Sunday, March 3, 2024


    That the debilitating factors in human history are reducible to Men's ignoring Jesus Christ, is Human History. The symbolism of caring for prostitutes and plainly being in people's faces meaning - you're doing it all wrong. Prostitution or prostitution in marriage is the only economic outlets and they're blamed for sin? MEN ARE IDIOTS FOR CENTURIES! Then improved a tad.

    Scapegoating Jews. Offense, Defense doesn't matter. Same holds true for all lines of racial separateness. Who're you people kidding? All the grievances and grudges of the world are exacted from the collateral damage in terms of profit and mobility. There's profit and the fortunes are faceless. Often called or thought of as patriotic labor, but in essence acting out the needs of a class without any inherent interest in ending war or even the deviantly brain-dribbled people shooting more innocent lives out from under us.