Come All Historians, Redeem Our Icon History

Come on now. Every historianThe question is absence of moral triumph. The present's fiddling the past to manipulate the future. An uncovering that eventually leads to moral progress. What history teaches and warns is what history learned. The past doesn't fiddle the future. The present's fiddling fumbles futures.

Nero born December 15, 37. Fiddled, Rome burned July 18, 64. Nero reigned October 13, 54 to death June 9, 68.

    There's always clamoring consensus for what was, to be no more. Except aren't our advances from understanding what happened, solved backward nonsense? Yet there it is. Staring us down. Faltering in our denials, vacant stares of appreciation for our bookends' similarities. BIG BANG literally shrugged off not just for decades, but generations. That's right. Distasteful bookend to all our "great" embarrassments. 

    Why the importance of targeting those nations' historians who're either idly, or irrelevantly, watching  distortions carried out by leaders led to believe outrageous nationalist claims. But truly watched? Historians carry on deciphering. 

    Really. All down to who, how, what why, and where the public's mind's bent and focused best as power's most useful asset. Why nations resolve to accept Russia's emphasizing on their Empire? Thereby regarding this as the state of announcing their empires should be left alone as well. Sigh. 

    Not everyone who dreamed of landing in the KGB, rules Russian now. Or possibly do. I prefer all hatchets buried. Arduous hope. Well. A giggler nudging history's books. Were you aware when the Berlin Wall fell, everywhere in that East German square was LSD high? Look Silly Demonizing

    So SHOW OF HANDS where historians perspectives lie? Where your perspectives are on the manufactured national international personal interest dilemmas perplexing our eras' time. Primarily within countries supporting President Putin's elitist position. Historians responsible for whether or not their leaders ever feel justified embarrassment. 

    Ukraine was always an acquisition in relation to Moscow's Russia. Not neighbors united by proximity as generations of Russians are still now being told. How Ukraines' History is not even owned by Ukrainians themselves. History the Putin Regime can't face.

    O come on now. History's due homage. NOW. Now when people should be coming to grips that this is just more history, we'll never fully grow up from till fully faced.  

    Down in history with Stalin, Vladimir Vladimirovitch. Must, deep down be really dissatisfied. After all. Gazed on as more arrogant than God? As if God's a fully made up human emotional machine. You President Putin are part of twisting what has no place here. This platform of yours defending Western Christianity. Crap. Crapping all over history, your crew is. About time you faced long fed up. 

    "Who are you?" You could ask, and I might respond I've been screaming from the rafters so long where the oxygen is thin. Where ignored is the only useful place for those without any interest in keeping the record straight. How advancement acquires some ability to head forward, straight. 

    See? I see from where I sit, how you're sitting. How historians will very well view you most likely too. From up where you are the air's thin too and no one including yourself is with you to remind you to look. Meanwhile you're the one responsible the canaries aRE dead. huh. Is it possible you breath carbon dioxide? Nitrous oxide? Sigh. President Egomaniacs. I do believe the game's a stacked deck. How history reads for future subscribers. 

    However you won. However this turns out. Since killing is worst of all and important to you, you've done it. Perhaps. But historically? True you rose to equal Stalin's demonic ambivalence. Both of you so obviously proud of your smirks. 

    If I were sadder now I'd be crying. Get it President Putin? If you think you've been having fun, you could have a lot more. Especially since no more people should die over this. However you wish. Remember. You can't tell history what the future thinks. And from what you've made available to be listened to, heard, read and see, means you have my sympathies. 

    Both of you Presidents Egomaniacs on your shaky three-card-monte table. Your two cards are without faces. Morbid thinking what conspired from the resolve for manipulative power. Reward over responsibility. Good moves you two, in your ways. But checkmate? I think you're both lying you have the power of Queens. 

    The past sings to us. Come on now. Behold our foundations and fates. Foundations and fates that should amount to more than just crumbled tourist attractions. Our era's become we can't afford to pay you, but could you, please, buy our products so we share in our data's prosperity. Whose?

    Not time for revolution. Time for Common Sense. Time's upon us where political pursuit reminds us sincerity matters more than everything except emblematic patriotism itself. Could be I'm also obsessive about patriotism too? Except I understand what's specifically led throughout history to now. The fact the tangled web Shakespeare wove, shouldn't describe forever now. 

    History's more than a dream, President Putin. Boo!

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