Monday, February 18, 2019

Satire Worth Wondering

Sep. 18, 2018 - ? ?, 2019
Editorialist Weighs Value Of Open Secrecy
Equal rights do not attack traditional values. Traditional values are less authentic without equal rights.
Dear Reader,
The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service was written to broaden society's commercial outlook. "Capitalism from the bottom up," becoming a catchphrase decades before this novel was figured out. Hank Greenway's noble capitalist, Moscow, adventure during 1991's Soviet August Coup
And this film, 
is, an hour reading, from chapters One and Four. Including the last, imagery laden, 24 minutes next to Roy Cohn's 39 East 68th Street townhouse. The first Tuesday following the 2016 November Presidential Election.
In Case Anyone’s Not Seen The
that continues Chapter IV, by Roy Cohn's 68th Street townhouse doorstep, the First Tuesday following the 2016 Presidential Election. Followed by my Summer of 2017 Sit-In, reading from inside 
The Mulberry Street Gang Exhibition 
49 East Houston Street, NYC
While this film
is from when Keegan Stephan asked me to speak in The Great Hall of Cooper Union. After screening the 1987 documentary, Fifth, Park and Madison, and before the bicycle advocacy panel discussion, there's a picture of Lake County, Florida Sheriff Willis V. McCall with three of the Groveland Four and word "Sheriff." Meaning face history. Through age 15, his house was a block from mine. His dog bit me when I was five-six, and all the older kids laughed hysterically when I cried screaming I'd sue. I was too young to know of track records. Just that he was Sheriff McCall. My mother, uncomfortably, received his next day call inquiring whether I was ok. 

In addition to this Historical Fiction,

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