Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dominoes Fall, Clack-ity Clack, Clack, Clack As Humanity Is In Utter Awe Of Inflation Deflating Our Economics

Long Live The Penny

Is it major that Canada officially discontinued production of their penny primarily because pennies cost more to make than they're worth? First, of course, it bends me out of shape whenever I hear or read how the penny has been rendered useless. Because however pragmatic it is that coins are less useful in the digital age, the reality still doesn't change that pennies represent one hundredth of one dollar and that's a value being lost. 
There was more dignity to money when the phrase "living on pennies" applied, rather than for those, it remains true for today, who're possibly, just barely, "surviving on pennies." The decline of the least of our money does not bode well when, needless to say, soon, nothing will be worth a nickel that people would accept three cents for. 

There'll be foreseen or even unforeseen calculations to come, and maybe even a master plan behind all our devaluing of money and losing the penny is just the beginning. One hundred dollar bills for everyone! The pennies' discontinuation makes pennies scarcer and inevitably more valuable than the deflated less than 1 cent they no longer supposedly represent. Certainly not the gold the coin was for most of us over fifty when we were children and the first coin I ever worked for was a penny. 

Seriously. That its cheaper not to mint pennies barely scratches the surface of our financial problems. Ignoring the penny is essentially just a shrug of our collective shoulders as it is, after all, just a penny. But believe me. If the day ever came that Canada announced they were re-minting pennies again, a good guess is that might sound best for all of us rather than less pennies for the unfortunate reduced to living without them. 

Just where is money going from here? It doesn't matter that the United States still subsidizes the penny. As Canada goes so goes America, and its all just smoke and mirrors anyway as what really matters is how we've allowed the penny to become virtually worthless when it is and always will be the first and last number involved in any exchange.
Any worth their weight mathematician could explain the rationality behind the uselessness of pennies, but I also doubt worthy mathematicians could explain how its better for us if pennies aren't valued at what they were intended to be worth. 

If money isn't make-believe we should stop pretending there isn't enough and make sure the penny is worth every red cent it is meant to be.