No Surprise Idiots Prefer History Books Closed

Documented in Literature as A Confederacy of Dunces, would you believe a person acted out, Lord Buckley’s THE NAZZ, in front of me, without profiling any relevance to the “all for fear of hellfire?” I was supposed to tell the person what I understood on one listen, plus demon-stration. I told him, figuring things out as a person doesn’t happen like that. Some reading, another listen, could clarify why he acted out buffoonery? My independent isolation disgusted him, but what can I do? Lord Buckley never confused as I figured out, so, you know, illustrate. I sat there waiting for him to reveal anything his mind had worked out for itself, while he badgered me. Made sure he knew I’m a friend by having him check out Lord Buckley, for me, from the library. Sorry, friends come first, even in a Washington Post submission you’ll read later why I’ll accept being framed as mediocre if necessary. Washington Post has Editors.

So on page American Public Opinion Dress Down. Soulless posturing, unnecessarily, can’t face the proper pay ideal being undone. The very nature of circulation was, and still is, carved out from under us through generations. Pretending capitalism's for only heartless boys who’ve confused reality, keeping money's circulation to themselves. Indicating more than the fault being our inability to pay women a fair share. Illusory. So tragically far more than the tradition of devaluing women’s value, is the reason what works isn't working.  

Abused within a framework of non-idealists, or fabricated idealism, beliefs are designed around everything’s paramount importance in the designated right to abuse their framework of loyalties vs. other loyalties. As in The Big Idiot pretend(ed)s to rule in Roy Cohn’s scattered memory. Because loyal can beat ethics when misunderstood. The Big Idiot faked his grades his entire life. Even had the gaul to blame a Deep State after him. Kidding? Unfortunately not. Money’s fluctuation is meant for being best among real friends

Pinheaded financial tabulation. At least now there’s a complete figurehead of Dunderheaded Irresponsibility the whole world can fully have our minds around. A pinhead to place along beside mine, on history’s guillotine of responsibility. As this is my Submission to The Washington Post, published myself, as a Soapbox View, without waiting for, the explained later, Post’s response. Submitted to The Washington Post because it’s where Americans helped Americans face ourselves as best we could. Leaving a Washington Post mark in US Presidential disturbed History. 

Absolutely, John Dean Titan of American History. Absolutely the Watergate burglars were rooting around for much more than just how manipulating each other merely competed for their own, networked, personal truths. Also, bungling burglars? Can’t completely buy that. Cubans against Castro or something or other, all a charade. In the end look what we can get away with with the image of sacrificing for the country like that p____ Nixon. Idiots passed the imagery of personal power before responsibility along until even respecting an Idiot Running For President is acceptable

But hey, why the decision to no longer speculate on The Washington Post’s publishing this. Owned by Wall Street’s Amazonian Financial Titan after slicing up Literature for a Dumbed Down American Fate, this intended Washington Post essay becomes a Soapbox View after submission. For my suing from HERE. Complain I didn’t wait for approval. Edit out if there are the guts to print. Not that I don’t appreciate everyone at the Washington Post.

Money trails, right? I believe Bernstein and Woodward would have told anyone if they could. People hiding, hid so much more. Why Lyndon Johnson had to let Texas Oil Dripping Money plant him in politics, to do anything for the poor, then had to throw himself on the Vietnam Quagmire to divert the Idiots from manufacturing Racism Rules here forever too. A lot of BLACK AMERICA was sacrificed to the belief that not facing history’s racism is something for getting away with. I remember a gleam in a Black Man’s eye once, meaning BLACK PEOPLE went through a lot to keep me alive a block from where a Racist Ruled. Killing isn’t a sacrifice. It’s a game maintaining destruction. Why a Sheriff would ever want to be a tool baffles me. Maybe possible. The Large Companies thought it too easy to exploit BLACK ORANGE GROVE LABOR, then go on to rule other areas of the world and then just left the automobile to continue destroying a Nationalized Transportation System designed to kill each other because if gotten away with THEY get to keep breaking the rules. 

Numbskulls everywhere, and why we’re not out from under being led by fools. History couldn’t help it. People can lead themselves anywhere is proven in history, Time and Time Again. No reason for war anywhere in the mimicry of fighting for ideals that mean only spoilage rules. That Russia needs higher priced oil to fix themselves is the obvious scare tactic in place. Arrogant people not letting Russia develop because they’re pinheads developed in isolation from facing each other as trusting souls. Such a loss Russians not realizing Russian Literature. 

All pretend manufactured circulation across the top. No government in the world can defend any of us from ourselves. That’s a bottomless pit of fixation on oneself. Actually? Bottom line is government is for managing taxes and spending where spending’s supposed to be done. But you know, big bucks on gambling patriotism’s all about the nonsense of war paid dividends Americans were framed not to realize. 

The cycle of whether, or not, militaries are fed results in Military Rule. A mockery is what our Industrialized Complexes have manufactured in enough money being nowhere near enough. Misery rules. Where history’s gotten us, still. Just perpetuating irrational economic thinking that selfishness is spreading a capitalist ideal far from our working together being the priority. Pretend capitalists restraining financial flow to perpetuate money’s idolatry. Perpetuating A Nationalist War Identities rules Patriotism and that’s not the purpose for why being an American is so important. Our ancestors found ways to conquer diversionary tools by just laying it all out in the open. Moving through to my neck or his.

What The Washington Post stood on in the Watergate Incident, is America’s solving the evolving redundancy of selfishly intent conspiracy. Face it. The country showed Nixon a Mike Hammer approach to fame a finial titans decided to pretend capitalism is a unit of jars. and people were meant to spill oil looking good in cars.

We were how mixed up, well we don’t have to believe that, and America was used. America was most certainly born in 1776 of a Narrow Charade that patriotism is everything. Fools can be followed selling us guns to shoot each other in schools even Children going mad? Children are incapable of training themselves to a certain point of not being able to do anything other than follow what adults choose to fool with to get through. Kids, don’t want to work, stop complaining you don’t want to go. And yes, rich people dumped that shortsighted excuse on a culture they’d roped up on the belief everything  was forgivable but child abuse without facing all our mistakes really are, child abuse.

So. Billboard Elitist Child first as it’s all we do is evolve. Handed selfishly down from elitist patterns of necessity. Stamping America’s Prime Times as the Darkest of Our Ages. Our contemporary evolving history from the dilemmas of emperor fueled jargon fueling emperor cloned clones. In useless Oil Trucks GOD damning us all. How could any of this whole creation be about whether or not people go to hell. The church collecting dues for that threat was capitalist imperialism and odds are they’re quite more capable of resolving that, before the idiots ship of fools. 

Yes, I know. Vilifying a privileged person as wicked, who was, United States, President is treasonable. However confused the participation. So I face our country, with my life to give, for us, to explain, through the illustration of how an idiot publicly claiming to not be his own biggest dupe of all, actually was an insult to public sanity. Lies about Truth, no less. No, right? Although there’s that good investment for our country in Mar-a-Lago. If a President is best locked up? Then, of course, golden spoon. No, not his name on it. And a lawyer should have a right to decline for the burbled noise that he’d prefer not having idiot on it either. Though serving got away with it seems the worst of fates. 

No, he shouldn’t evaporate in one of his, financed by others, monstrosity hotels. Suspicion from the bare face of the results, is the Oil Dripping Industry is his free ride. The Russian Conspiracy in the Idiot Tower, is probably just more getting out from under the fact the American Public subsidized the fraud still killing how many a day?  Right, blame it on the Russians. The Kremlin designed this whole meadow like idealism of a fraud where independence in a car meant time spent fulfilling just a consuming quotient and dollars spent so far obviously on covering up the whole meandering fraud dead people paid these jokers to think they’re solving anything till science finds ohow to relieve their economic flaws that are really as simple as preferring to have others count their squeaking for Russia doesn’t need to save itself selling more oil, the oil marketeers squindled from their grasp. This is a confused alteration of social current born of idiots of his ilk refusing to believe the system can work without their devouring from squandering money they’ve processed as a lot of hot gas. PUBLIC RELATIONS bought our nightmare future on Public Relations can get us out. See? See how unconfused that idiot really was. Oh? There’s something not to believe about Florida’s first ever twin tornadoes of that size Mother Nature would prefer found him. Ah, ya never know. Bt America he decided this country decides on him. Why he describes himself beyond judgement. He’s just too far gone to face his own truths. Good spot to mention on principle. President Joe Biden, how are you sir. No, I’m not heading to the White House. For a visit, as I told a specific New York business once, don’t make me have to think about you. Business, labor, same difference and how that fiasco separates is on guess what idiot too, Mr. President? 

American Public realize that not even the knocking off of the racist’s symbol, Margaret Mitchell, were Earth’s Inside’s Guzzlers accused of needing anything changed and even the sport won’t experiment with electro development while pretending the advancement of centuries back fuels anything but vacations of neglect. 

How goofy speculation can be, is ever since President Joe Biden became President, on my evening pass, again, of the idiot’s New York 56th Street Realm, I’d keep my head turned away from those still coerced inside there. Ready, for one of history’s funniest anecdotes? The Idiot probably saw me on television, 38 years ago, for a clip making a $100 a day, I hear went over well broadcast in Belize. So I was expressed up the special elevator and never made it to even a receptionist for pick up. 100.1%, probable rejection for how I dressed for the rest of New York as bicycle courier wearing Levi Jeans that would never rip for just putting them on, because the skim to float modern business is dwindled by the idiot’s ilk leaving out the materials. 

I didn’t bother observing much up there. I was supposed to go. Even now, think? Know how much value there is in pretending everything is best covered up with gold? The Spirit of South Africa reveals. Obvious real estate professionals kept the idiot’s business quagmire, skillingly afloat. Bet theres’ professionals ready to pay taxes and fix the Bloaters mistakes. But sorry. The kids participated as evidenced in their participation in creating their celebrities on that fake business show. And guess what, leaving the Burger King where the first show was shot, I stopped before the two guys who were eventually pitched winners and said - No business has any business not telling regular customers that their lives were being disrupted on  their stops. Suspicion? Burger King knew a kingmaker like The Idiot was toppling himself. Suspicion, too late. Mark Cuban probably could have turned miracles with what the Idiot left as a joke. Except the Billboard an idiot is capable of the almost impossible. 

The idiot is beyond a reasonable doubt, willingly allowed results contrary to the interests of the United States. On behalf of a whole world of idiocy that’s avoided having financial responsibility anywhere near full circulation. Too easy to spoil when trained so wickedly selfish. Imagine the Idiot Dad. Oh yeah, that one. Older brother kills himself with alcohol and idiot lies to himself he’s not an amalgamation of badly coordinated chemicals inside himself. What a billboard though, of what the country not facing ourselves can really mean. Imagine maybe that’s what it was. The burglars were looking for where it was written down how to end the oil swindle that had already run aground. Took hundreds of years to even get down what made it into The Bible about where Jesus walked on our grounds.

Ruling Elitism, through faults, all our own, acquired from the momentum of history a formation of ourselves, within our culture, and cultures, that made economics the game of checkers knocking over others around. The defending identities of pillage, while circumnavigating the world’s economies and thwarting our need for just a reasonably good game of chess. Curious, but don’t care what the idiot ex-president knows about the game. Gave up making believe it made no sense for the King to have no power in and of himself. Right, like inclusion should never be the job description. Man these idiots screw with people manipulating minds about where their needs mean anything. 

Even bungling and intentionally messing things up, the idiot would have been better at his intentional mistakes, if he could even calculate coherently. GOD damn right, a President of the United States, from any time, would be suing me NOW. Forget about it. The conspiracy was never that imaginative. Right? 

Morality twisted into getting by on ARMS TRADING. The criminals too. 

What other purpose could blocking arms to Ukraine, misleading the Russian Persecution psychosis into thinking bothering with this war strategy made any sense? See. See? Shrewd resourcefulness talked idiots into madness never wanting to apologize and Face History. So puny war and not facing the fact Russia has always exploited Ukraine, is just momentum from an arms industry swindle to begin with. Vladimir, cough it up. Joyriding on ignoramus popularity. Idiots. 

Really. Nowhere near involved in the process of people feeding themselves, decides Russia’s History of acquisition that’s perpetrating  ideals bu faking great is long as the pay is well without making sure the dollar bills add up. Realize, if Putin ruled Russia he’d fix more than managed feuds. Litvinenko the crazy guy? Russian Police Person who  died in London telling the truth? He acted crazy to try to survive for his family. As the truth is hard to face and the hippies illustrate, something had to be done about executive malfeasance at the heart of tyrannies running their economies based on faking the truth. 

Blaming Ukraine for war toys, are the floor playing Peter The Greats, breaking all the world’s marbles. Because playing checkers with economics, pushing people around, is easier than the symmetries of well-played economics working. Big money was made ruining American’s Retirement Funds invested in their homes. Why? Money! It’s the lying that facing the truth won’t solve the broken mess. Economy coming back? Evidence is subsidized enrichment owes something back. Not unfortunately the wealth of this knowledge goes elsewhere for a precise attack. Oh yeah. Idiot din’t have sense enough to get out of our way. Still. 

Why did the Soviet Union/RUSSIA imprison whole peoples? Because while not quite exactly this simple, the explanation is the broad event. The Czar System’s menagerie of pretend government interests, from elitists flawing corrupt capitalism, locked Stalin up a lot. I’m sorry. Idiots pretending to fight idiots means your Cold War vision fairies lied for self-interests at having won something that was all fraud. Daring to be proven wrong.

Political Culture. Idiot at least deserves A Life Sentence Unable To Move Around. Bet even his world renowned US Passprt can’t get far now. Sure, deep state. The Law’s documented you from for very far along. Bet, even The mafia has confessions logged all along. See that’s what I’m saying. That’s speculation. It’s funny what you’ve been doing is so contemptible not even you’d contrive you imagination to sue me. Go ahead. Sell a hat. 

The idiot’s vision of slicing off real estate $ signs is a paper trail charade. As part of so many people forced into being portrayed as lost. Think the worst business people left trails. Why the hiding from history thing is portrayed as something to laugh about. And that jargon spewer for Wall Street cover, Chris Christie and that platform Hillary Clinton is just a liberal. What Hillary Clinton did wrong was what she was forced to do for women, becoming one go you ignoramuses pushing everyone around collecting contributions running or circus clowns and not Chief Executives filling jobs for people hooding from being overpaid. Hey! Making the money disappear by flying higher is a what? No, not jusrt Wall Street game. Complete financial hoax. Most likely Oil blocked those less expensive Chinese solar panels from America because why? Because fixing roads tunnels bridges and trestle s mean the their last few years exploiting the world’s resources are clearly a hoax. Here’s where we find what CENSORSHIP means to our country today.

Anyone following that idiot doesn’t get it. Proving him guilty is fact. Hard, but necessary for Americans to accept an idiot got that far. That an idiot could actually represented us. American Exceptionalism meet idiots rule the world. Panic, revolution. Look? Just being told what’s wrong, shouldn’t mean defending against thinking abusing us is wrong when it is just about getting away with it. Don’t mess with us, messing up money with our wrongs. No law can remove what only culture can. America, I prefer US all fed up being used. Ankle Bracelet. 

Clearly people have died due to that idiot’s associations of negligent associations. Think Russia the one to face a lot? America has to understand facing ourselves means facing very similar things. 

Imagine the mockery the idiot made of our America in his need to manage disarray. Even Mighty Israel elected an idiot who is running away, hiding from behind Israel’s proud flag. See where this ideal of not facing shame has us facing the future not facing the past? More pretend vengeance in the pin-pong arms trading Middle East. What is Netanyahu’s cut other than pretend symbolism? Confiscate the proven stolen money for Muslims use. Maybe a party for a vacation home there is no doubt somewhere, I’ll not shame myself finding out about. 

    Government Planned Windfall Economy Dump subsidizing cars’ roads again? Why not this? Imagine where solar paneling should have ruled generations ago. Among the Mar-a-Lago globe holding Male Conspiracy. Women have pretended Male Dominance solves Male’s Dominant problems more than long enough. The Koran is a book and blaming books, like the Holy Bible, for the feudal few enrichments is not anywhere near capitalism or socialism. Now is it? That idiot means a whole lot more than his just being the idiot.

Your move, Ankle Bracelet. 

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