Monday, September 25, 2023

PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER *** "I am" - Called OUT @ AMERICA’S Home Plate *** ***

    So what the headline means is I've symbolically tied the pieces together to be seen where the countries, and world's, powers that be acting on historical forcers that developed their lives are no longer a thereat to me. I'm gone. Literally and figuratively in allowing my life to be seen as the total economic failure I designed to to be along with very powerful people's help. A lot of people, BEASTIE BOY, knew who I am, and about, when I RETURNED TO NEW YORK CITY!

Ithaca, NY's Cornell and me from September 24 -  ... and in what Americans need a clean slate AWAY FROM and NEW Foundation To FORGIVE 

OURSELVES of the burdens that've driven the best and worst of us, and ALL OUR GOOD FORTUNES under ground. ... ... ...