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Friday, April 12, 2013

What Appears to be Politics is, after all, Just The Politics Of Appearance?

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, 1979-1990rode a logical political wave that changed the confiscatory capitalization of socialism that gripped Great Britain. Doesn't take a fool to see The Beatles paying taxes somewhere else is a problem.

Her death drew depictions of her as an innovative personality from the major news sourcesand she was most certainly a major figure-head. But its sound to question mass-marketed points-of-view.
Where the convenient message shields the abstractions from scrutiny. 

Or Change Masks?
No duh, taking from the rich to give to the poor was fictional fantasy. Too bad financial circulation, Ms. Thatcher helped release, is tied-up in astronomical operating costs that preclude a more complete circulation British Socialists might have had in mind. In our age it's hard imagining a better world is where the state is ingrained in your life. But its worth remembering something had to be done and social advancement spurred capitalism on. 
Times change but not how cultural memory is manipulated. 


Is it possible Kim Jong-un doesn't understand the 

The syncopated chant of democracy, set on continual chime, may be why North Korea is confused anyone should even care to attack them. Certainly, except for swagger, on the surface, Kim Jong-un isn't a mad idiot and held hostage to their elite cluelessness how to honorably prosper outside state capitalism. 
The Daily Squib
The Google guy and Dennis Rodman were floated as olive branches and somehow, some way, the North Korean Military Industrial Complex has to understand what they've seen. Or after grand-dad's birthday celebration still won't really be time to let the Bamboo Curtain rise? 
A while back, you know, last Spring/Summer when Kim Jung-un just came into his own, some hope was put into this idea that he was exclusively schooled in Switzerland. Apparently elitism isn't the problem? 

Maggie, as I had never referred to her, in part staked her flag-waving credentials on refusing to let a military regime take the Malvinas Islands. So maybe what Kim has learned is the importance of militarized nationalism conveys token justification for treating public diplomacy as if it were the chest-thumping of professional wrestling.  



Last Sunday's Meet The Press featured MSNBC's Jim Cramer, of Mad Moneysmiling the advice 60,000 pipeline jobs for $60,000 a year would heal big business' momentum so America's smaller fry might thereby get better slices of the pie. Courageous call, huh? Mr. Cramer said depend on big business. When after over forty years of solar panels and the investment community complaint is there's not enough money in it, we're either corrupt or lacking financial imagination and most probably both. Money shouldn't disappear so buying Arab oil shouldn't matter. But since, of course, money rules its best we muck up the country-side for financial leverage when we're really supposed to already be too smart for this world's current levels of pollution. No?
They accomplished more than just a contribution to the expansion of the Charitable Industrial Complex? 
  _ __ __ __ _

360° Google Map viewed the home I was raised in. The tip of the desegregation monument is lower left. I recognize all the trees. Even those, still sorely missed, that once lined the avenue, like a canopy, until destroyed for the widened highway in the mid-1960s. I am ever so grateful to see these trees preserved.

Friday, June 29, 2012

ABC News Worthily Names Kirk Douglas Person Of Week

  ABC NEWS concluded the workweek on a happy note citing the Hollywood actor Kirk Douglas for contributing to Helping to Break Blacklist in 1960, by starring as Spartacus. A role all these years later, he’s now most proud of. Douglas, 95, though shaky from surviving a stroke, was more than eager to reveal a story he waited decades to tell when news anchor David Muir visited his home to film the interview. Mr. Muir’s narration described 1950s Hollywood as consumed by the communist blacklist. Writers, producers and actors were called before Congress amid rational and irrational fear of Communists. Mentioning names was enough to end a career and in some cases it can be construed that the commie label was manipulated to stifle competition from noncommunists who were union members.
  Douglas told ABC News, “It was the worst time in Hollywood. Everybody told me I was crazy.” Because as a producer of “Spartacus” Douglas put his own career on the line hiring a writer on the blacklist. Dalton Trumbo, author of the novel, Johnny Got His Gun.
  Trumbo had been hiding in Hollywood under an assumed name and ABC’s report showed Trumbo’s wife, Cleo, remembering the warnings. Saying people told Douglas, “If you do it you’ll never work in this town again. You will be declared a Communist.” But Douglas hired Dalton Trumbo anyway, and “Spartacus” became the top movie even President Kennedy went to see. The movie was box-office and so instrumental in breaking the blacklist. 
  And today ABC made their own small contribution.
February 10 - March 21, 2017
6/29/2012 concluded: Trumbo had been hiding in Hollywood under an assumed name and ABC’s report showed Trumbo’s wife, Cleo, remembering the warnings. Saying people told Douglas, “If you do it you’ll never work in this town again. You will be declared a Communist.” But Douglas hired Dalton Trumbo anyway, and “Spartacus” became the top movie even President Kennedy went to see. The movie was box-office and so instrumental in breaking the blacklist.

And today ABC made their own small contribution.
Person Of The Week, ABC, June 29, 2012

  Wow. Let Dalton Trumbo and Roy Cohn rest can be said. The twists and turns of their eras vs. now, don't curve how they did for them and, only seem just as twisted?
  This book, pictured left, Dalton Trumbo's 1939 parody of war's results is what he should be more known for than is. ...
War's tragic reality laid bare. The purposeful mayhem shattered by its' logic's futility. No matter how heroic our patriotisms are, when life's sacrificed, some unfairly 
corrupt things are, at the core, involved after all. That should be dealt with, rather than sacrificing futures for ruthless wisdom's glory. 
  The articles, linked under this paragraph, describe the contention Kirk Douglas assumed a, not completely accurate, mantle of glorification for standing up to the 1950's Communist Blacklist. But bottom line. It was in popular commercial culture that Mr. Douglas stood up to the ostracization. Of course Otto Preminger's Exodus, released the same year, included Mr. Trumbo's name. But Kirk Douglas was a star and the business is stars. Imagine how so much life's shaped by shading truth. Darn right, Kirk Douglas should have been the star of breaking that corrupt blacklist.
  But, I suggest seeing the following articles for fuller explanations. The tag Paul Harvey coined "The Rest Of The Story." 

The Atlantic - July 5, 2012
How Kirk Douglas Overstated His Role in Breaking the Hollywood Blacklist 

Deadline Hollywood - November 19, 2015
Kirk Douglas On ‘Trumbo’: “I Was Threatened That Using A Blacklisted Writer Would End My Career” 

Los Angeles Times - November 5, 2015
Trumbo sisters took part in telling the story 
of their Communist Party member father 

Howard Fast broke the blacklist, marketing himself. branded 
John Wayne Speaks For Himself
Amazon sold novel out?
              capitalist socialist?                 "distract people all the time"

Los Angeles Times July 1, 1989

Death of I.F. Stone, 'Conscience of Investigative Journalism'

Izzy's credit for launching successful campaign to abolish the old House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).

  Based on a little noticed U.S. Supreme Court decision (Watkins vs. U.S.) at that time, where Chief Justice Earl Warren pointedly asked, "Who can define the meaning of Un-American activities?", the Weekly devoted an issue on the HUAC question and Izzy was on the phone to friends all over the nation, including the writer, insisting that not another day be lost. -
Everyone pays a price for naiveté and some more than others.

  To heroically walk on others is grandstanding. Therefore not the best legacy despite engaging mandates support. Pragmatic calls for distasteful compromise. While pragmatism yearns distaste's end. ...
  Anyway, so. There it is. What can be said, can be dismissed. Understood, confused. Rehearsed, manipulated. Coerced, finagled. Power is leverage is power, period. What's meant by life not being fair. Reality's reality. Facts are hard. Responsibility, the dogged one. 
Finished 2nd reading of The Autobiography of Roy Cohn
A likable pugnacious portrait written by Sidney Zion.
And multilayered American Pie - 
the novel's time @ 39 East 68
  Sense life's dancing on graves. The compelling narrative. This led to that. Then. Esoteric
  Even nuance misses. Though the clarity of assessment's disputable in this video, left. (And this essay, I presume.) Some fairly reasonable perspective is explained. The You Tube page's comments cover reactions to this Patrick Wanis 2016 film, George Orwell's 1984 Predicted Donald Trump & Alternative Facts.

  Speculation's everyone's wrong more than anyone's right. Theories soar toward evaporation. Whipping past at phenomenal speed. If head over heels concern for "enemies of the people" is recited by a claimant not to read? Who could hardly be expected to have, at least, listened, really, when a teacher happened to review Ibsen within earshot. Signaling nothing more than the exploitation of the nation's, and world's, sycophantic drift. Meaning demolishing intellectuals is no intellectual affair. Power and leverage can't stop to think. Just expound, pound and compound. 
  When jargon's the complete sentences. Dialogue's gagged as if hammered. Theoretically, then, it's contend-ablethe present Stalinesque-ian environment's so caked in celebrity, charade's the crux of not facing shame. 
  So, in our presently embellished politically cultural context, why not address the projected increase, in military spending, as reminiscent of Ronald Reagan's patriotically enshrined standing down of an already disabled, crumbling Soviet Empire? As an ideal? State capitalism wasn't a real political threat anymore. And both's bloated exploitations of patriotism were so much smoke, mirrored sycophantism became marks of sophistication. Trending
  Now, entering Spring 2017, as announced earlier, our president, who's spoken against telegraphing intentions to enemies, exhibited no problem alerting the Military Industrial Complex to increased spending's "come again." ... "Great again." 
  Which brings to mind my poor student's belief, at the time, that President Reagan could have lied and spent the money elsewhere. Guaranteed the Soviet's Military Industrial Complex couldn't stop any more than ours.  ... But there's more to patriotism than exploiting loyalty's central theme. Except awareness trends, and momentum's carried away. Just as cents on the dollar grinds wealth, wilting fortune away. We're our own worst ruthless enemies holds true every which-a-way.
Smug's the word of disgust for today. 
  Calling the same, change, is the kicker. So, by all means, resume. Re-invigorate the cultural war. The custom whereby everyone's nearly enough enemies to be under suspicion. After all, short term? Presidents are excused. But all ruthlessness, as pragmatic as it might be, is just the same shallow jargon. Man. Independence. Kafka just glimpsed the tip of the corporation/government, conspiracy of individuals, bureaucratic nightmare.     
  Yes things are portrayed as being handled in a somewhat open manner. Holding forth in constant, entertainment, promotion mode that deflects any skeptical response to the vast injustices of the ruthless Criminal Enterprise System. Better system? Sir, your serotonin's out of your mind. 
  Painful, what's panned out. An authoritarian outlook on eliminating chemical use. Using misshapenly defined cultural war as substitute for dialogue in political exchange. For good or bad a reality. The grand diatribe of jargon people are trapped by. Strapped into intolerant political views and told its moral. Balderdash. Fostering festering crime's the business. Eliminating an aspect of life you disrespect is not jurisprudence but the law for the state at the detriment to the population. End the Criminal Enterprise System
  The Soapbox View was started with the hope that any political persuasion could read and think for themselves. Satire sliced Slant. However, on the big screen, arrogant vitriol's trending. 
  So noticing what the polishers of public imagery suggest, the State of the Union address talked about issues. What's obvious is everything's, as usual, just mentioned. Just more polish. The peanut gallery chose the response - "Ooo-ooo."
Jingoism's out of its shell. 
When the true face of ruthlessness rules with impunity
  This is a timely, relevant overview of Russian/American cultural history in -

The New York Times

Angels and Demons in the Cold War and Today 

Stephen Boykewich

Friday, June 27, 2014


1. Cultural Loyalty is noble and not just a civil obligation. 2. People can identify their patriotism reaching their very souls. 3. Which is why international dispute is not about - who's wrong? 4. But whether ruthlessness is rendered impossible?  

Centuries of diplomatic contest ironed out nations' differences so that theoretically now there are only remnants of rivalries festering in romantic violence in the 21ST Century. Civilized peace and tranquility shattered by hard heartedness? Diplomacy reigns opposing cold calculated zealotryJingoism or Responsible Pride? Leadership perhaps incapable of laughing at themselves? 

O.K. Corral sycophants? Torn nations' wrath? 
Humanity's up to our necks as reasons nation-states enforce character they can't afford? Support the Law!
Cue the band, "Do do what you tell me.""Come on?" 
However, Rebellious Individualism? 

A Person's Sanctity? Do not preclude the honor of citizenship. This past Spring I was privileged to serve a day of United States Federal District Court jury duty. A corralled experience that contradicted my feeling of complete independence. But it's marvelous watching the justice system's impressive apparatus of checks and balances impanel juries. An assembly line of respectful procedure requiring potential jurors have their moment on stage. Seated in the jury box where what you say can and is used to somewhat figure you out. I remembered being nervous questioned by two prior judges in other jurisdictions. Because this last time was a large jury pool and jurors were selected long before my scheduled interrogation. Which was an absolute relief for my preference not to judge. But our supervisor even said where'd they be if they "only considered volunteers?" 

As cordial a process as could be hoped, sitting in the gallery under the gaze of judges' portraits one hopes could close their doors to corruption. Not sacrifice honor. So? Serious scary business, profit and crime. No doubt people need more innocent incentive not to come into contact with direct supervision from the law. There has to be no sense of holiday in criminality? People can't be in their right minds to break the law? The law could be broken less without authoritarianism which is not civilized. Now is it? Soapbox View 

So? Pressed at this time of year for an expression of pride in my country the United States, what happened? What happened that such dignified judicial propriety has such a high price defendants' sentences are exaggerated when they don't agree to a plea? An eye for an eye court costs? Reality? Not that people aren't guilty, it's just people aren't more powerful than states or sufficiently motivated associations of individuals.
Protecting People is a State's Sovereignty
Justice Is A Heavy Responsibility

So. It is nice governments can patiently and magnanimously judge citizens' interests in courts of law. Because Power is an unwieldy, flexing, reality, and more often than not defense is just pushing back. The best advise of course is to negotiate from a position of power. Gosh wouldn't we all like that oomph at our back? 

Speaking of power, President Putin has shown patient reserve, after sanctions, letting momentum appear to swing, because momentum's always an issue. Especially in this contest over Ukraine and Russia's quest to memorialize their national vigor. A popularly honored world-wide theme, patriotism. Well? Winning is everything? And shame on churches precluding God's/Allah's judgement of mortal sin. Condemn not to not be condemned, I'd speculate. Because tolerance is the one value that shouldn't be overshadowed.

So it's hopeful Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s initially rejected amnesty had legs after all, huh? With more chess chest thrusts to go? Ukraine Signs Trade Agreement With European Union, The New York Times, June 27, 2014. Officials enjoy chess. For governments recent events have gone down downright swift. But whether fogs of conflict ever lift, the general mood of engagement and perpetual victimhood leaves a pallor of haze over everything all over the world. Rationality is symbolic compromise offsetting financial sanctions against Russia. Negotiate. Why Crimea was taken swiftly as an important piece on the board. Sure. It's all about national pride until the money's sliced. Shrewd operation. Good business. But what would be nice, President Putin? Is an independent objective judicial system. True, nothing comes between the business of nation-states. Putin Presses Extension of Cease-Fire in UkraineThe New York Times, June 24, 2014, by Neil MacFarquhar and Andrew Roth.
Litigation For Everybody!

If only a coin toss? Putin is Not a Nationalist, The Moscow Times,  June 24, 2014, by Andrei Tsygankov, highlights the president's blowing in the wind like any other politician. Exactly?

Who likes the sound of an independent Crimea as a solution? Crimea, the next Monaco?
Dr. Arnold S. Relman dies at 91. 
Health System Critic and twenty-three year editor of the New England Journal of MedicineFrom The New York Times ... On October 23, 1980, Dr. Relman, issued the clarion call that would resound through his career, assailing the American health care system as caring more about money than curing the sick. He called it a "new medical-industrial complex" - a deliberate analogy to president Dwight D. Eisenhower's warning about a "military industrial complex." ...  
According to The Times, Dr. Relman's prescription was a single taxpayer-supported insurance system, like Medicare, to replace hundreds of private, high-overhead insurance companies, which he called "parasites." To control costs, he advocated that doctors be paid a salary rather than a fee for each service performed.

Dr. Relman recognized that his recommendations for repairing the health care system might be politically impossible, but he insisted it was imperative to keep trying. ...
What might be true? Beyond speculation? Is we all lose when money doesn't circulate. It's a waste locking doctors' lives in financial treadmills. Of course they're smart and digest a lot to advise their patients. But that doesn't mean the system isn't backwards if doctors spend more time not quite being doctors than they're doctors. Sure. Doctors are shrewd and pursued magnificent things for financial incentive. But we're smarter than repetitive slogans and political branding? You'd think?
The Soapbox View Pursuing Twin Legacies 
Andy Rooney and I.F. Stone?_____________________


4. To Mideast Diplomacy Rendering Ruthlessness Impossible.