Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Would Anyone In Line To Be Emperor Have Clothes?

The BBC headline Naked Prince Harry photos published online recounts today’s American gossip website TMZ exclusively describing pictures showing Prince Harry and a young woman naked in a Las Vegas hotel room. The BBC reports the two photos of the 27-year-old royal on the gossip website, TMZ, were taken on a private break with friends over the weekend. The site speculates the prince was in a group playing “strip billiards”. St. James’s Palace has confirmed the prince is in the photos but has made no further comment about the images. Which should be a story in itself and not buried, shallowly, in the copy.

Nonetheless, the BBC guesses the two pictures of the prince were taken on Friday. And website TMZ claims the pictures came after the prince, who is third in line to the throne, invited friends back to his hotel room for a private party. That’s a story. The prince actually associates with people without Bold Print names to rival his own draw as gossip fodder. Associating with commoners? My gosh, that deserves to be brought before Parliament for a negotiated punishment of thirty lashes, at least?

In an analysis from the BBC’s, Royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, Prince Harry’s gossip history is paraded forth, as per usual, when who has a clue what counts when people hardly read anything they’re not titillated by anyway? So why again, does it matter, Mr. Witchell whose explanation starts – There was a time when he was known as the partying prince, falling out of nightclubs in the early hours, getting himself into scrapes and generally showing a lack of good judgement. Acting like some inebriated kid at that age he actually was – and is?

But then the BBC analysis gives the prince a break? – In more recent times, Harry has transformed his image. His military service has played a big part in the change. He served in Afghanistan with his regiment, and said he was keen to return.

Sure, participating in the honorably centuries long family war-mongering business, that’s a real credit builder. We should all be proud the business of public relations has set the public straight on the purpose for war. To keep royalty from getting naked in Vegas, except when off-duty?

So Mr. Witchell continues to make clear what the public is capable of being taught to think. Writing – And time and again during his royal duties he’s shown the caring instinct that his late mother demonstrated. Harry has become a huge asset to the Royal Family: committed, but with a sense of fun and mischief to which people have warmed. Dag-gum, it’s as if the Royal Family are real people. Gee, who’d have thought that’s what they’re supposed to be with all the pomp and circumstance?

Mr. Witchell, taking his cues from TMZ, continues. – So this latest episode will surely be both an embarrassment and a disappointment to his family and, most particularly one imagines, to Harry himself. His friends say he was just “letting his hair down”, a young officer having a few days of relaxation before returning to military duties. But it can never be quite as straightforward as that when that “young officer” is third in line to the British throne. And other than Prince Charles installing solar panels throughout Britain, why and how is the pestered Royal Family necessarily politically relevant, unless for labeling as scapegoats in instances such as – this?

To continue with the BBC’s charmingly detached, journalistically inclined description. – It is not clear how the photos were taken, but it is presumed they were captured on a camera phone. Uh huh. Maybe the lack of professional lighting and grainy texture accounts for that assessment? The pictures have since been picked up by much of the American media, but as yet have not been printed by any British newspaper. Nor this Journal Block essay, perhaps because of the shallowness that others comfortably like to be paid to portray the public as?

As the BBC admits – The father of one of Prince Harry’s closest friends told the BBC’s The World at One the prince was “a very easy target” for the press. Alex van Straubenzee, whose son Thomas has known the prince since childhood, said that “more than anything [Harry] is a British soldier”.

Well then? As this other pops says, “He has a very, very good qualification in the job he does for the Army and I think this is what people will look at.” Well raise the flag and strike up the bagpipes, The Queen and prince will, no doubt, share grins at the weekend retreat,Windsor Castle.

But even the BBC can’t stop, redundantly stating – The emergence of the pictures is the latest colourful incident in Prince Harry’s life. In 2005, there was widespread outrage when an image of the prince attending a friend’s fancy dress birthday dressed as a Nazi emerged. Nah, he couldn’t possibly as a descendent of Germans be mocking tragic history? Now that was absurd. But a kid wearing a costume, really?

Then the BBC vomitingly repeats- in 2009, Prince Harry was forced to apologize for using offensive language to describe an Asian member of his army platoon after video footage emerged. Sorry I missed that. Was the Asian’s member present, and why exactly does a whole continent describe that person’s lineage? I understand my not spending more time finding out, but with the sources of the BBC we settle for defining a member of the exalted British military as just being of Asian descent? Good work, if you can get it, I guess.

But who’d have thought defending a prince would come my way as had happened to Michael Phelps having his private life exploited four years ago in the American Carolinas. Because what the story actually is, is someone took private pictures and sold them with at least an awareness that blackmail is out when people have such high profile. It’s really just us commoners that suffer from self-righteousness being sold to the world as a valuable commodity, so worth our attention that a trivial intrusion on the life of a member of the human family can be exploited in such a pathetically shallow method such as has been made out of this.

Ha, ha. I’m not a lawyer. (satirizing, for the non-indoctrinated, TMZ’s television tagline) Stick that where the laughs belong, tabloid journalism.

You know, I think we’ve all been had. Because this Harry from being angry at photographers who are a nuisance in his path, to whatever stunt he chooses tomorrow seems to always emphasize, Why Can’t The Rest Of You Leave Me Alone To Live Your Own Lives? Look what you’ve done being such pests badgeringly following my loved ones. And it wasn’t the photographers following his mother that made that tragedy happen. It was gossip haunting her life and I don’t think the world really can apologize to him.
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