So. Here We Are Sade, Ms. Baderinwa, Near Enough Nine Months On

    Our bonding experiences at heightened best go back to our beginning. After finding out about Baltimore and being enthralled, to opening my eyes from prayer and being inside yours with mine. It's what people might think intriguing. But more so. Never should I have had to make public statements about my inner most feelings toward you. Compromising you. 

    But nine months? I was obligated, from our beginning, to our remaining intelligently observant as you established. I was well into the Ritter Dilemma before absorbing that that small mind was prepared to devour me. He glowed feeling his larger, bigger, presence above mine. Self satisfied misleads. 

    Anyway, I understand professionalism. His value to the ABC franchise as a celebrity of twenty+plus years, he's no doubt spouting endlessly NOW. BUT I'm not the one who started this process stupid. Men shouldn't have been so willing to adore that cheap Armand Hammer, destroy the earth for livings, costume in my life. TOO BIG TO KILL HAS DEVOURED ENVIRONMENTAL SANITY and that needs fixing. People facing tomorrow as if today really matters.

    News Reader, huh? Well ya know the ONLY TV JOURNALIST who will ever be allowed to visit the set of LAW and ORDER three times, legitimately requested, with book, through the messenger center (signed by Israel), an interview with Sade Baderinwa LAST SUMMER. AND Bill Ritter's unprofessional operation probably hindered any proper communication from her and I from the start. Or she couldn't be bothered with dealing with the trite nonsense then drawn out over nine months. Shallow motives known from the start, I'd figure out. Boring in the end, but there's never nothing of no value to be gained from any experience. Just phenomenal the acting that he was facing me. Tsk, tsk.
    But last thing Ritter or even women expect is my having a chance. Men have been RUTHLESS. As egotistical pinhead Bill Ritter's personally proven. And his importance to the Ruiners of the Earth - Keeping America FROM BEING MORE BROADLY AWARE of the truth covered up by selfish gas addicts like Bill "Shallow" Ritter. 
    So question: Will 💚 we 💚 talk or is Robert Iger & ABC/DISNEY completely connected to Herr Ritter's "security" derriere too? BAFFLED HEAD probably screams don't make him the scapegoat NOW. Now. That's something. Security tried putting on me that I was confused by something of last month when it's been A FULL COMPLETE NINE of intervening harassment. Planted your own Field of Schemes, Dirtbag. 
    Although our Supreme Court just offered sustenance to the worst president ever. Eh, how about it hands down worst news reader this television journalist ever experienced? Above Public Whining I get it. But Nixon got in trouble for hiding from WATERGATE. Now you're CHEST HIGH hiding too.
    I am an Honorary Australian, jack_SS. (The SS were conscienceless men.) "Trust Security" you said pretending MY non-entity NEEDED TIGHTENING UP. Lee Goldberg's Cornell Legacy can be one Charles M. Fraser brick short? Appear in check to Ritter. Except ALL DARK AGES' Male Hierarchies' Legacies are already judged infamous. Polished PR changes nothing - Bottom Line. We're all judged by legacies, not whether or not our spirits leave our dead bodies. 

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