Max Gail Television History

    Among the greatest shows of all time and on ABC. Stars, Wojo? Heavy field vies for second. Of course Hal Linden was always polite with you. - - -
    Right away, in the article, the not too bright moniker from how do you describe to society the problem with living by labelling everything. Everyone through the Detective Squad Door had some baggage weighting them down and Wojo simply said, "Barn, I just want to understand." At any given time the smartest guy in the room. Any time. --- Truth is Captain Miller never showed a map of the precinct. 
    Perhaps meaning as National Television can, this resource can be for everyone. 
    Why Edward R. Murrow left CBS to try PBS.
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As I saw the show then, an island on the horizon when we start logically solving our sins. Blaming the police is scapegoating. Criminal? Scapegoating. Friends and, or, enemies. Scapegoating. Pretending to not be scapegoating? Scapegoating. 
Notice RACISMThe charm of the show? BLACK PEOPLE are NEVER the problem. Only as non-commercially constructed by sins some Americans believe mocking is a RIGHT. Well, go to ... 
AMERICA do you realize the same people who tell you corporations are equal to the rights of the individual are LIARS proclaiming the will of GOD without the guts to jail me for reminding AMERICA where the SUPREME COURT RIGHT's STUPID LOGIC belongs in Mar-a-Lago with their self-made American shameful histories. And they lied putting flags on hats on their HEAD! !!! 
EXPOSED undermining and strangling AMERICAN HISTORY. He, him, has to go.
YOU GOTTA GO. You don't know science and you're damn well not beating me at reminding AMERICA of OUR HISTORY! Idiot, sue me, claimed Presbyterian Republican.

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