ROSS DOUTHAT, The New York Times Conservative Editorialist - THE Bill Ritter Male Hierarchy Supermodel Print Title-ist. In Recognition of Public Leadership Scapegoating Fellow Americans For Big Oil, Chemical Giants' and Mineral Extractors' PUBLIC RELATIONS' Success Misleading American and World Interests FOR THREE GENERATIONS and more. Sycophants Unconscionably Fostered World Destruction That Needs Fixed.

Ross Douthat


Politics, religion, moral values and higher education. 

    Uh huh. Ride those credentials, Mr. Douthat. Carrying you far. You have achieved treasured figurehead status. Ritter's all back slapper. The entire tri-state area follows Metropolitan New York City Television News. And his twenty-three years makes his face's status invaluable. Who cares what'll be realized too late, or soon enough? But for me to meet that man? I can't apologize. Remembering him is a slick slimy ooze. The self affirming glow in the glee deliberately pretending to entertain me. Reverberating through his head's self-idolized swirl. Tossing out gibberish as if his status was anywhere near Robert A. Caro's. Who Ritter thought, while I explained my work, was a name dropping tool he'd use as a good way to exit with, "I don't have to deal with this." Little people trying to catch Ritter's coattails. Then, officially designated outside the window as a throw-away. Sade and I decided different. 
Perpetually Gas "Pit Stopped" Ritter? Among Top 100 Shallowest Men That Ever Lived. Somewhere in top thousand, Mr. Douthat. May your conspiracies' spawnings of similarly controlled people reach conclusion. The Jewish and Muslim Elitely Satisfied Rich, also, as individuals, communally, are among The Top 100 Shallowest that ever lived. From BOTH THEIR Targetings of the Middle East as a bed of hostility for generations. !!!

     Yeah. Big City News Reader. Certainly huger than JK Fraser's nephew. Especially when the assignment's reducing me to that anyway. Liar, you didn't know who I was. The Closer would have got up from the table and said, "man you're lost, loving your own lies. Bad Egg Ritter. Time's history's, gas up yours. 

     Hated by a racist Sheriff since 5, or so. THEN Disney Executives for reminding people it's wrong not connecting Disney WORLD AND ORLANDO by trains. First Trombone Bret Nichols specifically asked our high school band Director Mr. Murphy, if he'd asked Disney to make a special exemption for me because I was too short for the Opening Day Ceremonies 76 Trombones in the Hit Parade the three other trombones were in. I knew I was too short. Mr. Murphy did ask. That was a good few minutes of band practice taken up just for a little tidbit. And Mr. Murphy was very impatient when his and his band's time went wasted. Mr. Murphy taught me the trombone.

    Yeah, I'm the goofball. Everyone's satisfied how all the gas money profit was split up and spent in the country, right? Well no. We're screwed, in the hole, with 20% of the economy needing charity, or dole, and no one gave a crap money's not circulating right throughout what should be an entire economy of people. But bright ones sliced money so much, to save their economies, it's mostly just siphoned up. The top of the economy just a Huge Vacuum. Cleaner? Used after the hit men. Everyone up top shielding against the day their fellow dragons hit their door. 

    HELP! The lower middle class gets Pantry Food to stay ahead of inflation. People have no idea what poor really is. And the elite thought slicing money over-and-over every-which-away is creative, when just sliced away. You people coasting on inflation made the monster bigger than anyone was willing to handle. And government gave out money and the next thing you know, everything's costing a fortune and, well, that's the way it goes.

A thousand pennies to-the-dollar makes sense if you just collect and exchange and store with co-executives in somewhat control of the top. Manifest Destiny Moneybagses. Can't rock the boat. Just float it higher, so it's spilled over, such that money is a much more desperate affair than necessary. Why my WASP butt gets the what happened to you look. Had to find out different things. Learned diagnosing misleading social figureheads, no matter the personal consequences. 

    All across the country and, of course, from the economic reports and investment advisory shows, people are reminded you're owned by Big Oil. And, as often as not, told you're stuck with it. No, people responsible for ruining the Earth are stuck with it. Everyone else can answer for their own consciences.

    So, paid-off, laboring intellectual, Ross Douthat? You really work at slicing the story to get across the slant's a sovereign enterprise. Big Oil's innocently trapped providing, when obvious especially you don't admit how much petrol runs your empty tank of intellectual denigration! Heck. I'm more conservative than any of you. Sure Douthat exposes stuff. But bottom line? I associate you with Ritter because you're creepy too. However the veil accepts your polished veneer. David Brooks, Mr. Pragmatic? Ritually, redundantly repeats conservative doggerel too. Subjectivitis. Robert Novak even admitted, in his last book, it was all about creating jobs for yourselves. What I told Novak's partner's brother Dr. John E. Evans. Back in 1978 and he shrugged and got back to my Release Leon Trotsky from Historical Prison in the Soviet Union Senior Thesis. Sad thing is the team grew lower in esteem every day and continues as such. But Conservative Sham Editorialists and Politicians can ram political control down Americans' throats forever?

     Be proud Ross Douthat. History likes glamor and making sense of the era's pretend grievances, conservatives label themselves with is the Conservative Contribution. Liberalism included counting correctly long before the Monopolists Sycophants declared war. Save us from socialism. Take the power and money away from doctors and remind us the corporations need thew money more than people. So just JACK UP THE COSTS, regardless of what anyone can afford to logically pay.  

    FAKE Conservatives in Congress were the ones that wouldn't let BLACKS work part-time jobs to build up out of welfare. It was all hurdles to make sure pieces were gotten, but solve the whole deal? "Racial capitalism" idolized itself too well. And wouldn't you know it? First time I read the words "racial capitalism" is in this same Sunday issue in The New York Times Book Review

    Because they brought some insight to politics? All-around Conservative Republican performance points to branded idiots hands down. Marjorie Taylor Green gets prime time, face-time, head space, to claim Republican principles that are all her brain can encapsulate. Subjectiveness par-the-pits. A big fraud is perpetrated calling yourselves conservatives, and DOUTHAT I don't care how saintly you are or see yourself. YOU'RE AS EVIL. Enabling their, to you, fringe antics. As concocted as Bill Ritter pretending he's just face. That load of crap has disseminated as much slipped in propaganda, slime bastard nonsense, as you've been cloaked in Douthat. Credibility? Sure historians roast me or you. I don't mind the heat. Problem is the kitchen reserved for just your own kind. Money sheltered wind-bag! 

    Voice given by THE New York Times. All exposed Conservative frauds. GET IT! Melting down the marrow in all your backboneless dishonest torsos. Thought yourselves holier than holy. Selfish self-idolization, and Douthat dresses his verbiage intellectually. See? Conservatives support Trans Values. Just change, and not destructively judging one another, is not their cup of tea. 

    Contrary to their bloody outrageous twisting of facts? Go ahead, Mr. Douthat. Stay up there on Mount Conservative Olympus, pontificating. And realize that joker who's unconcerned for our country about ramifications, and was president. Against him, or not. The sycophants you enable are part of the FRAUD behind the LOSER! Judge not and ye be not judged. Doesn't mean false idols shouldn't be exposed. Grow up!

    Bill Ritter, Robert "Bob" Iger's Disney/ABC New York Channel 7 News Male Hierarchy Figurehead. Jargon this. This TV journalist has never met a more despicable satisfied fraud in my life. And Mr. Douthat? In your article, you emulate the same crap these figureheads have sportedly thrown down un-Scientific minded Americans throats for a full three generations. Male Hierarchy Figureheads HOST television news after this manner, all across the country. Gas money could go so many different helpful ways, other than out the Bill Ritters, and Ross Douthats, of the world's PR _SSes!

    Bill Ritter and Ross Douthat are down in history participating in the criminal masking and scapegoating of the American Public for voting for global warming with their money. Electric in every Service Station as well as gas is fair competition. The Gas and Gas Car Industry are both a collusionary force, along with the writing of Ross Douthat and mumbling Bill Ritter The Fascist For Big Oil Destruction! 

    Scapegoating this and that, protecting the Criminal Gasoline Empire's Destruction of the World. I'm exaggerating? Hey Douthat! Regular Atlantic hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean in October will soon reach land. Old? You're as Dark Ages as Ritter. Poster Boy for The Male Hierarchy Figurehead Destruction of the World. Go exchange glowing support with Herr Ritter's Security Jeff. 

    I'm risking Sade's career? You're the dips risking everyone's lives as done by The Dumpster Itself. Why I started cursing _SS-holes.  

    Feel better, Mr. Douthat? Like Ritter not having to face anything. Can't quite happen, right? Don't read me. History only has to read you two, to confirm I'm right. Male Worship is deadweight.

    Big Oil and Armand Hammer, self idolizer. And Ross Douthat and Bill Ritter, buddies here-after? Neither care to cross publicly the pragmatic line that kept their jobs possible, working for the advertisers. But news suppliers? Shallow crap. Industrial Complex Manipulaters! 

    One lies on TV and the other sticks his chest out in The New York Times print. Conservative? Not a damn thing didn't emanate from evolution of liberal thought. 

    The New York Times is now just cited for not more clearly defining you're a moron, all your years tweaking my nerves that quake at elitism's pretend chivalry-ism. Ritter Fake Douthat. They adhere to Free Speech? Douthat hangs with minds that think Free Speech is what they agree on to control everyone. You're scumbagRoss Douthat! PERIOD. You too, should be much smarter by NOW.

    Convinced America we chose Gas over Electric for 40 years, because Big Oil distorted American Poilitics and Culture in their vain obsession with idolized money. That Ross Douthat clearly knows America can't afford. Another article from page one. Continued on page 20, cites an auto dealer saying he sells what customers buy. Detroit bought up local train transit to install big cars, buses, as Mass Transit. CON JOB, Douthyat. You support criminals. Legal or not. History judges you're legal criminals or GOD can fry me forever, you creeps! 

     Ruined trains to replace with big cars called buses and ram that down everyone's throats as Mass Transit. Dishonest, and that Ross Doughnut-Mush-Brain has The New York Times Credentials because? Cause The Times has been printing both sides of the argument for years! And Ross Douthat can go glamorize his self appeal talking with Bill Ritter and Elon Musk about how he dishonored TESLA's name. Hono0ring TESLA would mean building affordable electric cars. Not luxury for your co-luxury6 minded. Racist South African, Elon"Putrid" Musk! 

    RACIST HENRY FORD'S MODEL T PUTS MUSK TO SHAME. And Ross Douthat, and Flapping Gums Bill Ritter, are on notice historically as known bought. Douthat and Ritter idolize themselves cherishing their fellow deceivers camaraderie. VERY BAD PR PEOPLE! 

    And nice how next page, Maureen Dowd outs that redneck James Carville, saying women have too much power in the Democratic Party. I think that's all I have to explain. Now go cry in wife's whatever Libertarian lap now. You're not the pinnacle of political advice. You're a redneck who thinks appeal is arrogance, with a twist of fake humility you'd never not giggle at. Why Dowd's article begins with the bit about your being tiffed about policy or protocol or whatever. In the end selling the same get away with whatever that Dump does. So go cry in your witch's lap. I know how anyone's forgiven. But yeah I think you're both accessories to Conservative Whitewashing Crime. That other tidbit about how it was so friendly in politics back when. Bet you and Roger Stone shared something. NOW ___k OFF James Carville, Redneck Scapegoater. 

    Oh yeah, Carville know the fault lines. Father Superior Political Sycophant. History reads James Carville thinks he's more important than the Democratic Party's Women. You're welcome, force of nature, windbag out your witch wife's _ss! Carville? If you weren't as arrogant as Ritter, you may have escaped earned ridicule. AND that load of crap Ritter is proven in my face, a hidden Military Industrial Complex Elitist to boot. Who pays for any of ya'll? The real freaks up top, polished off as sub-prime Male Hierarchy Lard _SSes! Reassured in their supreme domination of the world till JUDGEMENT DAY. 

From ABC's Soap Opera: Waiting For Sade

    Don't think you're judged innocent, just standing aside while Big Oil continues destroying the world. Good luck with that. I can honestly say. Everything about Ross Douthat's Television Hero Bill Ritter is icky to be around. Poisoned pathetic bought-off atheist. Beware of both.
Ross Douthat's Personal Picture of Dorian Grey is Bill "Gas Pipe" Ritter. 

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