children, and their group uses music to carry its message. Pitting them against a united Kremlin and Russian Orthodox Church power-structure. Well that should protect all the Icons, God couldn’t seriously give a rat’s a__ about when most holy books point to no idols coming before God.
  While the case has allowed opponents of Mr. Putin to portray his government as squelching free speech and presiding over a rigged judicial system, it has also handed the government an opportunity to portray its political opponents as obscene, disrespectful rabble-rousers, liberal urbanites backed by the West in a conspiracy against the Russian state and the Russian church. Uh huh. From Russia to wherever, put on pretty costumes and control the minds of those you rule and hate them when they disobey, gets us what? Totalitarianism, governments the world over accuse the others of being. Scapegoatism, Stalinism, Putinism? Watch out big guy. Really, you and whoever you appoint historian in charge will not define your legacy. And it’s beginning to look a lot like no one will be as nice as me. Get it? Mate.
  The saga in February began when the women infiltrated Moscow’s main cathedral wearing colorful balaclavas, and pranced around in front of the golden Holy Doors leading to the altar. Dancing, chanting and lip-synching for what would later become a music video of a profane song in which they beseeched the Virgin Mary to rid Russia of Mr. Putin. Oh, so it’s just that they weren’t praying the right way? The Russian Orthodox Church and State can now comfortably represent themselves as those once influential bastards, the Klux Klux Klan did in the U.S. Where if you weren’t one of them, you were just wrong? So is it possible everyone in Russian prison is innocent, while the guilty of conspiracy to control all the sources of wealth roam free?
  At their Church event security guards quickly stripped Pussy Riot of their guitars, but the video was completed with splices of footage from another church.
  But while they have become minor heroes in the entertainment world, Pussy Riot is far more political than musical. Members have never released a song or an album, and they do not seem to have any serious aspirations to do so. But then, Times why should we care, when you point out on Thursday, with tensions rising in anticipation of the verdict and sentencing, the authorities said that threats had been made against Judge Syrova and that bodyguards had been assigned to her. Uh huh.
  As the trial opened, the women, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 23, Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, and Maria Alyokhina, 24, apologized, saying they had never intended to offend the Orthodox Church but rather sought to make a political statement against Mr. Putin and against the church patriarch, Kirill I, for supporting Mr. Putin in his campaign for a third term as president. But prosecutors and lawyers for religious people who where described as victims of the stunt said the women were motivated by religious hatred. The defendants were accused of committing “moral harm” and even of practicing Satanism. And at the time I’m sure there were fans in the audience enjoying hearing Nero play while Rome burned too. Or at least wealthy paid enough not to criticize. And what’s the going rate in Russia anyway?
  As the trial continued, the women seemed emboldened by their mounting international support, including from Madonna, who paused a concert in Moscow to give a speech urging their release and later performed wearing a black bra with “Pussy Riot” stenciled in bold letters on her back. Sure, Madonna never saw a publicity stunt she didn’t like, except, perhaps as in this case, your government’s President Putin. But, I know, we both know. Madonna was at least allowed to perform with smoke and mirrors too, I presume. Ha!
  In a closing statement, Ms. Tolokonnikova, the most outspoken of the defendants, railed against repression in Russia. “To my deepest regret, this mock trial is close to the standards of the Stalinist troikas,” she said. “Who is to blame for the performance at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and for our being put on trial after the concert? The authoritarian political system is to blame. What Pussy Riot does is oppositional art or politics.” Adding, “In any event, it is a form of civil action in circumstances where basic human rights, civil and political freedoms are suppressed.”
  And now back to this. There was a time once, long ago, when as a small child I was honored to play one of The Three Wisemen before our Church and sing, “We Three Kings.” In preparation before in our Sunday School classroom one of the children raised in the southern white tradition, used my nickname and said, “_____ is the black one.” Well embarrassment aside, a more nobler honor has never since then been bestowed on me than that, and I have a good feeling Pussy Riot’s legacy for their Church performance will prove to be just as correctly virtuous. How about yours Mr. President? Because from here, you still have some catching up to do. Not that you’re so far behind the world leader idiots who claim God tells them to go to war, but against your own people you’re coming too darn close. Cut it out. I know it’s not just you, but you’re the one who’ll be in the books.
Two Year Sentence For Stunt Honoring Integrity In Church
8/17/2012 concluded: Well embarrassment aside, a more nobler honor has never since then been bestowed on me than that, and I have a good feeling Pussy Riot’s legacy for their Church performance will prove to be just as correctly virtuous. How about yours Mr. President? Because from here, you still have some catching up to do. Not that you’re so far behind the world leader idiots who claim God tells them to go to war, but against your own people you’re coming too darn close. Cut it out. I know it’s not just you, but you’re the one who’ll be on the books.
June 20 - July 23, 2019
Well. How Should I Say This?
    While I've generally always thought reparations was/is a good idea, I've also never made it an essayic point. So I apologize. But to Senator Mitch McConnell's point that enough progress has been established, such that this generation shouldn't be held responsible for our forbears' faults is placing the issue on infinite hold like the National Debt or something. As if this generation were just a corporation severing ties to previous mistakes. As if it weren't, really, so very long ago when mere incremental progress wasn't even made, or even approached, at all. 
  That the, severely selfish, illogical crime of slavery happened is because business is the business of shortcuts and why any self-absolution isn't enough. Because it was the aftermath suffered through, and criminally and socially enforced, that was even more insane. That's what any generation would be satisfied having a pass for? C'mon. We've not even solved the little stuff, Mr. Voice For A Varnished America preferring to be hypnotized into thinking nothing's our fault. Above the machinations of whichever conspiracy held sway over previous times. 
  Denial as demonstrated by that border wall our president wants, that would come to symbolize a vast sculptural representation of the façade that our people aren't responsible for what our governments, enterprises and people have ever done in maintaining the cultural instabilities that cause people to run from their homes. Technically running from the problem, just as Americans are. 
  Steadfastly behind no reparations takes advantage of "American citizens" who've been denied the deeper awareness of understanding what bigotry reduced us to and produced. It's not our fault generations took so long? But if not our responsibility, believe it or not, we're still part of the fault. Those cracks that divide a world that's really not separate at all.   
  Can't face the future without facing the past. Hasn't and won't be done. 

     Prison sucks, right? That people end up there is a demonstrable tragedy. Beats all that there's just never enough time to work out a better way. Or money to afford a better style. Where indifference and violence tilt the atrocity's scales is a blindness to the ramifications of what it means to have people treated so poorly. At fault or not. 
     Of course we all want to kiss justice and hold it dear and have it touch everything around us to keep right. Yep. Life's spooky. The normal can at any moment vaporize when at wits' end sans solution. 
Well. Navalny has allergic reaction while under Russian Government Custody.
     Huh. Imagine that. See the digital world where nothing can really be blamed on individuals has always been a part of life the modern age has now streamlined. Yes, apparently we're all disengaged on this somewhat long slide of lost individuality. How far down it goes, we know but up's through the roof.
     And people are still being shot for no other reason than shooting. It's not about why but indicative of how callous life is that these people can be so rubbed raw they act out in utterly desperate perverted ways. There's no honor in taking another's life. The upside down people are responsible for the calamities while we're responsible there's a mess. 
Never Before? Right. Like Every Day Opportunity Eludes Vision
    Issues seemingly cross the public brow like shooting stars, and happiness is knowing that, at least, this time, you're out of the way. The random out there-ness aspect, the public can't touch but is designed to reflect as progenitor. Sleight of hand political persuasion people are so numb to, even, especially, the screamers feel a part when everyone's just parcels
  How powerful you are in the public eye is hardly near as prestigious as the prominently placed two, pictured here -  
Venture a guess at how much? Or are we all just so flabbergasted by what would otherwise be labelled vainglorious gall, depicting upstanding righteous Americanism. Guess if you're going to hitch to a wagon, bandwagons have longer legs, so to speak. Mean as we have to be is why we're where we are, as formally explained in wonderfully woven historical masterpieces. All The King's Men. For formal display. 
  The planet's fossil fuel fleet needs to transition now and should have been common sense for decades. A president shrugging and hedging and hawing is not a country's executive but someone watching out for the interests of business shortcuts that have a bad history of not working out quite so well in the long run despite short-term rewards. Forget global warming. The planet shouldn't be this messed up anyway. No shame. None. 
Eventually if your eyes can't leave the train wreck you're past the mountain's ledge.
The Soapbox View Satirical Twispursues the Twin Legacies 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Supposed KREMLIN Foe Literally Invites EVERYONE In To Have Fun Feeling Liberated

  We’re getting there. Where? Who hardly knows but, socially, we’re moving. As much change isn’t agreed on, is dramatic evidence of our emergeing from the Modern Dark Ages. Monday, in a country where many expect more free-speech repression, recently inconvenienced by the legal process, recognized free-speech blogger and anti corruption activist,Aleksei Navalny, entertained fans and government representatives by creating a theatrical experience out of discovering his office bugged with a listening device by who? Or is it by whom?
  The New York Times title, Kremlin Critic Debugs Office. Tweets About It., By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ, shows video of the wiretap device found, after arriving for work, with the help of a wiretap detector provided by a colleague. The Times correspondent described it as a scene out of the cloak and dagger days of the Soviet Union, except Mr. Navalny proceeded to describe the entire affair in real time to his 274,271 followers on Twitter and post a video about the discovery on his blog. About the photograph of a device hidden behind the baseboard in his office, Mr. Navalny asked, “Experts, what is this?”
  But – Not content with just involving his online experts, Mr. Navalny apparently summoned the authorities. Twelve police officers arrived along with wiretap experts who, Mr. Navalny reported, determined the device was in fact equipped with a microphone and they also discovered a hidden video camera.
  The police dusted for prints and wrote up a report. Uh huh.
Ksenia Sobchak, pop celebrity turned alleged government opponent, said in an apparently sarcastic Twitter remark, “Shocker! Navalny’s being listened to? I’d never have thought.”
  The hijinks is brilliant theater and might just be the best possible reaction foreveryone’s benefit as last week Mr. Navalny was charged with embezzlement and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. Such an outcome, as MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ’s colleague Ellen Barry reported, would signal a sharp escalation in President Vladimir V. Putin’s efforts to defang Russia’s opposition. Mr. Navalny was previously the target of an investigation into the same embezzlement case, but investigators dropped it in the spring saying they found no evidence of wrongdoing.
  So far, as this current example demonstrates, Mr. Navalny has tended to make light of his situation, taking frequent jabs at the authorities in the domain where he is strongest: social media.
  In a video later posted to his blog, Mr. Navalny said he and his colleagues, whom he described as “paranoid,” had decided to check for bugs in his office “for the fun of it.” And, “Honestly,” he said, “I thought they’d hide them better.”
  Exactly. With all the technological resources at hand for anyone with a few dimes or kopecks to rub together, it’s not necessary for spies to plant devises on a premises unless there’s a message to be had when the device is found. And that’s this – Welcome To The Machine – there’s nothing to fight about when the ruthless insist on their way.
  8But, as Mr. Navalny portrayed, it’s time the ruthless came out to play, and not with us, but amongst us, because this very well could be The Brand New Day.
George. November 30, 2018
Supposed KREMLIN Foe Literally Invites EVERYONE In To Have Fun Feeling Liberated
8/8/2012: But, as Mr. Navalny portrayed, it’s time the ruthless came out to play, and not with us, but amongst us, because this very well could be The Brand New Day.
November 1 - December 11, 2018
November 6, 2018
An All-Out Soapbox Rant
  So on November 6th, posting something, concerning The Mid-Term Election, to Facebook groups, I was restricted from even commenting on other pages till that Friday after posting this comment - The American contrived political drama's nowhere near facing Judgement as it's portrayed. Egocentric Balderdash. The shame. The shame. 
- along with an image from The Soapbox View page. While the expression of my view seems relatively extreme, I believe there's at least an element of accuracy to the statement. It is assumable that complaints have either come from not actually reading, or politically motivated contestants that had gotten me algorithmically listed for reflexive curtailment. As when I'd gotten back on FB, a whole week later, I'd been restricted 10 more, additional, different times all ending on the following Tuesday. Glitchy? Perhaps?
  Never has The Soapbox View fashioned itself as any kind of news presentation as the site's content's are specifically opinionated editorial satire that in no way portends to be the news. Contrived, false and or otherwise. That Facebook can't actually notice happenings beneath the $ radar is entirely fascinating unless Free Speech's obfuscation wears on your soul? Perhaps manipulating and exploiting our politically sycophantic destinies has only just begun? 
  Wisconsin voted out their staunch pretend disciplinarian and Texas renewed theirs. Florida and Georgia renewed. Mississippi renewed, adding Presidential luster to the affair. Virtually the same as it ever was. Wisconsin's embellished conservatives cut the new "liberal" governor's power off at the knees. Because of that big bug-a-boo Welfare their group originally broke with restrictions and then spent decades claiming they're rehabilitating what's broken they'd refused to fix from the beginning. Part-time jobs and planned transitions should have been at the beginning but the actual legacy is scapegoating the symptom for all the fault. History is punishing poverty and ignoring the working poor's value was Welfare's Opposition's original intent. Straighten your ties and remain above criticism. Our hypocritical world's reasons for negatively connoting the word "liberal" is, by and large, bs². 
  For such a critical mid-term election, the sudden reflection in the rearview didn't quite fully take. Mississippi had a full fledged runoff vote favoring redneck tradition. As if life's been for all intents and purposes cut in half. Believe it. The biggest scam going, beyond presidents' infallibility, etc., is Kentucky's Senator Mitch McConnell's really having the interests of the American people at heart that he perpetually repeats. A sanctimonious of ruthlessness thrown on the backs of aborted babies whose burdens are of a greater illegitimate neglect far deeper than a woman's right to choose. Moral? Two wrongs don't make a right. 
  And yet, I've not gone off subject. Not when my entire point's been that crafting the reach of American opinion's molded to shrug off ruthlessness as the patriotic price resulting in detrimental sycophantism. The election started to look as if it was going through the motions till a Team Enhanced Supreme Court might again decide. Hope only withers till it dies. How can the Democrats pointlessly conspire to spend all that money was a rallying cry that apparently points out an avoidance of the premise behind economic circulation. Why there's so much concern that guns retain market value. God forbid? Of course unhinged shootings scar our lives. But the actions of commanding the public stage with a relentless fog's fairly clear. We're up the creek unless the relentless sycophantic din subsides.
  Presidents, perhaps, as the first, George Washington, and others, warned, get confused into seeing themselves as kings rather than performing the tantamount duties of an office. But the present president isn't confused as to what's muddled by public discourse being brought to its' knees when the last thing needed is confusion. 
  So nothing's officially public, that, after a fashion, the realm of contemporarily trained thought is either overly intellectualized or a resentment of that possibility? Aren't we proud to be so simple? 
  Story - I never talk in an elevator but a young person got on with, perhaps, his parents of, near enough, my age. Perhaps there'd been a glimmer to his eyes before saying, "so you don't like Ruth Bader Ginsburg?" That was immediately responded to with she's "a thousand years old" yada yada. I simmered. Maybe the young guy could have been amused by my starting to boil. And it happened that the comment couldn't go unremarked upon. So as their group exited, I said, "A lot of things are a thousand years old, dude." Was the symbolism lost by not instigating interaction? If only that meant the power trip was gotten off. 
  "Listen to us." The congressional quagmire will be solved by getting along with the same enticing authoritarian tendencies that chained the past. All in order to beat a ruthless enemy humanity wrought. Because one thing about history repeating itself is repetitions get worse. 
  Bad word all the time - IMPUNITY. Pity, militarism's perpetual and this is Google's definition - mil·i·ta·rism /ˈmilədəˌrizəm/ noun, DEROGATORY
  1. the belief or desire of a government or people that a country should maintain a strong military capability and be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interests.
completely avoiding the impact of isms' connotations. And, thinking further, here, Google again has an over-polished approach while just citing fascism's most repressive role. - ism /ˈizəm/ noun, INFORMALDEROGATORY
  1. a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.

    "of all the isms, fascism is the most repressive"
  Right. Think positive with little negative hindrances except for citing both as DEROGATORY. So around an 8.75 on denial's relevance scale? Gone is some sense institutions are as close to functional wherever possible, as the potential for twisting anything's never seemed as clear. Hugely so? As if everything's become a joke? Still, brand new day and a realistic pessimistic assessment's as necessary as H2O.
Best US Supreme Court Selection Ever 
Results are Ramifications
  Held to account for things actually said is a rather worn-out, and old, suggested phenomena to politicians. And history is molding historic perception to acceptable levels of propriety leaving out the uncomfortable parts that're easier un-faced when blaming everything on other people's faults. Good grief. That'll be the day. 
Life's A Servant Class
  Back when everything was landlines, the bike courier said into the wall phone, "I'm in the Waldorf. And the recipient doesn't answer the number you gave me. Plus the Package Room says she's not registered under her name, Delta Blair." 
  The courier scratched his head. "No sir. If she's not here. Or you don't find her somewhere else? I'm supposed to bring this back to you. 
  "You're not in the city anymore? You gave me this package in your bathrobe. Is there a doorman next door I could bother?/" 
  A second suit gave the why aren't you gone yet look.
  "Yes sir. Twenty-five an hour to stay here. You don't think it'll be tomorrow?
  "I understand it's important. Yes sir. Okay. If I just search Delta Blair, her photo will bounce off the Internet at me. 
  "Okay. Twenty-five an hour. I'll wait." 
  Looked at peculiarly, the bike courier explained his task to the Front Desk. If she'd been registered under a name the sender knew, the hotel could have stored their package. The courier took a sip of water and ate the sandwich his wife always made sure he had. And sat for a while.
  Then walked a bit on the 50th Street side past the Apartments' swanky Entrance, 
by the Loading Dock where the luxuries are shipped in.