Rogers Simon the co-owner of Elite Couriers, with Sunny, who both passed last decade, had clients who then became part of Breakaway Couriers' business. Their system had the two of them covering the dispatching of sending couriers every-which-away for the last hour of the business day. And clients could arrange what they need. Even at Lightspeed, where I started, the Great Hollywood Director Otto Preminger had a number to call me, as courier, if he died, and needed his personally distributed obituary fed the newspapers and media in general. 
    So Sunny and Rogers had this big space, in the middle of the entire office space, where the bicycle couriers, and few tru

    Not a broadly realized fact, but back in 1987 when I worked for Lightspeed and Mayor Koch announced the bike ban that led to 

    Riding around before the next day's demonstration, I'd planned to finally show up and see what the Bicycle Couriers worked up with Stephen Athineos representing us to THE PRESS and city and bicycling community in general. 
    And I'd wondered about a symbol, and there they were, in the outside dumpster downstairs, from Elite Couriers above. That oh no communist symbol color red. And enough of them already shredded to fit on any arm that would wear one and on my bicycle seat as I feel encumbered thinking with any jewelry on me. 
    So, showing up at the little park, across from the Fire Station

    I approximate we were about right here when I introduced myself to Dragan Ilic saying I verified with people that you were here the day before videotaping a lot of stuff and I could write a good film. I NEVER SAID I WANT TO GO FOR A RIDE PRETENDING I NEEDED TO BE AN ARTIST'S INTERN TO GET AHEAD IN THE ART WORLD. It's all art, manufactured and or otherwise, Mr. Dirctor. I told you. I warned you, and you laughed on the phone. Now live with people knowing how much more I planned to do with your original I wrote and edited from your quite good enough footage you laughed about not caring to preserve so The Battle of The Bike Ban in The Great Hall of Cooper Union is how I decided to preserve what Charles Komanoff and Keegan Stephan made possible. Abraham Lincoln shot you a 🙏 ...

WOW.  Event by Ben Murphy! Mr. Murphy's descriptions, to my understanding, are insightful. 
 This is cool. EVEN AFTER the film was, supposedly, bought and then went on to a DOUBLE BILL with no less than Louis Malle ... Well freak me out Murphy Brown !!! ... deliriously tripping over selves in the aisles ... 
    ... so dude, Dragan, I was told you were hospitalized over some heart thing and I sympathized. Went on ticking, huh? Well. Seems you're really not facing the meaning of the entire structure of the presentation in the first place. If you presented it as donated by the bicycle couriers all of whom I asked to donate their time to the film as I was as well and then you. You. Go on Yeah, I don't know. Okay. Let me see where this FACEBOOK presentation where I am privileged to have my name appear with Louis Malle's is. Do you realize his wife went on to do a strategic lampooning to the DUMPSTER YEARS on national television. Where was your head underground when opportunity knocked cha-thing? 


    A dissertation submitted to the Graduate Faculty in Psychology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The City University of New York, 2018. 

The Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management at NYU’s Wagner School explores challenges in transportation and infrastructure. 
----------------------------------------------In recognition of how much I appreciate the Bicycle Couriers of San Francisco's work.

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