Thursday, August 30, 2012

All Her Troubles Moved To New York, Lindsay Lohan Apparently Can’t Financially Fade From The Public Eye

Wow! The New York Daily News‘ CONFIDENTI@L, CARSON GRIFFITH, BRIAN NIEMIETZ, LISA LANG AND NATE FREEMAN report Lindsay Lohan is leaving L.A. troubles behind and moving to New York!
Really? Lindsay Lohan has in common with President Vladimir Putin of Russia, that they’re stories even when they’re not news that day. Vladimir’s tale yesterday was about all the wealth he had access to which is old news as everyone knows and Lindsay’s threatened to leave LA at least twice before the last two years. Yes Lindsay is threatening to invade New York City. And?
See, expecting Lindsay Lohan to swoop back through Gotham City is like knowing The Joker finishes his sentences with a laugh.  
So this is an absolutely joyous Daily News’ classic re-rendering of extremely timeless and important gossip for the ages, starting – Get ready, New York.Lindsay Lohan is moving toTribeca. A source confirmed exclusively to Confidenti@l, LiLo is leaving her troubles in Los Angeles behind and settling down in New York City, where she’ll room with her assistant/sometimes best friend Gavin Doyle.
Nice, the endeavor has The Rich Do The Darndest Things all over it. The Daily News speculates – While the move won’t likely happen until after Fashion Week in September, Lohan is already settling back into the Manhattan party circuit. Uh oh, yep. Has the mayor been alerted to this? Certainly his smile could be gotten in somewhere? Or maybe Lindsay could hold some vodka if President Putin came to town.
And according to the Daily News, tracking, there’d be no trouble finding Lindsey. – On Tuesday she was spotted with former Yankees Pat Kelly and Shane Spencer at Dorrian’s, the upper East Side bastion of prep school kids, downing vodka-and-sodas and even jumping on the mic for some karaoke. Choosing “You & I” by the Lohan admirer, Lady Gaga, who handpicked the troubled starlet to star in a new music video. Jeez, a lot of names are dropped in this paragraph, so just two are linked in red.
According to CONFIDENTI@L – Sources say Lohan will jet to Paris early next week for the shoot. Nice, Lindsay is “spotted” doing down home Karaoke plugging next week’s Gaga shoot she’s set to appear in. Spotted! But seriously, the Daily News doesn’t let up on their exclusive spotting of Lindsey’s poor real life. Noting – After belting out a few tunes, including some Billy Joel, the crew sped downtown to Electric Room and claimed the coveted center booth for some late-night debauchery.
Lohan says she was there celebrating the Los Angeles district attorney’s Tuesday decision to drop charges connecting her to a burglary in the Hollywood Hills. The Daily News presses – If the Lohan camp was aware of Wednesday’s news that she owes $46,000 to the Chateau Marmont, or her subsequent ban from the property, they didn’t seem to care.
So apparently no Lindsey spokesperson was available for comment at Lindsey’s obvious photo-op so The Daily News can only speculate as it continues to. Printing – It’s possible the eviction from her L.A. crash pad at the famed Hollywood hotel led to Lindsay’s decision to head back East.
And really, I was duped by the spotted remark, because read this The Daily News printed – Later, Lohan chatted to us about her role in “The Canyons.” No, seriously they chatted when they’y only been lucky enough earlier to have spotted her. Geez, well what a scoop, I’m in the way. Daily News – The film had just wrapped, and she says the results were “fantastic.” A word President Putin no doubt frequently uses to express whatever to the public. At least Lindsey’s slumming in New York in the neighborhood bars not enough of our world’s prominent celebrities can afford to dive with the common folk.

Coming and going the Daily News had Lindsey in their sights – Leaving around 4 a.m., her entourage suggested a move to Le Baron, but Lohan said she wanted to go home. Sources tell us she’s holed up at the Bowery Hotel.
When reached for comment, Lindsay’s rep said, “I think right now people should focus on the presidential race and the future of our country.”
The Daly News replied – Noted.
In that case maybe now is the best time to give politics a rest.
A week’s vacation begins after tomorrow until September 10th’s return. Until then Charles M. Fraser has essays that began in the merry-merry month of May.

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