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My comment on a Player Piano Poston Kurt Vonnegut's Museum's FACEBOOK page. SCornell University touch of course. Sitting across the street last night for an hour remembering the time I lived two blocks up, and we met each other's eyes in that park and I illustrated everything in running because I'd just not read you yet, Mr. Vonnegut. And I'd so led myself to believe I could expect so much that's still so rewarding. Your inspiring wisdom helped win these for us too. This link for The Soapbox View inspired by both those wall chiseled names we both probably admired there together, apart, in Ithaca. Mr. Vonnegut ... 

The Happy Bob Day Award awarded The Soapbox View within this Bob Dylan Facebook Post

Racism, Dumpster this ... And Look what HAPPY BOB DYLAN Day brought - A Painting Across America - Not to supersede any politician's voice, but relieve ourselves of dead weight. - - - A huge complaint, one party rule's a tool. Try voicing complaints, this ballot.


And wishing everyone a nice time in the library - - - https://www.facebook.com/VonnegutLibrary

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