Friday, April 7, 2023

Those Not Facing Themselves

    People figure history down to the fact is what people throw away for their conveniences. The conspiracies of interactions require tolerations that pivot us through many cross-purposes, however right or wrong. I was raised to pocket trash till thrown away as my father asked my mother to tell me. (Elton John Sidebar: A tradition a Guy and Astronaut Genius generously kept paving in my path.) 

    The Giant MESS is on all of us and especially me. Absolutely last soul meant to sacrifice for our universes. And that, quite frankly, as the SOULLESS Big (America lapel-ed) Idiot relies upon to mean representing not bothering to differentiating anything means we're all easily replaced. Plus GOD damn me I face perpetually. Damning me? Believe me. Finding out I get to actually carry the cross and manifest carrying humanity's parted souls, never really occurred to me in that way. My mother the child you'll never get anywhere if you believe that. So. Figured out the meaning of Christ's sacrifice before meeting JK in my office at five. As my real family knows, it was really all about finding out what's wrong with all of us. 

    Pretending to be as popular as GOD, Military Idolatry, continues in the manifested WORLD WAR III in Ukraine, as well as elsewhere fighting relies on allowing the manipulators' surviving their internal feuding. So why don't we insure Ukraine keeps feeds us northern heathens again one more time, again and again and again ... because as anyone can tell you a reviving Ukraine doesn't need to waste Russian planted money on a Biden. Similar nonsense behind Dumpster Drones meeting with ill equipped informers structured on manufacturing nonsense motivates investigators to leave us criminals alone. Hence the look of photo-shop surrounding the loser needing sex with a porno star scenario for fulfillment. Yet America's shown the disgraced part of what our country's real forefathers and mothers saw in the Whitey motivations precisely defined two-faced. Not wanting history known is these losers belief anything's hidden from historical awareness. Lyndon Johnson, you bet. Threw himself on Vietnam because the Military Industrial Complex structured in HELL didn't intend to give up rule till spoiling the whole world reached completion in the selfish belief Apocalypse Now was meant to be all about how Hell or Heaven made a difference when extinguishing the soul was never GOD's purpose represented in Tucker Carlson present imaginary isn't that just swell hibernating in Maine pretending what he thinks isn't bound for what his sou's already imagined for him as a personal HELL. Maybe a phone call to the Kremlin might help. Desperation round there's been a confusion ever since, as I've explain, ruling became a tool for escaping after. You, Rupert, don't care, all your moves. I don't believe there's anywhere in the world I couldn't be arrested now where good people reside and the Mar-a-Lago Idiot pretends it's just a game he can deny as checkered because criminals bought up his Empire long before, boo hoo, he. Money every-which-away except community. For the secretive belief in the property of the just enough of us few. 

    GOD damned History of needing to rule UKRAINE for no other reason than idiots proper for no other reason than being confused. Why a Colonel Srilenko in a noel encapsulating what a ruler defines as his appeal means the holes are revealed. Powerful people don't want to let go for no other reason than not wanting to let go. That smirk, President Putin. Your move? Your goal? Mine, down below my defang getting the world past centuries of mediocrity. Your move? Picture this pho-op down below Vladimir. I can imagine how you're used too. But unravelling the idiocy not even the great Soviet-Russian could do. And you're a disgrace blaming Gorbachev for anything that was forced on him to comprise in the understood KGB belief their tyrannies structure could manage ruining both real capitalism and socialism too. You have money BE A BANK, or got to HELL. But think, no government is challenging you on this. Just an Elder Adult, who, as little kid his father would;dn't let me leave the table without understanding I'm in this to get everyone of this. A HERO IN ONE SECOND. We're living through HELL, now. See if you can be the pivoted KING/MASTER QUEEN propped on a throne. As you can see below, YOUR MOVE and well, I warned people not to think about ending the use of the bicycle in the commercial space and go to  if you need this PUBLIC BILLBOARD traced. Still your move, I imagine ...   

Here Below

Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise Syste

You know the representing Western Christian values is the real kicker.   

    The Warden at the Penitentiary Estate Mar-a-Lago, he sliced off to further distort the success for family members. Making it up in excess success as was the similar Hitler hysteria plan. Hitler formed by a father building the eccentricsought power over neighborhood kids paying war. look at him How is it not true of Hitler? Bogus _ss too. Thing is the crooks reteach other hand.What evidence doesn't any State have if they wanted to give it a shot.And capitalists said communists were defended against socialists needing capitalist cooperation and all a mess more people will have clues about as LESS NONSENSE RULES

    Your deals Allies of Rupert Murdoch's Friends Machines? Trust only who you trust to manipulate so far. See how far the scheme ripped through America designing the Stateless wonders unable two focus their loyalists on nothing other than tyrranies plain with firecrackers in North Korea. Perfect photo-op Globular Shining Big Oil Scheme. And why exactly did America need to see so brilliantly what undermined generations. How true, Hitler was manufactured and so the Mar-a-Lago Warden and who knows how many schemes devise the unnaturalness of a chemical-less advertisement for the money's owned by all the men. It wasn't precisely that prostitution as schemed to fit economic need was entirely wrong. Just that how the Mayflower Madam showed, that men always owned is the delusion from HELL THAT THE DUMPSTER and Friends epitomize all wrong. The end. Warden, taking out the trash is your duty as long as you stay to the prison ground you manufactured for yourself. Maybe a wall to protect the abused women separate from you. I'll ask. Hey Roger Stone Peacock Parade? You cook? Because the deliberate nightmare you two concocted to hide behind charades, eventually good people will feel was all just for show. That's right, can't get to first here anymore blaming JESUS CHRIST for men contriving the nonsense of whore to the deliberate satisfaction of meaningless selfishness. Ah scoreboard me,, judgement 0 so what. Ya'll ran and running much more's just wasting proper people's time as was the deliberate intention of armies learning to cooperate and generate the next war. The Luce Empire fabricated the China -Taiwan divide between megalomaniacs and frustrated the world continuing a capitalism circumventing the top to down below. Can't care what Nancy and Ronnie admitted. They lied here and the devastation really shows. But then small town here to Hollywood stars, the kids couldn't help but know. Maureen the older with her fun at the show and kids knew there were compromises with people bent on proper opportunity and proper prices be calculated from the show. Telephone prices define communication in financial terms of affordability and eventually FOX'S FRIENDS to o confused to apprehend anything but how good to know ancestors' sins can be faced. If only the ruthless found they're really history's worst ever known. I'm not in jail yet, the most direct words possible in GO TO HELL have been accused of you idiots feeling it best to not bother with my soap box stand all alone. Weak appearance, you'd think. Even the knight Sean can't face what he means to me. So for none of the idiots can. 

... mar-a-lago, your deal. Idiot. ... make believe you wouldn't have shot me with the chance. Imagine the racist Sheriff and Elizabeth tied themselves in knots not facing having to lose. GOD wins, abandoned souls lose. Fairly clear as many found through the books

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