Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Wednesday in November Criticism of 2012 Presidential Election Winner

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Again our split in half nation seems to not have led to violent revolution? We are civilized? 

Next, to be clear, whatever criticism I have of either of the two major party ticketmen, who ran for president, is basically the same. Choice crafted to appeal to how Americans are trained to think, is just the public relations game and Americans' fault more substance isn't required. From the convenient polished soundbite, "change," to big promises void of care for the little things that make a difference, it's all about what we're led to keep thinking. Election Night commentators, in isolating how minorities didn't budge enough in the Republican direction, pointed out messages had to be re-crafted. Nothing about breaking down this invisible wall that keeps Americans feeling separate but better is how we win. Why we deserve to be put in an equal place with our brethren.

Neither candidate really differed on the Detroit automotive industry bailout, except in the order in which the money was rearranged. However magnificent the automobile highway system is, there's not enough shame for how the transportation business frayed and subsidies were, and are, not balanced in the public's favor. 

"A long campaign is now over," President/President-elect Obama said last night. And, "relieve ourselves of dependence on foreign oil." Really? It really makes a difference where and how money travels this small world? American companies don't extract a slice selling foreign oil? In a geo-political sense, yes we don't want to be dependent on foreign oil when spigots are shut off. But to think our entrepreneurs don't have hands on a lot of the cash misses the point. America is now less strong financially, the same as most strapped countries throughout the world where untaxed cash is offshore. But that doesn't mean Americans don't have it. Why my opinion is that it's futile to tax the rich more. Despite any regulations, if there is a method of losing less and getting more it will be found. So, despite billions in publicity, that will circulate where God only knows, politicians don't change how business operates from the top where the bottom is just invited to participate by purchasing with money they're less and less likely to see worth anywhere near the same again. Another extension of corporate welfare where it's hard to place where change can begin. 

It does make a difference where and how money flows. But whether foreign or local aristocracies store the money doesn't matter. When banks made mistakes, American taxes bailed them out, shoring them up, without our ability to harness that wealth beyond the suits finding comfort. Americans of a certain class, who were basically stolen from for houses they were manipulated to not afford, weren't worthy to share in the bailout, described as a lack of confidence, that's still just one more facet of greed that is good when wealth circulates. This mess is bad and presidents shouldn't claim to fix what Americans should fix themselves.

Kids idolize presidents before seeing they're fallible men. Adults shouldn't fawn over them. Understand? As great as we want leaders to be, the mistake is, as always, that their lives are better. One luxurious meal is more than many children eat in a week(s). But why businesses spend millions on the right address to appear the opposite of weak. Face it. Anything less than the medical insurance plan Congress affords themselves, that can't be salvaged for the country, is b. s. Find some way to pay doctors and nurses properly and maybe the skimming of the medical industrial complex profits won't continue perverting medical care as it already has the economy. 

Whites dropped from 74% to 72% of the electorate so we're on notice something must be done to save our country from the others. Yet our tribe's chiefs have had casinos for quite a while already. And except for a guy who rarely opens his mouth, pseudo-caucasions dominate the highest court and it has been shown anything can be railroaded through our highest court if the political price is high enough.

You'd think in a country where silly mistakes, such as Hugo Chavez's banning golf, aren't made, where the rich are kept separate and made to resent the lower classes more by having their golf taken away, we'd have enacted a lot more solutions by now. But I can't blame the President for mislabeling himself a socialist that was done in part for the purpose of the all-out jousting our political culture is. Our collectively paying for police and fire protection happened a long time before our current president was elected. 

Anyway, I should really express what I don't like about President Obama and again it's also what his opponent projects. That All- American wholesome image that's hard to imagine facing down Middle Easterners to tell them the resentment you've nourished yourselves on all these many years has to be given a rest. When just this week The New York Times reported Palestinians broke out in riots when the Palestinian National Authority President Abbas was quoted sounding conciliatory and contrary to the Israeli hatred they've been reduced to their whole lives. And vice-versa. How are our Howdy-Doody characters going to put their foot down? Through another decades-long war where the poor suffer the most and elites profit where they can? Maybe what we need is for the real Howdy-Doody to stand up? And apologize, you dope.

Because every leader needs to appreciate satire too.

So, to all our futures becoming brighter.

Good luck.

 November 7, 2012
 Wisconsin's first openly gay Senator Baldwin