FACE ANYTHING TODAY? Or Are All The World's Brains STILL MANAGED Lumps of Clay?

    The question from HEAVEN, "have you paid your gas bill," probably means nothing like what humans have managed to have our heads around. Hurricanes in October and November will evolve, SO THE EVIDENCE is the path to the world's ruination is secure and promises to spend money right EVENTUALLY is a LYING FARCE! GAS POLLUTION INDUSTRY! ELON MUSK is a poster boy for defaming NIKOLAI TESLA's name. Affordable electric RITTERheads. 

    Celebrities have buffers to derision, and why the Court System protects my reaction to being lied about by you Vanity Corroded Bill Ritter! Lie more! Dr. Armand Hammer felt it made him cuter too! Getting away with things! I guess you stabbed me in the back to my face. Point for you.

     NEWS READERS all over, ACROSS, the United States describing, AND SELLING, your, our, whole gosh darn world's economy, as having a necessary need for the Gas POLLUTION Industry to solvently float the whole gosh darn world's economy. The word used in the BIBLE, and in the news, at times, the world over is - FOOLS! Take a tour before this washes out to sea.

    So our warning is your lives are barely influenced at all by the political calamities floating past the American Public's Visions. THE FACT The Dumpster still engages with the Public as minds to influence? MEANS bought off by the people selling war and killing, + the world's destruction, who're as endurable as the world's current BELIEF IT'S OKAY DESTROYING OURSELVES percolating on gas. 
    WATCH! Bill Ritter's suit still looks good beneath that useless, Prima-Donna (self-absorbed), brain! Told near half a year ago - it's satire and could be changed? Ritter chose stupid as hell! 

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