Friday, December 21, 2012

Politics Is A Wonderful Life?

Hopefully everyone enjoys the holidays enough not to be overly upset waiting for a new essay.
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I'd bet nowhere in the world are politics exactly what anyone wants. Today The New York Times led with N.R.A. Calls for Armed Guards in Schools to Deter Violence and Obama Selects Kerry for Secretary of State
Obligatory political theater? 

So according to RT Russian parliament approves ban on US adoption of Russian kids 

Which wraps everything up then? Huh? American and Russian governments Billing each other back and forth, virtually commercialized. Citizens second to the marketplace's control.  

No trust in the Russian people to forgive to end inherent corruption. Remember the perpetrators of the Soviet Coup? They were forgiven, and not prosecuted, for trying to turn the country back? Right, just retires taking a stab at the throne for the Party's honor. So it could be decided to just let the illegal issue of the coup go. Their days of thorough ruthless bastardism behind them, after all. It would be nice to see Russia's current commercial regimes take a more balanced pragmatic approach. 

Who's dreaming I'm fully awake for the only speculation that has a chance of coming true. Ya think the Duma will really pass a law straightening things out? That hardly happens anywhere. No, after the smoke clears culture makes of things what's not specifically designed no matter what the law believes. Token or not.
Retrieved From November 14th, 2012/Stephen Lap 
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Who, What, Why: Who first called it a 'fiscal cliff'? By Tom Geoghegan

Technically, I in no way whatsoever want the rich taxed more. Specifically when the presumably well-off are in a better position to make up for whatever less they're left with after taxed. They didn't get rich accepting fate. On this I agree with my fellow registered Republicans. Not so much that low or no taxes is a value to defend, but more because its a big waste of time. 

If everything would be right with the world if people were taxed eighteen percent, then that's how things should be. Not enough money in the Treasury? There never will be enough as long as money's value inflates deflating whatever we're all left with holding in our hands. 

That market was the lynchpin that brought the whole house of cards down. Oh sure. It's reasonable  to speculate on the fluctuation of the value of money. But that by no means, means anyone has anywhere near solved economics.
Of course I'd have never thought two essay days in a row would include two sets of pictures of the same subject on the same day. But somehow each image in their own way called out for representation. I hope it's not taken as being too obnoxious, on my part, as I want the use of two pictures to harken back to the eras of socialist-realism and Andy Warhol's use of templates.  


And finally. Ladies and gentlemen, three days late, Thomas  L. Friedman of The New York Times can speak for himself.
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