Once Upon A Mind

     Challenges of Life face the prospect of time and losing proposition that destroying the world from within either stops, or Donald John Trump's team wins destroying, in their madness, what GOD created because their own personal whims ruled. Temporary Detroit Dictator Henry Ford 

pretended to idolize Hitler while the racists all knew the madness was just imagery while they hid destroying everything. Ambassador-ed China to the madness. Pictured selves following the Chinese even. Who knew three decades ago to separate motor bikes from bicycles except OIL-DRIPPING took over.

Donald Trump is a Mysoginist Racist; Women and Children are Three-Quarters of Immigrants in U. S.

Dumpster Military Goes Outer Space

 OIL-DRIPPED A______. From people near me to the Crap Master's having a pick-up planned, for me, to his layer where I was told there was nothing

9:28 Dumpster's Enemy

for me there. And even the Elevator Operator who greeted me and thrust the personal elevator right up was gone and I went down that gold plated madness alone. My image in the TV film shown, including me, now owned by a son of Co-Kingdom Degenerate Murdoch. In full public mockery ... if film removed from Internet would be defined CENSORSHIP

Oil Industry Executives are Magnets within Entire Criminal Enterprise System Drugs, CIA etc. 

Federal Government has evidence on Donald John Trump going back for generations of deceit that this is the Season For The American People to face. PERIOD.

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