Engineering History

STOP Nostalgia For Predatory States

    Better off a few amateurs? Bandwagon that a few bars. Cuing one of the best things ever politician done. Mayor Bloomberg's banning of cigarette smoking inside public places. A liberation smokers even learned to appreciate. What civilized should mean. 

    Right. Sucking up because I need a job and, censored overly much on Facebook, need a straight job. There's possibility in offering Bloomberg Facebook contributions for 3-4 hours a day. Broken up over the 12 hour day or so. Only if necessary mornings. Experiment some at 10 PM. Anyway. Footsteps, Mr. Bloomberg

     Perhaps could send me to Ithaca for more research on the First Facebook Editor-in-Chief"Advertising Legend" JK Fraser. Also a business archive at a university in North Carolina, with notes and papers representing over 30, Blackman and Company, years at 10 East 33, New York City. 

Hopefully after Ms. Baderinwa signals my assault on the Palace, transparently through the Imperial Guard. No. Nothing's funny enough. Don't worry Mr. Bloomberg. I thought of it, but can't even lift you to throw you through that window. Health's suffered somewhat. Can't be attempting to jump on the metal box as I did to impress her last summer that the old man's not fallen apart yet. 
    But not like I didn't realize ruthless was an enemy understanding the symmetry with Thomas Paine's trajectory defying Parliament and The King. While Bill Ritter plays "Cali" Hessian Hire, working for KING GEORGE'S MONEY RULES EVERYTHING. Hey, Alice! Bill The Manipulated Toad! Alice? Alice? You left the Croaker behind! Get that behind GAS 8 Ball Off The Board. TOTALLY Bored With THE CRACKER!

    And other things importantly touch my heart. My parents watched me study history. I knew my father Malcolm worked for New York Telephone. But only recently learned, doing the heritage thing, he was an engineer exactly. Also hadn't told me he was a bicycle mechanic for a year before the 19th turned 20th Century. Man was there and saw. Said, "Big Oil pushed other methods out of the way." What the Industrialized Transportation System trippingly accomplished. Undermines the planet's role in the Universe. 

In this era? Oversight on steroids! Populating country with SUVs needing turned electric NOW, is official. Not enough, not enough. 

    Weather Experts honestly see it. The fast progression over the last decade. Bigger longer stronger storms. And hurricanes, into October and November, will eventually reach land soon, if preparing by occurring during those necessarily colder months now. Didn't use to. Reaching land, Coming Soon. Too.
    But wait. Maybe Florida's governor can clamp down on weather as with history, and we can all scapegoat Mortal LIFE the rest of the way off the universe. Kerplunk
    See, that's what The Scapegoat Artistry of PR has accomplished the last three to 5-6 generations. PUBLIC RELATIONS replacing objectivity and even historians as gaugers of What's Happening. We've bought and paid ourselves PRESTIGIOUSLY ENOUGH to ruin the planet's future. Expecting everyone else is blamed. When the fault's in individual mirrors. Touché. Amen. 
Obvious why Pretentious MALE Authority, who've revealed actual faces to me, over the last year, want me CENSORED. 
Thomas Paine would be proud. 

    Why not? Another effort to write off The 66th Street Shallow Soap Opera. Oh John O'Hara wherever you are? This painstaking squibbling, squabbling, corporate backstabbing, inherently excessive politically. Didn't enroll. I'm out but in. Games a stacked deck. Like taxes. Whatever's wrong'll be solved some day. We're Americans. 
    So Prince Gagged-Galahad said he'd "no idea who I was" outside that window for months? Wasn't near precisely explaining. His head flew up conveying the most audacious reaction to the absurdity, small people required relating. "I don't have to deal with this," ended his shallow contribution. Cue applause
"Nothing remains the same. All things must change in time." The Chambers Brothers 
    So we're here. Do we understand enough insights from yesterday? To get out from under the elitists. Elitist vanities proven sucked up into following, beyond that Pet Court Jester crowned President, what ROY COHN PREACHED - Never betray friends and allies. Meaning someone's screwed. Sad. Roger Stone is really the bigger joke. But amazingly enough, the bigger braggart carved a larger spot underlined President in Infamy
    Leave us alone Bill Dr. Armand Hammer LA-Acolyte RitterJune 7, 1987 Los Angeles TIMES  The Unfinished Business of Armand Hammer: After a Lifetime in the Public Eye, He Still Worries About His Place in History ... Article over a year before Malcolm Forbes said, "What if he (Dr. Hammer) already knows about you?" Knew Worries About His Place in History before the article. 

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