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When Nothing Is Done Is A Beautiful Democratic Achievement

  Legal gridlock is one reason why when citizens congregate, most of the time, stormtroopers don’t barge in shouting, “Everyone stop what you’re doing now.” Also why its a heck of a long time for anything to get done in this country. Plus, in fact, generations commonly lapse before justice is served. Yet it is to our advantage to be deliberate, and deliberate, so no one is railroaded by the power of the government over the individual. And presumably not on the Supreme Court’s watch over our freedom of speech this time because Thursday The New York Times and Reuters reported the Supreme Court declined to address if the government still had the authority to regulate indecency on broadcast television while excusing two broadcasters from potential fines for past violations of rules against cursing and nudity. The court did not address the constitutionality of the regulations.
  Only Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who voted with the majority but did not join its reasoning, was prepared to address the First Amendment issues raised by changes in broadcasting and media since 1978, when the Supreme Court decided the leading case in this area, Federal Communications Commission v. Pacifica. That decision said the government could restrict George Carlin’s famous “seven dirty words” monologue, which had been broadcast on the radio in the afternoon. The court relied on what it called the uniquely pervasive nature of broadcast media and its unique accessibility to children. “In my view,” Justice Ginsburg wrote, the Pacifica decision “was wrong when issued. Time, technological advances, and the commis­sion’s untenable rulings in the cases now before the Court show why Pacifica bears reconsideration.” Last week before the American Constitution Society, Justice Ginsburg suggested wryly there were gaps in the justices’ knowledge of popular culture. “The Paris Hiltons of this world, my law clerks told me, eagerly await this decision,” she said of the case decided Thursday. “It is beyond my comprehension, I told my clerks, how the F.C.C. can claim jurisdiction to ban words spoken in a hotel on French soil.”
  Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, leaving the larger free speech question unresolved, writing for seven justices, said the “Federal Communications Commission had changed the rules in the middle of the game and failed to give Fox or ABC fair notice prior to the broadcasts in question that fleeting expletives and momentary nudity could be found actionably indecent.”
  Seriously no one told the broadcasters? The past 40 years of cable programming’s competitive nude liberties were just rumors? The networks could have had naked TV all this time and beaten Cable-TV’s expanding channels before that business got off the ground. ABC’s soap star Sucan Lucci might have done anything for the team to keep the franchise afloat. Walter Cronkite might have worn shorts to kill this new industry that wasn’t even required to carry the news. Why today’s news is more about celebrities drawing our attention for the primary sake of entertainment. But ultimately the culture will work all this out and the Supreme Court will have suggestions wrenched out of them and that’s our democracy inaction.
  John Marshall, 4th Supreme Court
Chief Justice of the United States
Painted by Henry Inman in 1831.
and the current boisterous Court 
and Congress.
  Bill of Rights B.D. (Before Digital)
PACS will no doubt appear and reappear in assorted textures, flavors, forms, and formulas. While this is the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
  With speech and press referred to independently it seems individuals might be due some of the rights of corporations too?
  We will never pass this way again. – Seals and Crofts
When Nothing Is Done Is A Beautiful Democratic Achievement

6/22/2012 - With speech and press referred to independently it seems individuals might be due some of the rights of corporations too?
We will never pass this way again. – Seals and Crofts

October 12 - November 8, 2016

  Repetition sucks. Detail through theme. People too shrewd to be held back by doing the right thing. Repeating Spike Lee. But ad infinitumstuck on play? Imaginable, but  c'monStill, speaking of repetitive. This anxious political season has manifested both desires to question, and run for the hills from forceful partisanship. PowerMan-made, or human, miracle to behold. Oh well. 

15 Historic Cartoons That Changed The World, c/o BUZZ FEED

  So the shrewdest stabs at managing the planet demonstrate evidence hurricane force winds left Bermuda standing preceded by thousands dying in Haiti? Of course. Their money hasn't circulated properly, at all, for centuries, as the island's incapable of mutual prosperity. Proper exploitation a fine line even when found. Charity? Everything's gifted in a world so obviously, thoroughly less shrewd about facing our own devious ethical bendsCoincidentally Trial International reports seven million Duvalier Haitian francs have returned. Big whoop

  Accusations all stick to their own degree. We should be scared of the pictures presidential candidates paint of the country folding to political pressure. How the other shakes up the momentum and reduces America to what? Puppets of a president? Arrogantly patriotic because equality's liberal balderdash outside the lip-servicing of certain documents? Certainly true in degrees. And what's happened to grace being greatest? Because what flaunted honor has wrought is disgraceful.

The Soapbox View Candidate For President
  Our industrious world would appear so, but hasn't stepped gallantly into the future polishing off the last vestiges of our past's hatred induced inadequacies. Soapbox View
  Our industriousness the enabler for being short of this future's shedding prejudice. Soapbox View The result of open-ended ruthless revenge no one has any business in. Nadaничегоnone ...
  Crafted political campaigns anticipate public desire for polish. Hence we're spoken for, not about. "Talk about" mentioned, not discussed. Coaxed, not confided. Deceitful? No kidding. So, as per usual, the celebrity parade bounces along accordingly pulling the public by storm. The stories' momentums are established, re-packaged, re-tilted, re-slanted repeatedly ad nauseam (passing) through election day. Earnestnesses that took root from tale woven symbolism wound with surgical accuracy around sloganed soundbites void of nuanced exposure. Though America's supposed to be known for this

cult of personality substitutes drama for substantiation.
  Voters face, while not, the serious lament the menagerie's really our political self. Narcissism why, or why not? Clichéd optimism remaining what's run on? So the previous Tuesday, a week before the election, and then Friday before and Friday after, I will have read from my obscure Cold War parody, from which one theme was meant to help lift the veils of deceit, among which involves properly burying Roy CohnYes, Mr. Candidate, another loser. Guilty of favoring yours by association with him, and it's not just that. It's the willingness to twist America's prejudices, within a frivolous framework of deniability. Not that that's not happening without you anyway. But you are making a frenzied crowd the pinnacle of success. Again. Without consolation. Because hindsight can't fix the past. But where history's concerned all any of us have are claims. Where no matter how huge a symbol exists, or softly my foot's down, polished fits do not alter this ... perspective. Let's hope the future doesn't have to still keep wishing it could have faced down another generation's crap while they're still alive, too.

From the Baruch College Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity

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A fruitful symposium that answers the question why Native American mascots is abuse, while both sides of the coin are addressed.

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The Soapbox View pursues the Twin Legacies 

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