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Occupy Evicted From Public Bank Pedestrian Cement Park

  RT headlined HSBC wins eviction order over Occupy Hong Kong. Pointing out after almost a year of the Occupy Hong Kong occupation of the HSBC British multinational bank, HSBC Holdings has won a legal bid to have members of the Occupy Hong Kong movement evicted from the open-air plaza below the bank’s Asian headquarters in Hong Kong’s financial center. Occupy activists are instructed to leave the premises by 9pm (13:00 GMT) on August 27, as the judge has ruled activists’ use goes beyond the land’s designated purpose as a thoroughfare. HSBC owns the legally designated public passageway land on the ground floor. “We welcome the court ruling, and we look forward to the occupiers following the court order,” Gareth Hewett, an HSBC spokesman, told The Associated Press.
  Brett Wilkins writing in Digital Journal speculated Chinese authorities, concerned about appearing insensitive during a time of staggering wealth inequality, have been reluctant to move against Occupiers. In contrast, authorities in the United States, where freedom of speech and assembly are constitutionally guaranteed rights, have often resorted to heavy-handed police violence to clear Occupy encampments. Could be cultural passivity vs. Americans’ aggressive demonstrations of rejecting standing down to represent how deeply their convictions are held? Now what would Gandhi say?
  The protestors have been living on the ground floor of the Norman Foster-designed HSBC building since last October, when the Occupy Hong Kong movement joined the worldwide Occupy movement, which originated a month earlier in New York’s Zuccotti Park.
  RT reports HSBC sought legal action after they were unable to convince the protestors to leave voluntarily. The protests in Hong Kong began with about 200 people living in the occupied space in tents with set-up couches, lamps, bookshelves and gas cookers. Now, ten months after, a dozen activists are staying strong while continuing to live on the ground floor. Members have vowed not to budge from their demonstration against corporate excess and economic inequality.
  Reuters quoted one core member of the Occupy Hong Kong movement, Leung Wing Lai, saying, “We won’t leave even if they [come] here to remove us and we’ll hold a meeting tomorrow night to discuss how we’ll deal with the eviction.” Occupy activist Nin Chan told The Associated Press, “We’ve never asked permission from the law, we’ve never asked permission from the courts, we’ve never asked for permission from HSBC. And, from the very beginning, we’ve never recognized these authorities as being legitimate, and from the very beginning we decided not to take orders from anybody that wants to evacuate us. We believe space should be opened up for common usage.” Mui Kai-ming said he would “absolutely” not leave, according to The A.P. Defiant protester Tam Mei-kam, 89, said, “They can try all they want, I won’t leave.” Has that ring of martyrdom, huh? Well, how few among the purposely downtrodden haven’t earned it?
  RT virtually chants: Global eviction of Occupy protests have touched activists all over the world, including New York’s OWS eviction last November and London’s forced abandonment from their Finsbury Square camp on June 14.
  The New York Times headline, Occupy Hong Kong Gets 2 Weeks to Leave Bank Building’s Space, By KEITH BRADSHER, notes: If the protesters have not left by the deadline, the next step would be for a court bailiff to decide what, if any, action to take. But any legal appeals along the way could further delay the departure or removal of the protesters.
  While the site under the HSBC building has also been used by local domestic workers to take refuge from the heat on Sundays during their weekly day off. Way to go Times, as if reminding us all the riffraff are next to go. Or, the façade is already in place to project an everyday state of normalcy has returned.
  Al Jazeera printed, Only a handful sleep at the camp overnight, and during the day there are rarely more than ten, according to witnesses and bank officials. Even so, their tents, personal belongings and banners denouncing capitalism have become a fixture at the HSBC building in one of Hong Kong’s most exclusive shopping and financial districts.
  But fellow occupier Ho Yiu Shing said he would “find another suitable place” to continue his protest. At his house maybe, if his economic situation allowed him to afford one and remain ahead of the financial system’s recalibration that destroyed many in debt to the system? The customers. Oh dear, weren’t they supposed to always be right? Didn’t that used to mean, being sold a bill of goods? Better business is not just a slogan, it’s what will benefit everyone if we try.
Occupy Evicted From Public Bank Pedestrian Park
8/13/2102 concluded: But fellow occupier Ho Yiu Shing said he would “find another suitable place” to continue his protest. At his house maybe, if his economic situation allowed him to afford one and remain ahead of the financial system’s recalibration that destroyed many in debt to the system? The customers. Oh dear, weren’t they supposed to always be right? Didn’t that used to mean, being sold a bill of goods? Better business is not just a slogan, it’s what will benefit everyone if we try.
January 1st - 31st, 2019
The Provocatively Tabloidial Presidency (1/9/2019)

  The day after "the speech" is as good as any for reflection. Yesterday's Soapbox View, An Address The Nation Speech (1/8/2019), was my anticipated reaction. The insistence power supersedes everything can't be emphasized enough. And if people can't fathom that the American Government's system of checks and balances is perhaps the only thing between us and lost arrogance, then, as the saying goes, God help us because we're not really doing much for ourselves except causing problems. 
  Reading is fundamental to thinking and pacified America couldn't get the hint? Can read, doesn't. Whatever. More corrupt. Less corrupt. Get a life. Find a clue. Yada yada yada.
  The damage to how everyone's looking at each other is already done. That emotionally unstable thread of bigotry, that was once shielded and disguised, has been neutralized in general minds as just natural. The hate entirely glossed over? All on the backs of the scapegoated evading the irresponsible collusion between the Western Hemisphere's aristocracies. Not that all the enforcers of Behavior  Standards throughout the rest of the world aren't as hypnotized. But the entangled legal web we've woven disgraces morality's ideal from sea to shining sea. Disentangle the Criminal Enterprise System, or at least stop pretending we're not blaming everyone else but ourselves, Mr. President. 
Last Occupy Paragraph Was Near Enough In The Park  
  Where from here, political magicians imagine, is absorbed by sycophantic hordes in all the various patriotic disguises. Pretending thought out of the box is among their concepts, while wearing out the boast. History isn't just repeating, it's regurgitating. Where are the financial advancements beyond manipulating money's exploitation? As if in the greater scheme of things, the only claim to greatness a generation could ever really make isn't reversing the very nature of manipulated extreme financial exaggerations that bizarrely undermine money's egalitarian purpose. 
  Though economists are facing possibilities. There's even a TedTalk for gosh sakes. While the crying shame is the public struggles in the dark with the absurdity that the basics of a good life's comfortable retirement requires multi-millions of dollars. Shrewd as we are, smart can't completely be the manipulating of the public spectrum such that our manufacturers of luxurious automobiles are still in the business of advertising the shorting of social responsibility. Resulting in the entire world's operation remaining the bitter cold hard-case of mobile throne abuse. 
  What's gone on is happening. Not from mass amnesia. But from being happily sold our most drastic compromises are for our own good. To a degree, everyday citizens aren't responsible for delaying necessary environmental transitions. Because it's really been a maze the public's been guided guided along denying there's enough truth to anything competition hasn't solved. Reducing life's meaning to how much poison "a ballpark figure" of us can tolerate. The fact that efforts cast a partial shadow of hope, doesn't change the public's right to God-given luxury. So where is the plan to transition ALL Vehicles off oil consumption now? No, none? Because that competition's far beyond our financial capabilities as previous decades exploited. Yet, so near perfection, visibly this is almost, but not near enough, utopia. 
  What should have been a more reliably paced transition for many decades, has been and and remains an open war on credibility. Global Warming aside. Pollution beyond generations' lifetimes is clear cut irresponsible. The problem is the ease by which economics overwhelms everything. Petroleum products sell for how many more decades into the future? Transportation Industry? Bah. Humbug. A mass overhauling is a completely foreign concept to a "fake" Transportation Industry? The horror and shame. And everyone's too fast, while, most likely, no one will keep up with the computers no matter how slowly they're programmed to go or fast at understanding us. 
  Yep. Crisis. Of note is the president's forté's surfing them. His bored isn't pulled under because his attention span reaches nowhere near under the surface. All flaunt. All the time. 
Yes, Mr. President. Anyone Hear Me Now?
  Don't debate without a toolbox is heckled from the cheap seats. Why spouting off's so routine is imagery's every little and, even, big scheme's crafted impermanence turns logic and public dialogue into a kind of soup where everything's blended in with the broth. Where no one's bothering with vegetables and candy-coated happiness is injected from a perpetual spout.  
  From social media outlets to political punditrists, the most abused president in the history of humankind repetitious Paul Reveres recapitulate to a captive audience. Attacking future's promise, obstinately insisting there's no greater Americanism than this dullard greatness heaved upon anyone not cognizant enough of history's fuller responsible scope. How dare I? How dare ya'll?
Could Arrogance Be Shut Down?
  Off the market? Down the tubes? Hit rock bottom? Over and out? Finis. Fait Accompli? The most dismal of odds? 
People Are Just Accessories Now?
  Unless you can't understand how your identity's value has come to have more than enough significance for the both of you.
Certainly Punch Lines, Mr. President
  As there's a myriad of crowning touched cappers to every single discombobulation of whichever nuisance happens to tarnish the exalted veneer next. No matter how self-described, the happenstance nakedness of monarchies the world over. South American shenanigans while a government shutdown is driven to the most distracting proportions of all time? How bizarrely that coincidence could even be questioned at all? Instead of character, you're being a character Mr. President. Not that this hasn't always been true, but a personality publicity machine run amuck might not be that presidential. Ripened for the modern sophisticated world? But leadership isn't token sloganeering to however much cheering effect. Supposedly you can fool Americans some of the time but not all. Amen. 
  As history's read for countless centuries, and ramrodded through endless modern times. The best defense is a good offense, ad infinitum. So looking backward, extrapolating forward. Back there where what happened wasn't necessarily fair, and the cultural quirks that resulted have no business being packaged as polished America now. Don't Settle For Arrogance
How New Years Come And Go
  Everywhere I've been which isn't many places, there's always something. Nothing particular but each spot has its own speciality and purpose of place. 
  I went with my father to that corner store where he bought me my first bicycle around 1962. There were windows then and the husband and wife owners and he talked. Possibly about how for a year at the turn of the century he'd worked as a bicycle mechanic. Most likely before he walked from Chicago to New York to his eventual career with New York Telephone and Telegraph. A few years back my sister happened upon the bike mechanic fact reading a year by year account Malcolm C. Fraser wrote. 
  Also of note is whenever we visited Sanford, Florida we always took the road past Sanford Memorial Stadium where once I whined about how we always took that road that was a natural right turn because the highway'd reached a dead end. My mother just said your father wants you to not forget here. I even complained that seeing other routes might be better for me if I ever got stuck with having to live there. No, never said exactly that way. But the intent was there. 
  Anyway, the route never changed. And I now can recall his smirking before my aggravation ticked him off. He knew I'd understand certain things in their own time. That stadium's in the Hammer and Cycle novel for the best reason of all. Reason. 
  Sometimes things change and rearrange for all the right reasons and other times people prefer comfortably ignoring their being wrong. What a morass. They're falling all over themselves with laughter in the aisles where maybe we should all be swimming this time of year. Drowning in our reveries. Ha!
  Embracing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day should apply the necessary salve to heal all our politically strategic wounds. 

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