Leonard Lopate Captures QUEEN TRUMP DYNASTY Fakery: LIVE! NOT HOSTED BY STUPID Geraldo Rivera - Hated by Renowned AUTHOR: THE Kurt Vonnegut who repeats here, on my behalf, Screw all you using bastards!

Screw all you using bastards!

BIG-OIL RIDING ON THE POCKETS of UNIONISM STILL! !!! TRAPPING THE PRESIDENT IN DENIED CORRUPTIONS ___ I apologize, but former Senator Al Franken is a PUBLIC Celebrity Career that was sabotaged, and most specifically by a female NEW YORK Senator not named so she can maybe find a better face to put on it. 

    Because seriously! Even on the face what Al Franken was accused of was paltry at best. No one to come forward about how he was egged on? A complete exposure of the incident would have bothered to reveal more publicly than the "behind the scenes" ACTRESS who remain(S)ed so very offended. - - - I was at a table when an employee of a local NPR Radio Station looked at Mike Hammer and said "we now know someone, at our station, was set up." 

    KICK THEIR ___ES Ron Kuby! I read you defend Leonard Lopate, so I COULD TESTIFY to hearing that. While dumbfounded Mike Hammer couldn't even be turned toward to see why he was shut up. When I read ALL ABOUT the WALL STREET Party celebration over their successes destroying liberals? Joke's over as token friendship to cover for. The steam heard coming out of Hammer hearing my saying I asked for this meeting NOW I'm ready to face Mike to see about fixing things for him. Dug down in a trench, I found/find out!

So What Question, in his case, should AL FRANKEN like to ask the illustrious BACKSTABBING Woman Senator FOR UPSTATE, let's ruin the city for fun and money, NEW YORK? 


    Although a comment that didn't take in a NEW YORK TIMES FACEBOOK Post could mean BIG MONEY wants the PUBLIC to have no more time facing fate. You paid for and elected people to control the public forum. 

    No friends, I walk off. No wonder reading Paine felt wrong leading up to this. The question is how real were his friends too? I guess. I've grown to understand at least I don't have to care. Sue me R__ K___ I just don't give a ____. History's written whether departing or not you control the world bastard farts. Steam in your BILL GATES NO MONEY doesn't rise him above facing his own distorted confessions. Tortured ass soul aren't you? Sue me ___hole! Enoughpeople know what you far tingly depart from responsibility for on the free but fragmented internet you screw with for fun and profit still. Advertising ALCOHOL BILL GATES International JOKE! Stick that in your ELON MUSKETHEAD butt hole and face it! _rick!

NO! I don't curse. Jerks earned it. Haven't noticed polite has left generations of MEDIOCRITY tearing its down. DON'T be like the IDIOTS! 

META given notice shutting The Soapbox View FACEBOOK page down. Never know. Could be meaningless as the link for me to complain goes nowhere. But I've clearly shown they've catered to racists who hide with friendships. ANYWAY this is a NOTICE type thing.

The Fox News host speaks out as the singer, Taylor Swift faces intense criticism in right-wing circles. 
Retire with Rupert PINHEAD!
Sean Hannity Has Surprising Take On Taylor Swift Criticism
1995 Vitriolic Email from Provocative Mega-Celebrity ____ _______, co-starring TRAYVON MARTIN   Noting here earlier that pity ...
    So The Soapbox View numbers were 241 yesterday down 3000 from the day before that was near 5000 for the week. So as a histrionic charade to play with is in force maybe. Still I can stand in front of FOX and no one offers to beat my ___ or anything on behalf of Sean Hannity. Or wait here, "Sean is coming to beat your ___." None of the promise Sean made a generation and a half ago facing the MAN who told him your entire nonsense is full of crap you BIG PIECE OF RUPERT MURDOCH ____! 

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