Summed Up: My Year Facing Immature MALE Disgrace, Women Have Endured Centuries

     That's the thing about how the local NewsReader Celebrity actually handled me. Defining Me the situation. I was hardly involved as he slip streamed through the requisite passing through. The appearance of performing conversation, whose reality is the man doesn't face shame - even fake. So far. 

    I didn't expect, nor want to report what happened. But Sade Baderinwa and I spent several months figuring out what we could know and feel about each other separated by that glass. Ritter's approach as written, shallow. Effortless breeze. 

    So to recount the frame of mind I formed while dealing with Bill Ritter's making the ABC-7 News Room Studio a playpen for proving nothing other than he's indifferent to reality. His indifference and going along embedded in embracing the framing of BIG OIL as saving the economy. Mr. Ritter, still jerk, destroying the world. It's hackwork, not journalism. Done all over the country by the pretentious idolization of money that consumes too much energy better applied to circulation, but then Ritter is above messes. EVEN MESS HE CREATES. Right DISNEY/ABC Security?

    People's fault as far as Industrial Mismanagement goes. He can't lift it, so let it sit. Train to Vegas? Great. But other than that? Pay for it exploited public. As PUBLIC did for roads and highways while neglecting tunnels, bridges, and tunnels that could eliminate DESIGNED MISTAKES called accidents. Public subsidized an industry wrapped up, for generations, in not giving a crap anyway. No? Why's the weather f____d up? 

    Electric wherever there's gas! Otherwise car gas burning IS exactly part of the world's demolition. Local law should close all GAS INDUSTRY outlets that do not include ELECTRIC as those BAD INVESTORS still are not trying. Invest Further than lop siding the world. Taking out what health would indicate, is better left alone at this point. We're wobbling as sped up global warming figures indicate. Those abnormal October hurricanes will be hitting land and WE DID IT

Armand Hammer Industrial Strength LEGACIES? Answer for yourselves. Judgement's hereafter

    Any scapegoat will do, folks among Mr. Ritter's Public Relations Deceived Communities? BECAUSE LOOK! Global Warming's identifiably poignantly affecting weather. Oh sorry, there was piles of money. Use it to fix the planet. Or as noted, consciences faced when ...   

    Shill Bill shows all sorts of on-air sympathy. At the drop of a hat. But BOTTOM LINE. As trapped as National Enquirer Mike Hammer. By ruthless having little else to do other than that. Lawyers to fix anything. MINT BEING RUTHLESS, right "Shameless" Ritter? Disaster Under Men, like you, Ruling pompously and arrogantly thrusting that chest out over the News Desk and any thing in the perimeter not sufficiently deferential. Some conversation starter, "Bad Egg" Ritter. 

    Going on over two centuries, the industrialized wrecking of this great ball of a planet. 

    YES. Repeating AGAIN AND AGAIN that not only did Bill Ritter WRONGLY interfere with Sade's and my lives, HE's earned, and deserves, PUBLIC LAMBASTING as a real-life GLOBAL WARMING SCAPEGOATER. Whose personal Public Vision is condemnable. Mr. Ritter's personal choice. 

    Understand, some people know intelligence finds answers. Doesn't sit on burning egos and whine for everyone else to see and look at anything else. Just what THAT IDIOT EX-PRESIDENT lives for! NO SHAME RITTER.  

    So these two women. 

Sandra Bookman - - - Marcia Kramer 

Marcia Kramer and Sandra Bookman had experiences with me long before Hiding-Ritter could alert his entire business world he's handling nonsense. Sandra standing where a bicycle courier was doored, and died, the day before, when I'd decided I had to continue straight and pass her. She leered straight in my eyes, leaning in, precisely on me, embarrassing my slight smirk. 

    Marcia standing near the card, for my novel's ad in The New York Times Book Review, on a scaffolding pole, near the Ford Foundation, was with her two poodles. Yelling, "I believe in you." Stuns still. Love Readers. My inner monologue was, "Oh my GOD, looks like Marcia Kramer? What do I do?" Be my shy self is what I did. 

    Partly why being certain and not overstepping boundaries was and still is important with Sade. But we are moving on. Together apart, or together together. Eventually, NOW, dag gum it. One way or our other. What does that mean? I don't know. But hearing what she thinks I should hear? Means the world to me. "See you ..."

    Then I met Ina and Robert A. Caro. 

    So definitely, read books between then and being wedged into playing hopscotch with "I Don't Have Time For This" Ritter and Security Jeff. Fillers for a living

Herr Ritter Denies Legacy Facing

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