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Little Surprise Julian Assange Knew To Pick: Ecuador

  The New York Times headlined, Ecuador Grants Asylum to Assange, Defying Britain, printing Ecuador announced it was granting political asylum to WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange who has been holed up for two months awaiting the decision in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. Leaving Mr. Assange with protection from arrest only on Ecuadorean territory. To leave the embassy for Ecuador, he would need cooperation Britain has said it will not offer. RT reported, where Mr. Assange was, the announcement was met with celebrations outside the Ecuadorian embassy as his supporters began chanting “Hands off Ecuador” and “Assange freedom fighter.”
  The Times assessed thus that the: decision adds to sharp strains between Ecuador and Britain. Just before the announcement of asylum in the Ecuadorean capital, Quito, President Rafael Correa said on his Twitter account: “No one is going to terrorize us!” The night before, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño said that the British authorities had threatened to force their way into the embassy, to which he responded: “We are not a British colony.”
  Mr. Patiño announced the asylum decision, reading from a government communiqué, at a news conference. “The government of Ecuador, faithful to its tradition of protecting those who seek refuge in its territory or in its diplomatic missions, has decided to grant diplomatic asylum to Julian Assange.” Adding, “There are indications to presume that there could be political persecution,” and that Mr. Assange would not get a fair trial in the United States and could face the death penalty there. Mr. Patiño said he hoped Britain would permit Mr. Assange to leave the embassy in London for Ecuador. A request Britain has rejected, saying it has a binding, legal obligation to extradite Mr. Assange to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over accusations that he sexually assaulted two women. RT additionally printed, ”Ecuador has confirmed Assange does not have enough protection from Australia where he holds citizenship,” Patino said. “We think [Assange’s] extradition is viable to a country outside the EU. Judicial evidence clearly demonstrates that given an extradition to the US, Mr. Assange would not have a fair trial, he could be judged by special or military courts, and it is not unlikely to believe he would be treated in a cruel and degrading way, that he would receive a life sentence or death penalty, with which his human rights would not be respected.” Patino also reiterated Ecuador’s offer to allow Sweden to interview Assange in their embassy in London, which was turned down. Stockholm would neither guarantee that the WikiLeaks founder would not be extradited again once he is on Swedish soil. Still Mr. Patino’s hope was, “We trust that the UK will offer as soon as possible the guarantee for the safe passage of asylum for Mr Assange and they will respect those international agreements they have signed in the past.”
  But the British Foreign Office said it was disappointed by the Ecuadorean announcement, but remained committed to a negotiated outcome to the standoff. Sweden’s foreign minister, Carl Bildt, rejected the suggestion that Sweden would be involved in any kind of persecution. “Our firm legal and constitutional system guarantees the rights of each and everyone,” he wrote on Twitter. “ We firmly reject any accusations to the contrary.”
  Yet, the fact Mr. Assange is subject to extradition over a desire for questioning and not an outright charge seems to substantiate the Assange defenders’ point. Semantics? Sure. But as extreme as Mr. Assange’s original flight to the Ecuadorian Embassy seemed, the benefit of the doubt tilts toward his caution, because however much it’s preferable to think the American Government is always right, blind faith is the worst assumption our government can make on our behalf. Sure, I’ll buy the government is right, but sell it to me first. Don’t just say it’s talked about when just mentioned.
  British news reports said Mr. Patiño’s news conference was broadcast live on British television and Mr. Assange watched the announcement as it happened, before telling embassy staff members, “It is a significant victory for myself and my people. Things will probably get more stressful now.”
  So did Mr. Assange just get his signals crossed over the difference between fame and infamy? Or really think the world won’t improve enough until deceiving the public is a business we can afford to lose? Because that’s why this issue really matters. Sure, it is terrible a security secrets thief might not spend the rest of his life in jail, though he’s enduring already months of house arrest. And sad the government can’t lighten up when as experts saw from the beginning it was the government’s fault the secrets were available for distribution ease. But secrets could destroy us as long as they are necessary to a world run by absentee landlords. Oops, sorry, no, fat cat government officials.
  Outside the embassy, a small redbrick apartment block behind Harrods department store in the upscale Knightsbridge neighborhood, a protester with a megaphone provided sporadic updates on the Quito news conference. When it became clear Mr. Assange won asylum, the response was muted joy, printed The Times. A youth worker, 21, who gave his name only as James, said, “It’s great news. As long as Britain honors his right to asylum.” He added, if the British government would allow Mr. Assange to leave the country without arresting him. If that did not happen, he said, gesturing to the protesters around him, “this will only get bigger.” Like many protesters, the youth worker said he believed that the accusations of sexual abuse and rape against Mr. Assage were part of a conspiracy to silence WikiLeaks. “Textbook character assassination,” he said.
  Apparently many news sources made much of how Mr. Assange might escape. Uh huh. Just the Stop and Frisk alone when caught brings to mind how horrible it is that civilization just hasn’t quite become civilized yet.
  The Times said Mr. Patiño said his government had made its decision after the authorities in Britain, Sweden and the United States refused to give guarantees that, if Mr. Assange were extradited to Sweden, he would not then be sent on to the United States to face other charges. Seriously, the United States government answered that question truthfully? I just can’t see the problem as being bad as everyone else can. There was(is) a time when any government felt any lie was justified on their own behalf. Why WikiLeaks was purportedly founded. That should be Julian’s next show broadcast by RT. Instances of when governments haven’t lied that surprise us. Anyway, this is a tough situation here. Imagine the billable hours lawyers are salivating over. A pretty penny that should more than compensate those large investments in their educations. Tourism folks, it can only grow and become cheaper through competition. Out of tragedy will come prosperity, yet it’s shameful how serious this is that governments choose scapegoats. Remember from grade school when the idea of honesty was shoveled down our throats by adults who knew we’d find out the hard way?
  Mr. Assange arrived at the embassy on June 19, seeking to avoid extradition to Sweden. Jérémie Zimmerman, a friend who has spoken with him recently, said Mr. Assange had found the narrowing of his horizons hard. “It is quite difficult not to be able to get out in the street for all this time. He lived for so many years free, without even a home to limit him. And now he is isolated.” The WikiLeaks founder sleeps on an air mattress in a small office that has been converted to a bedroom, according to accounts of those who have visited him. He has access to a computer and continues to oversee WikiLeaks, his lieutenants have said. Reporters outside the building have seen food being delivered from nearby restaurants. but his presence is a challenge for employees of the embassy. One British government official, citing a conversation with a member of the embassy staff, said that the situation was surreal.
  A diplomat familiar with Mr. Assange’s situation said that he spent his time in a back room, which gets no direct sunlight. Several weeks ago he had a bad cold and appeared depressed, the source said. “He can’t get outside to see the sun,” his mother, Christine Assange, said in a recent interview conducted in Quito for BBC Mundo, a BBC Web site. “I’m worried about his health, as I would be for anybody who is having to stay indoors and not get exercise and have sunlight.” She said some of Mr. Assange’s friends have encouraged him to put on music and dance as a way of getting physical activity and that they had also brought sunlamps.
  On Thursday ahead of the Ecuadorean decision, WikiLeaks issued a new, unsigned statement describing Britain’s warning that it might suspend the embassy’s immunity as part of an action to arrest Mr. Assange as a “resort to intimidation” and a breach of the Vienna Convention governing diplomatic relations between states. “We remind the public that these extraordinary actions are being taken to detain a man who has not been charged with any crime in any country,” the statement said. Adding: “We further urge the U.K. government to show restraint, and to consider the dire ramifications of any violation of the elementary norms of international law.”
  Diplomatic WikiLeaks? Is not dire ramifications a threat? Cornered, even governments make rash accusations that in the light-of-day are seen to not produce a better understanding. The very goal WikiLeaks was supposedly founded on. I’d rather an evil hand defeat WikiLeaks than authoritarianism be taken down by nefarious means.
  But nothing is cut and dry with this issue. The Times points out that: It struck many as odd that Mr. Assange, who shot to fame as a fighter for media freedom, chose Ecuador as a potential refuge as Ecuador’s President Correa has presided over a crackdown on journalists there. But when Mr. Assange arrived at the embassy, he issued a statement saying that Mr. Correa had invited him to seek asylum in Ecuador during an interview for Mr. Assange’s TV show on Russia Today, an English-language cable channel financed by the government of Vladimir V. Putin.
  Reuters meanwhile also printed Ecuador’s decision is likely to deepen a political dispute. Britain has said it could use a little-known piece of legislation from 1987, introduced in the wake of the shooting of a British police officer outside the Libyan embassy in London, to strip Ecuador’s embassy of its diplomatic status.
Patino of Ecuador replied, “This is a sovereign decision protected by international law. It makes no sense to surmise that this implies a breaking of relations (with Britain).”
  So, “We are disappointed,” a British Foreign Office spokesman said. “Under UK law, with Mr Assange having exhausted all options of appeal, the British authorities are under a binding obligation to extradite him to Sweden. We shall carry out that obligation.” So what would supporters shout, other than, “The people united will never be defeated!” While waving Ecuadorian flags and holding posters showing Assange’s head, reading “no extradition.” And a Reuters reporter saw at least three protesters being dragged away by police before the decision was announced after tussles with police.
  The Ecuadorean government has bristled at the warning: its foreign minister said Britain was threatening Ecuador with a “hostile and intolerable act”, comparing the action to Iran’s storming of Britain’s Tehran embassy 2011.
  Outside the embassy, an historian, Farhan Rasheed, 42, wearing an “I love Occupy” badge, said, “I’ve lived, worked and travelled in places with proper dictatorships and nowhere have I seen violations of the Vienna convention to this extent. Here we have a government which claims to be a government of law and justice, stretching and possibly about to break a serious binding international agreement.”
  Britain’s threat to withdraw diplomatic status from the Ecuadorean embassy also drew criticism from one of its own former diplomats who said it could lead to similar moves against British embassies. “I think the Foreign Office have slightly overreached themselves here,” Britain’s former ambassador to Moscow, Tony Brenton, told the BBC. “If we live in a world where governments can arbitrarily revoke immunity and go into embassies then the life of our diplomats and their ability to conduct normal business in places like Moscow where I was and North Korea becomes close to impossible.”
  Per E. Samuelsson, one of the lawyers representing Assange, who talked to Assange after the decision, said, “The reaction he has is that he wants to underline that this (asylum) is a measure that is aimed at the U.S. and not against Sweden. He has sought political asylum in order to eliminate the risk that he will spend the rest of his life in prison in the United States.”
  Claes Borgstrom, the lawyer representing the two Swedish women, told Reuters, “It’s an abuse of the asylum instrument, the purpose of which is to protect people from persecution and torture if sent back to one’s country of origin. It’s not about that here. He doesn’t risk being handed over to the United States for torture or the death penalty. He should be brought to justice in Sweden. This is completely absurd.” Meanwhile, Sweden has summoned Ecuador’s ambassador slamming Assange asylum decision. “We want to tell them that it’s inacceptable that Ecuador is trying to stop the Swedish judicial process,” Stockholm Foreign Ministry spokesman Anders Jorle said.
  And Ecuador claimed they received a “direct” written threat on Wednesday that authorities in London are prepared to storm the Ecuadorian embassy and arrest Assange if he is not delivered into their custody. The note was delivered to Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry and ambassador in London, Patino said.
  “You need to be aware that there is a legal base in the UK, the Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act 1987, that would allow us to take actions in order to arrest Mr. Assange in the current premises of the Embassy,” the letter said. “We sincerely hope that we do not reach that point, but if you are not capable of resolving this matter of Mr. Assange’s presence in your premises, this is an open option for us.”
  The decision to strip the Ecuadorian Embassy of its diplomatic protection has not yet been taken, the spokesperson said: “Under British law we can give them a week’s notice before entering the premises and the embassy will no longer have diplomatic protection. We are not going to do this overnight.”
  So WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnnsson told AFP, “The threat to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy was “extremely serious” and illegal.
  Assange supporters took to Twitter and other social media to urge people to gather in front of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, to stop British authorities from raiding it. A 20-strong group of demonstrators gathered outside the embassy on Wednesday, and organized a livestream from the scene. According to their reports, the livestreams from the embassy suffered from DDoS attacks. London police later moved in on the embassy after a press conference led by Patino. The foreign minister confirmed on Twitter feed that the police presence around the embassy was growing.
  Now here’s the other side of this, where the Assange example leaves wiggle room for countries to control freedom of speech in ways such as this: Bahrain jails prominent activist Rajab for 3 years RT reports Bahraini Human rights activist Nabeel Rajab has been sentenced to three years in jail for “participation in an illegal assembly” and “calling for a march without prior notification.”
  Rajab has been in police custody since June 6 over comments he made on Twitter critical of the Bahraini Prime Minister, which called for him to step down. Rajab was sentenced on July 9 to three months for the remarks, raising concerns worldwide among free-speech activists. Rajab, a prominent human rights activist, led several anti-regime demonstrations in recent months. The activist is also affiliated with international rights groups such as Human Rights Watch.
  Before his arrest, Rajab appeared as a guest on episode four of ‘The World Tomorrow’ on RT, hosted by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In the interview, he criticized the US-led invasion of Iraq, as well as US refusals to take action during the Bahraini protests and the wider Arab Spring. “The Americans, from the beginning, didn’t want to change those regimes, they didn’t want to change the regime in Egypt, they didn’t want to change the regime. You see now for example, Bahrain is a good model. Iraq is maybe the closest to us democratic state but Americans are against democracy in Bahrain now.” Rajab was arrested May 5th, days after his appearance on the show, leading many to believe it was a government reprisal against his protest actions.
  So. Basically the debatable premise in the Assange case is whether or not the United States of America wants to imprisonWikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange for the rest of his life. On the surface Mr. Assange seems to being taking an almost hysterical out-of-proportion stance, while the U.S.A. says virtually nothing while waiting to deal with whatever comes, with the back of its’ hand, in perfect diplomatic composure. When there’s even the least little doubt, there’s no choice but to be – suspicious.
  Granted, Mr. Assange could or should have been much more suspicious of his own intentions when the purloined private government communications came into his possession by way of the sad conscience-torn, Private First Class, Bradley Manning, Unit – 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. Awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and Iraq Campaign Medal.
Little Surprise Julian Assange Knew To Pick: Ecuador
8/16/2012 concluded: Granted, Mr. Assange could or should have been much more suspicious of his own intentions when the purloined private government communications came into his possession by way of the sad conscience-torn, Private First Class, Bradley Manning, Unit – 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. Awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and Iraq Campaign Medal.
Happy Memorial Day
There's No Greater Honor For All The World's War Dead Than No More War
April 8 - July 9, 2019
Quite The Spies, Aren't We?
  What keeps the world honest, exactly? Chicanery abounds. Secrecy astounds. Power's a heady experience. While humility's the talk not walked till the white-wash is rendered transparent. Oh the tangled web ... .
Trumptology's Trumptologists' Trumptologisms
  There's just that uncomfortable feeling acting's always in the cards. Packaging, the paradigm itself. And when weakening opposition matter most, aggressive's all there is. Just antagonists bellyaching over answers unless self-congratulation's required for fanning their feigned modesty. 
  There's other ways to not see The Great Disappointment's surpassed expectations. An aloof glossy sheen replacing conscience that's only as affordable as it has to be. Sycophantic bandwagon aside, isn't that just great? 
  One jail for another Mr. Assange could well attest is life's all about. Whereby we choose our own prisons by defining our confinements. Everyone's parameters are different. Even people locked up in the exactly designed same institutions. All experience is different. No matter how many countless reasons there are for having everything the same for statistical convenience. Jails themselves are also escapist from human reality, by rationalizing punishment's an end-all. When the problem, after all, is people are damaged to begin with's the fact. Yep, not like consciences grow on trees. 
  And now, jumping to this - As a registered Republican, I received a letter from the Republican National Committee purporting itself as an official document. While all political factions, no doubt, purport to mean something embellished-ly different from their broader public images, this letter(s) will be posted here, in near entirety, for ENTERTAINMENT/EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.
  The envelope's right side stated -
And the envelope's left side window begins -
Special Notice: You have been selected to represent Voters in New York's __th Congressional District. Enclosed please find documents registered in your name.
Then - 
Congressional District: New York #__
Document Tracking Code: ________
Please respond By: May 13, 2019
Plus my address and name spelled out officially correct, due, no doubt, to some effort on my part to remain accurately depicted on the voter rolls.
And of course the punch line to all the material that follows, is the suggested donation levels and signature of the Republican National Committee Chairwoman. This is at least the third such foggy approach to fund raising that I've had mailed to me, as a Republican, in the last two years.
2019 Congressional District Census
Commissioned by the Republican Party
Dear Mr. Fraser,
  Preparing for the 2020 Presidential Election is going to take a massive grassroots effort all across America. That is why President Trump has requested that a Census of every Congressional District be conducted immediately.
  Enclosed is your official 2019 Congressional District Census registered CODE #________ in your name as a representative of _______.
  Your registered census is one of the select few being mailed into New York's 12th Congressional District. In order to build the data models needed to target voters in _______ and help insure President Trump's re-election, it is critical that we receive your completed Census Document no later than May 13th. 
  Mr. Fraser, because of your high level of political involvement, your personal input on the questions presented in your Census Document is important to our nation's future. 
  This is the largest Congressional District census our Party has ever taken for a Presidential election. Your completing and returning your 2019 Census Document is central to our ability to devise a winning Republican strategy in your area as we prepare for president Trump's re-election. 
   Our research shows that the nationwide Congressional District Census that we conducted last year made all the difference in maintaining our Republican Senate majority and winning hundreds of other races across the country. Now that control of the Site house is at stake, President Trump very much needs your personal involvement to make our 2019 Census a success. 
  With our nation so politically divided and the democrats and mainstream media constantly spreading fake news about president Trump and his administration, it is difficult to get the real facts about his agenda to to Americans all across the country. That is why it is so important that you return your Census Document immediately to me here at RNC Headquarters. 
  Mr. Fraser, your participation in this national effort will provide us with the detailed date we need concerning New York's __th Congressional District. Most importantly, it will show the Liberal Democrats in Congress, the radical special interest groups, and their Left-wing allies in the media that the American people support President Trump and want to advance his legislature agenda - even with the democrats now in control of the U.S. House of representatives. 
  So please, act today to complete your 2019 Congressional District Census and do your best to get it back to me at RNC Headquarters by May 13th.
  At the same time, please include a generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or whatever you can send to underwrite the costs of this project and enable us to enhance our voter outreach, strengthen our grassroots operations, better deliver our message to all Americans, and re-elect President Trump and Republican at all levels of government.
            (over please)  
310 First Street, SE * Washington DC 20003 * 1-800-445-57648 * 

Page Two
  I'm making this special appeal for your financial help now because president Trump cannot continue to make major progress with his efforts to Make America Great Again as long as the Democrats and the Liberal media misrepresent his message and hold his Presidency hostage. It is absolutely vital that we have the funds to battle back.
This could be wrapped up since all the punchlines have now been revealed. But continues.
  With Democrats in control of the U.S. House, President Trump and our Party are going to be under even more brutal non-stop attacks. They will try to bring all of his accomplishments to a screeching halt, block legislation in Congress, hold up Presidential appointments, work relentlessly to stop us from doing what's best for America - and set the agenda for them to capture total control of our government so they can enact their Socialist agenda.     
  What the liberal media doesn't want the majority of Americans to know is that ever since President Trump entered the Oval Office, he has consistently delivered on his promises to make our nation better for all her citizens. 
  Under Donald Trump's leadership, our country's economy is strong - and getting stronger. We passed the largest tax cut in America's history. 
Or most expensive advertising campaign.
We are cutting unnecessary federal regulations. Jobs are coming back all across our nation. Conservative judges are being confirmed to our nation's courts... 
  ...We're moving forward to fix our nation's illegal immigration crisis,  replace our aging infrastructure, and tap into our country's huge energy assets. * We're investing heavily in fighting the opioid crisis at all levels. Our nation's veterans are getting the attention and care they've earned and deserve. We are rebuilding America's hollowed-out military and creating a safer America that will confront terrorism and other threats to our country head-on. 
  None of these accomplishments mean anything to the Democrats.
  Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and their Liberal cohorts are determined to put their radical, costly, and destructive politics first - ahead of the good of our country - as we witnessed in the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 
  They will fiercely fight President trump's every move to build on his positive record for the people. Together with their allies in the mainstream media, our political foes will continue to divide our great nation, destroy our heritage and values, and work to derail President Trump at every turn. Their goal is simple - capture the White House and control of our government in the 2020 elections
  As Chairwoman of the RNC, my top priority is to make sure we have the organization and the funds to stop their efforts to change our nation into a Socialist country by ensuring Donal Trump is re-elected the 45th President of the United States.  
  Our nation's changing demographics demand that we Republicans reinforce and expand our message of opportunity for all. We must reach women, minorities, young Americans, and other voting blocs with our inclusive message of fiscal responsibility and pro-growth policies. And we must make clear to all Americans that our country's best future lies in re-electing Donald Trump. 
  This Census is an essential step-in building - ... 

(Next page, please)
Page Three 


Commissioned by the Republican Party

Mr. Fraser: Your Participation Is Urgently Needed 
As a key facet of our overall strategy ... 

Instructions: Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. ...
Section I - Political Profile
1. Do you generally identify yourself as a:
- Conservative Republican 
- Independent Voter who leans Republican
- Moderate Republican
- Liberal Republican
- Democrat
- Other: _______________________
2. Which of the following best describes you?
- A supporter of President Trump, but not the Republican Part
- A supporter of the Republican Party, but not President Trump
- A supporter of BOTH President Trump and the Republican Party
- Not a supporter of either President Trump or the Republican Party
- Not sure
3. Do you plan on supporting Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential election?
- Yes - No - Unsure
4. Do you have any interest in serving as a volunteer to help at your local Trump Victory Headquarters or to assist a Republican candidate in your area? 
- Yes - No
5. What age category applies to you? 
- 18-25 - 26-35 - 36-50 - 51-65 - 66+
6. How close do you think your views are to other voters in your community?
- VeryClose - Not Very Close - Somewhat Close - No Opinion
7. From what media source do you regularly receive your political news? 
(You can check more than one)
- NBC/CBS/ABC     - FOX News       - Twitter
- CNN/MSNBC        - Facebook        - Candidate Websites
- News Websites     - Internet Blogs  - National Magazines
- Local Newspaper  - Radio               - Social Networks
- Friends                  - Text Messages - Other:____________ 
1. Do you think President Trump is leading our nation in the right direction, or do you feel it is going in the wrong direction?
- Right Direction - Wrong Direction - Unsure
2. Do you think Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-controlled House will work with President Trump to address the critical issues facing our nation? 
- Yes - No - Unsure
3. Do you think the Democrat(**) Party as a whole is promoting a Socialist agenda for America? 
- Yes - No - Unsure
4. Do you trust ...

AND I Received ANOTHER Letter From Melania Trump
The envelope's upper left hand corner reads  MELANIA TRUMP without return address. My name is Mr.rd correctly in the envelope center. On the back of the envelope Republican National Committee appears with their address. Included is an also already written 
TO: President Donald J. Trump 
FROM: Mr. Charles M. Fraser 
  Please know that I am 100% behind you in these critical times ...
Wednesday Morning  
Dear Mr. Fraser,
  Decisions by the President of the United States impact countless lives across our nation, and throughout the world. 
  From the moment my husband, Donald, placed his hand on the Bible and took the oath of office to serve as America's 45th president, he has worked nonstop to deliver on his promise to Make America Great Again.
  In confronting and resolving the issues facing our nation, Donald has proven to be a true leader.
  His vision of a better, stronger, safer ... 
Yet for all this progress and good news, the Democrats, the mainstream media, and the Left-leaning special interest groups are doing everything they possibly can to discredit him ...
Mr. Fraser, today I am asking that you join me in standing with my husband as he fights for our nation ... by signing the enclosed Presidential Pledge of Support and returning it to me by June 24th. 
Apparently I missed the deadline. 
In taking this action, I hope you will also consider sending along a generous contribution of $25, ..., or even $5,000 to the Republican National Committee (:RNC) so they can forcefully fight back against Donald's most ardent opponents and ensure that his positive agenda remains on track.
(Next page, please)
Page Two - Mr. Charles M. Fraser
I know you realize how much ...

What's the point other than crippling catchphrases and wounding jargon?

AND ... 
The RNC sent the exact same 
2019 Congressional District Census again.
In case my obscurity's escaped notice. ...

* Who's kidding who? Rhetorical. Right. However the wind blows. 
(**) Popularized slighting reference to Democratic Party, vociferously used by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy. Developed before him and exploited after, Democrat Party is from the in-joke method of hypnotized understanding. Carting that patronizing carcass reflects a denial of the future's hijacking by the past. Where nothing's resolved because our dogmatic perfect storm of rhetorical accusation fills the spaces of public controversy. Leaving no room for much of substance to move about, smothered in contentious tales. Not that simple? Sigh, ...
Something Else
  Uh hum.  News cycles come and go. The intent's theoretically not to trivialize but magnify what's happened in the moment. That fall pragmatically short if all the manipulation's brought to bear the lament, good intentions often go awry. Opinions For Sale?
A Moment of Silence For Notre Dame

  ... article

The Financial Benefits of Wiping the Slate Clean

Something Else Continued
  No doubt news was never impartial enough to ever assume anything public has ever really been the opposite of fake. Hutzpah and chicanery has always been stirred in the mix. Producing as myopic a panorama as our public face could ever regrettably appear to be? So we're here at this place in time. Where gall incarnate pales in comparison to journalistic ethics. Tossing antagonism like paper airplanes, in class, distracting the public from their teachers' disciplinarian roles. No matter what, this president should have learned something better and not just come out of his remaining time as just another devotee of tactics. 
  A ruthless American President may certainly have been what the public asked for. But the office requires more pride in intellectual integrity. Because America is not what's pretended and the public's been let down idolizing mediocrity. In our own image? Notify Public Relations. 
  Redacted, edited, what's the difference? It's a real whack job that our president portray's himself as a stature above, thereby embellishing the news himself. None manufactured more than himself, or not? No evidence of collusion's repeated so often, the contradictory evidence is dwarfed. How dare people address the harsh reality that narcissistic buffoonery's become as valid for this country's self-image as any self-serving authoritarian state. 
  Pound the U. S. Constitution forevermore. But pounding's produced virtual hamburger meat. Taking government scientists out of the alarmist game's a solution? How this president's publicity hijacking will be remembered, despite how-well publicized, is as the era of unimaginative capitalism and shortcut car.
  And something else. As with scapegoating Jesus Christ for Christians' sins, equating Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump as symbols of Judaism's integrity who're above criticism is embellished more than a tad. Where's the shame? Instead polished off characters become sanctified for the shallowest of reasons. Sycophantic leadership's convenience. 
While Also In The News
  The National Champion University of Virginia Men's Basketball Team declined to visit for a White House celebration of their victory. So expect more publicity asides about the lowering of the class of American character and culture, etc. 
Just In Case Anyone’s Not Seen
that continues Chapter IV, by Roy Cohn's 68th Street townhouse doorstep, the First Tuesday following the 2016 Presidential Election. Followed by my Summer of 2017 Sit-In, reading from inside 
The 49 East Houston Mulberry Street Gang Reading 

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