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No Respite From Molded Public Opinion Game

1995 Vitriolic Email from Provocative Mega-Celebrity ____ _______, co-starring TRAYVON MARTIN

  Noting here earlier that pity and sympathy should have a role in the thinking of everyone who has so far survived the Absolutely Tragic Trayvon Martin Case, tonight’s scheduled appearance by the defendent, Mr. Zimmerman, on The Sean Hannity Show is a disappointment from its’ obvious calculation as a preaching to the choir affair. As a life-long Republican it’s been my position to not honor the bogusly contrived decades-long conservative vs. liberal politically convenient clap-trap. 
  So for a moment, at least, put the tragedy aside and read this sidebar about the joke that’s continuously made out of American political opinion. 
  In 1995, before the World-Wide-Web came to dominate public use of the Internet, I was on the provider Prodigy platform and saw a notice from a Georgia radio personality announcing his exclusive Saturday night interview on, the cable channel, MSNBC, where he would interview the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, and Mr. Hannity was soliciting any questions people might want to ask. So I wrote out my spiel, first voiced in 1978 while talking to my liberal Russian History professor John Evans whose brother was conservative columnist Roland Evans of CNN’s Evans and Novak.
  I’d said the conservative movement seems to be developing more out of creating jobs for themselves rather than just because of the realistic complaint the press was overly liberal which was no doubt true to an extent. 
  So my submitted question, to Sean, recited how conservatism as presented as an anti-liberal point of view was slightly contrived by defining itself as opposite a liberalism that actually evolved from opposing insensitive state domination, in the form of George Bernard Shaw’s 19th Century Fabian Society, rather than the gibberish made of the idea by defining the public as slaves of the State that’s been conveniently exploited by both political parties for its’ simplicity as our political process has been too lazy to mature past this simple formula that they’ve rested in bed together with basically over a century so far. 
  So I watched on that Saturday night as Newt and Sean figuratively patted each other on the back for the solid half-hour show, literally telling each other how they were such good Americans without ever considering asking a submitted question by the audience as Sean had requested. So Monday morning at the office I fired off a slightly disrespectful e-mail of criticism for his obviously ignoring any audience opinion whatsoever, while being very specific that my being ignored was inconsequential. 
  Then, maybe an hour later, I received a form e-mail asking how much I enjoyed Sean’s Saturday night interview with the Speaker. So I rattled off an expanded diatribe again noting the least he could have done was ask something submitted by the audience as he’d supposedly requested at least through his, or a, staff. Sean, no doubt already aware he was on the fast-track to Fox stardom at that point, put me in my place by telling me if he ever came into contact with me he’d personally physically hurt me. 
  No doubt a joke but his e-mail was not comically worded. I spent a solid year listening to Sean’s radio show hoping he’d have an encounter with insight in some fashion and through the years every time I’ve tried again, if not subtly then overtly his theme is always not what the truth might be confronted as but what the public can be convinced to follow and not confront.
  Here’s other coverage of tonight’s event. The Huffington PostCBS NewsThe Blaze that gives credit for first covering this to Media Bistro’s tvnewser. The GrioThe Daily Beast.
  Through the years, and even since childhood, I’ve been abused either through slander or outright eye contact condemnation by racists in and from Central Florida, so I feel I can again conclude by saying Mr. Zimmerman still deserves pity because of a mindset that refuses feeling tarnished under any circumstances. So much so that the problem of ignoring a police instruction to avoid this entire affair is ignored as not an issue, but always harped on as to why the size of our criminal justice system’s incarceration rate is so high. So who’s really making a scapegoat of the defendant in this sad case?

No Respite From Game of Molded Public Opinion
7/18/2012 concluded: Through the years, and even since childhood, I’ve been abused either through slander or outright eye contact condemnation by racists in and from Central Florida, so I feel I can again conclude by saying Mr. Zimmerman still deserves pity because of a mindset that refuses feeling tarnished under any circumstances. So much so that the problem of ignoring a police instruction to avoid this entire affair is ignored as not an issue, but always harped on as to why the size of our criminal justice system’s incarceration rate is so high. So who’s really making a scapegoat of the defendant in this sad case?
January 5th - February 23rd, 2018
Where Has The Time Gone?
Conversing Clichés
  Hey. How ya doin? Sounds less dry than, How are you Mr. Hannity? Life's interesting I hope. How's things? I've never said before. But a friendly-enough expression, don't you think? Cut to the chase. 
  Scapegoats. Everyone's scapegoat is bigger than everyone else's. How the world's always sized itself up, no? Nothing's changed much from before, or even after, Medieval Times when the much more blatantly ruthless, supposedly carved out their stakes so much more unmercifully than today. The fashionably well-dressed of their eras too. Victim history, huh Mr. Hannity? Virtually nothing's changed. Shares, in many more cases, are spread so much further from the castle, that, no doubt, today's better off. Usually a campaign promise and evolving fact of life. (The New York Times Why 2017 Was the Best Year in Human History, Nicholas Kristof)
  Mr. Hannity, I'm not daff enough to believe I'll have your attention. But you just fit so snugly into that aspect of these essays' attempts to face issues of public personality, personably. I hope this one's more than whining about made friends and influenced enemies. That'd be a drag.  
  Speculating on the original, No Respite From Game Of Molded Public Opinion? I'd assume if you read any part of this, your glare's left through a fictitious door, or, with a no less unexpected, victory smile. Doesn't take a lawyer to know that, at even that point in your career, your threatened violence wasn't happening. The surreal digital world's some reality, huh? Though I guess I always realized an intern could have written under your name. Never mind?
  People don't say I tuned in anymore? Resumed consuming Sean Hannity enthusiasm, Tuesday, January 23rd with the 3:00 - 6:00 PM / AM 710 radio show. You relished repeating, "from a historian's perspective" for your, coincidental, special guest, Newt Gingrich, who turns out to be a regular. Who'd have guessed? Hm. Is there really such a thing as change if pontificating celebrities just endlessly repeat themselves? 
  Wednesday, January 24th, just caught your show's end and bragging about never attending a White House Correspondents' Dinner. Certainly a goal before this term's out? But, in the meantime, you can maybe get behind a Roger Ailes Shaking President Trump's Hand statue in the lobby? Arrogance rules? Yes, you know. We're all recognizing at least that much.
  A trusted advisor once noted how amazing your filling such long stretches of time is. Draining just thinking about it. Pining for the coming days of "Alexa, cover for me," are you? Pandora's Box is now open. With magnificent light show. For instance - 
  That book's bells and whistles debut was a soap opera, right? Takes a circus for attention to be lavished on one. Which does mean the scope of the American Public's View is intentionally narrowed to fit agendas. Reduced to a mirage of slandered innuendo. No, Mr. Hannity? Well, that assessment's close.
  That book could be subtitled Dueling Press Secretaries. Yeah, I see sitcom ... or a repeat. Power's above the fray? Still, though, to save face, both you and the president could come down from your pedestals for real good solid looks at yourselves, and all of us, beyond these self-idealist, abstract, declarations of whose type of patriotic zeal matters most. Balderdash. 
  Excuse me, Mr. Hannity. Got caught up in that Hannity exuberance and driven to extreme vocabulary.
  Your Facebook post described the economy as on an "absolute tear." And I was taken aback by the Hannity Staff's text of restrained slant and dry facts. But short and curt though, dissimilar to a full article's page. That gotcha game, that's taken the world and country by storm. 
  Like you care. But Madam Secretary was back, a month ago, and gone again, Sundays at 10 PM on CBS. Apparently not spectacular. "Anyway." It's fiction, yes. More liberal than accommodatingly conservative. But a Barney Miller for our sophisticated time. Seriously. I want you to understand why. There's more to life than puff. Boo. 
Mentioning’s Not Talking About
  Martin Luther King Jr. Day. January's federal holiday. Read Ibram X. Kendi's Sunday essay in The, uh huh, New York TimesThe Heartbeat of Racism is Denial. The getting to the heart of things admonishment. 
  So Monday, January 15th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I still wasn't feeling all that particularly sarcastic towards you. And as of February 20th, still not sufficiently amused. Watch -

  This film's from my attempt to broaden public Cold War perspective. An hour's reading from Chapters One and Four, of The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service, that's also shown on 8 Ball TVThe book was published February 4, 2014, before the previous Winter Olympics.
  Yes, Mr. Hannity. Time hardly passed between then and your skyrocket fame. While the game of framing the public's consciousness hasn't skipped a beat molding public opinion. Spread your eagle's wings a bit. Watch. The novel's a competent parody of the Cold War. The hour film has more pictures the last 24 minutes. Replace my voice, right? But, as you have, I was stuck putting myself out there to appear genuine. 
  Right. What's the deal with these pictures? You're not your clichés, are you Mr. Hannity? Are we?
  The State of the Union had that not just another speech quality. Carrying rhetorical flourish to amazing heights, we could say. - Treasonous glares - from Democrats mimicked Paul Ryan's stone face for President Obama's last. (Oh, no one's keeping score.) While the ritualistic genuflecting applause, per sentence, had that musty sense too. Where the gloss, of course, shadows the real intent that power can't sycophantically see. Can't simply see? 
  Also heard your "in town" schtick, to the tune of, for the ump-hundredths time, your and Newt's reminding each other you've been saints at the stake in the forefront of selectively posed political principles. Babbitt can't fix everything. Sure. Repetition's true as long as it whips up the troops. Good day, sir?
Owning What People Think
  Re-read original (daily) essay, and what's too convoluted still registers the point. A point? Yes. Something besides, and other than, puff. ... Repeating myself under stress?
  Hate seeing this essay end. #44 since readdressing began October 30th, 2015 with May 8th, 2012's Shark Tank. And 798 days till this January 5th, 2018 readdress. Maybe the anticipation's more than the actuality. So I still wish I wasn't done and there were more Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? ... Friday? questions to figure out. That answers filling space. 
  Not entirely expected. But #45 Larry King got Soapbox View home page top billing. With an assist though. 
Help Rohingya Refugees in Myanmar and Bangladesh
  The morning after the Florida school shootings, it's noticeable this fictional dialogue isn't "talking about" issues. Maybe the essay wends a way? I'll see. Nah. Appears forging new ground is necessary and now I, too, am trapped into going on and on. Oy vey
  How can there be balance when everything's extremes? The world's sophisticated mentalities are so splintered, obsessions are norms. 
  Platitudes and jargon was that 1st Speech, as most all unfortunately are. Ya know President Clinton started with solving the crisis of the "working poor." That's really the problem of why survival costs a fortune. No doubt?
  Must be a lot of pride in punishing the disadvantaged more? Right, bureaucracy wastes. Medical Care case in point. And free enterprise never met a bureaucracy it hasn't embraced. Wouldn't know issues decided on a case by case basis if it bit you. Pardon my grammar.
  Immigration and Gun Mental Health ... 
  CPAC. Drama requires a scorecard? Fiddlesticks. Postures and poses and everything's roses. ...
  One can't expect people to read on and on, yet I'll miss this repartee. Despite my inability to express you for yourself. If you were to read the discussions with the presidents, you'd notice the same impatience with the constrictions of political reality's sharpened veneer. Adieu
  ... And collusion? Whatever the details, it's faith in the divine right of kings unfortunately omnipresent here. 
  So, Mr. Hannity? Think things'll ever be gotten to the bottom of?
The Soapbox View pursues the Twin Legacies

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