New York City's Prestigious ABC-7 News Journalist Sade Baderinwa

Time flies and ambitions require so much direct involvement. So realizing the, pictured left, television celebrity must know celebritized Elton John Band Baltimore Band member, Guy Babylon? Ms. Baderinwa's town. Well, pleasantly thinking at least admiring one news reader won't necessarily disrupt my objectivity that much. I don't kid myself. Can't imagine recusing myself from watching, and scapegoating her for all my typing errors is scapegoatingGuy Babylon and I years ago, late 1970s knew Elton was ahead of time.
    Journalism, Fall 1976, I saw Tim Raines' ability for The Hall and ended up moving on after the one interview basically figuring out how getting to my own hall tooTim and I did talk in Yankee Stadium once, and on phone to Shea Clubhouse. Best honor? Only television journalist granted three Law and Order set visits.
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