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    Someone knew. Every hint doesn't slip past everyone. No matter what Mitch McConnell pretends not to tell. Roger Stone. Responsibility a token course. Babbling shaken off as out of public context. And while possible to traipse endlessly, in this vain. Connecting  cryptic accusations in hodge-podge innuendo. That's still nowhere near beginning to exacerbate, twist and exaggerate what's perpetrated in the name of consolidating power for consolidated power's sake. 

    Right. Essays ought to pursue sense. Not meander a convoluted, off-point, trail as one hopes voices don't succumb to in the public context. Yet, there it is. Talking heads stopped making sense generations back when the games' complexities required restrained reasoning. Crafting avoidance of the straight truth. Public Relations and Comedy Gold. Motives all-over-the-place so individuals can't identify trajectories' fissures and faults. Obliviously focused, identifying with Chanting Self-righteousness. Haunting history. Contemporary times, historical toy. Either MediaS, AcademiaS, or celebrated celebrity figureheads for specific reach, there's a vacuum through which political positions are just hints at which no one's responsible for. Like in this era of the modern digital company where the algorithms did it, and how do you hold anyone responsible for the mistake. Especially since . Announced polls aren't barometers. Just advertising to cross-check the vote. 

    DEBATE. The place where everyone's face is out, front and center, jargon's an unevolved steel ideological fortress. Pragmatic isn't accepting what doesn't work.  



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Politics shouldn't be religion, nor religion politics.

    The New Yorker ran the article, The Man Behind Critical Race Theory and posted it to Facebook themselves. I commented - Can't face the future without facing the past and facts.  - inciting 7 likes and 3 laughs.  
    _____ _______ responded - ok sure forever so people that did nothing should be blamed and finger pointed ha… 
    So I replied - And in being defensive, morality isn't defended. 
    So _____ _______ responded - nothing defensive … you treat people as they treat you and according to their character. Nothing wrong with learning the ugly parts of history … blaming for the past though does no good and will only incite racism. No one is born a persecutor or persecuted. That shouldn’t be taught.
    And I replied - Right. Hold tight to the whitewashing Coverup of American History. This don't blame us we're not responsible is just a veneer. What should be confronted here is centuries of mentalities that didn't respect the rights of all individuals. To now say facing that is persecution is denial. Deflected blame when this has nothing to do with blaming people personally. People grow up. That will happen sometime beyond this Dark Era of the Advanced Age.

The 39 East 68th Street Reading
Announced: The Daily Record - Charlottesville, Virginia
Book Review of
 ESTRANGED by Charles Lamar Phillips

Equal rights do not attack traditional values. Traditional values are less authentic without equal rights.
Dear Reader,
The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service was written to express "capitalism from the bottom up," becoming a catchphrase, even before Hank Greenway's noble Moscow adventure during 1991's Soviet August Coup
This film, 
is an hour reading from chapters One and Four. Including the last, imagery laden, 24 minutes next to Roy Cohn's 39 East 68th Street townhouse. The first Tuesday following the 2016 November Presidential Election.
In Case Anyone’s Not Seen The
Mulberry Street Gang Reading, it continues Chapter IV by Roy Cohn's front doorstep
Followed by the Summer of 2017 49 East Houston 
Mulberry Street Gang Exhibition Sit-In  
While this film
is from when Keegan Stephan and Charles Komanoff asked me to speak, introduce Fifth, Park and Madison, in The Great Hall of Cooper Union. In this film, after the 1987 documentary is screened and before the panel discussion, a picture appears of Lake County, Florida Sheriff Willis V. McCall with three of the Groveland Four and word "Sheriff." Meaning face history. Through age 15, his house was a block from mine. His dog bit me when I was five, and all the older kids laughed hysterically when I cried screaming I'd sue. I was too young to know of track records. Just that he was Sheriff McCall. My mother, uncomfortably, received his call the next day inquiring whether I was ok. 


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