David Brooks, The New York Times Columnist, Still Pretends Pretend Conservative Values Are Life Preservers

    At this point in history we are smart and capable. So when faced with setting our sights on the problems, and distinguishing solving from  embarrassment, we could lead ourselves in many stable directions. 

    What Mr. Brooks so capably delineates is the joker nonsense constructed across generations of American Lives because the revolutions of the past were tryingly pretended across the MASS Conscience for generations too long, Ross Douthat and David Brooks. Read them. Why should I quote them when they've been re-re-quoting themselves generations. 

    Mr. Brooks explains,  "If the 2024 election was Bernie Sanders versus Ron DeSantis, I’d support" whatever. Point is Bernie Sanders should be supervising the United States House of Representatives and Vermont elect someone else without  the effrontery to represent buffoonery as Mr. David Brooks continues to do in the face of his publicity as Mr. I know how to talk to the guys on the right side. Right. As the kids PROBABLY STILL SAY.


    The New York Post on record for 

incident cited below. PLUS - Go.com ,


New York , New York Magazine ,


The progressive-left mob has come for Daniel Penny

Oh yeah, as usual the distortion of a 

supposedly Republican mentality has 

marked an American Tragedy as some 

territory for misrepresenting their 

whole misshapen devaluing of everything

they stomp on claiming dear.

Little difference with the Penny (Daniel Penny) Person in New York City who is propped up, publicity-wise,  across media, saying matters were taken into his own hands to protect people. When in the reinforcing of his hold and the viciousness with which his eyes focused, it’s imaginable seeing the revenge for another White Man, imitating a Police Officer, having been held responsible for murdering George Floyd of Minnesota. !!! 


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