Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Uncensored Means Step Lightly, Watch, See Paying Attention Delivers

    For the moment not writing as losing Facebook and Xtwitter taunting me isn't something to face here. The issue's what wasn't wanted known faced when and anticipated not faced now. But life happens, we'll all see. Something. 

    GOOGLE after a couple of weeks uncensored me and notice below. I let Facebook get me. My whole Thomas Paine II censored theme still works because it doesn't matter. I know bastards have hounded me since before Am vs. Com class senior year and I called it all a joke.  Prove capitalism. Soviets can't swim out of wet paper bag etc. Plus Martin Marietta builds Disney World Monorail and never in Transportation business while dead young Walt would have met me a twice visitor of the Lake Buena Vista Preview Center. The New York Times? Three days of the Condor on line two tmrw, next day? If not big like Pentagon Papers, Watergate together then email newsletter essay like On The Road was read across country before published as discussed in essay. Times itself didn't get to speak at the end of Condor and if they can't for Condor II forgiving them is written in. Big Oil owns everything. Beat me. Done. History 101. No one owns it.

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