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Committee Approves University Football Playoffs

  A committee of university presidents on Tuesday approved a four-team playoff to start in the 2014 NCAA American Football season. Commissioners completed a six-month process deciding No. 1 will play No. 4, No. 2 will play No. 3, and the winners advance to the championship. The New York Times reports four “teams will be selected by a committee, similar to the way the NCAA basketball tournament field is set.” Hardly, as college basketball fields a more than 64 team competition. However this enterprise is still expected to increase university revenue in the billions. Over 350 million per year according to CBS News. The Times adds there are some details to work out, but all the decision-makers are on board. While USA Today also reported the presidents endorsed the semifinals rotating among six of the bowl games leaving that tradition in tact for the forseeable future? 
  The BCS release also states the semifinals will be New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day with the title game roughly a week afterward, depending on the calendar, to create a “Championship Monday.” 
  Comments point to this four team playoff as the most manageable until, of course, the eight best financed are still fighting for those first four spots and the rest of the country stops pretending it’s really all about loyalty to the school and other leagues develop just as smaller schools have done on their own for years and everyone else eventually has to in the American Free-Enterprise System unless your monopoly is as successful as the NCAA of course. While the real test of guts is if the NCAA not only publishes but advertises the Grade Point Averages of the competing teams giving professors a larger incentive to keep their jobs by awarding players better grades so as not to embarrass the universities.
  Really, does it take being an NCAA genius to see four teams competing for the championship is the best that can be done? I understand the manageable logic, but four from among such a competitive field is not a playoff but spoils system for the elite as per usual, maybe. 
  Heisman Trophy and the abandoned BCS Trophy
Committee Approves University Football Playoffs

6/26/2012 concluded: Really, does it take being an NCAA genius to see four teams competing for the championship is the best that can be done? I understand the manageable logic, but four from among such a competitive field is not a playoff but spoils system for the elite as per usual, maybe.

Dec. 2, 2016 - Jan. 23, 2017
American Football Is A Look At Ourselves?
  As the case remains, as with Major League Baseballthe wealthiest, logically, have upper-hands. When the exceptionally talented, who aren't used by the elitest athletic schools, congregate in enough numbers, and other schools excel, that's not necessarily the rule. Alabama built Alabama before Nick Saban

2016-17, two of the four playoff contenders, Clemson and Washington, though considered "exceptional" schools, weren't traditionally considered top tier, till this century, so the plate appears marginally wider. Though Clemson defeated Alabama this year. 
  The sad shame is amusement's so critical for citizens' alma maters to stay in the dough, so to speak. And not. At least there's opportunity. If only profit already assigned full scholarships for all scholars making the football team. Leaving no edge to the better players' better deals? Socialist leveling of American Football's Minor Leagues? No. Business, perhaps. Leverage, after all. Everyone wants more pay. Even those who are. 
  Universities invest so much more than the players in keeping the whole vast show afloat. Why realistic and pragmatic are separate things.
  12/10/2016, understandably a Corporation For Public Corporate Broadcasting affiliate, NPR, moderator, in questioning their own researcher reiterated the next head of the Small Business Administration had built their family's WWE wrestling empire up from a small business. Though her husband Vince McMahon boasted of buying up local wrestling franchises across the country. Eliminating small businesses' spotlight for expansion. How things are, yet, for sentence simplicity, shaded truth. A "fake news'" progenitor and rest of the story's nemesis, in all likelihood
  Fact is buying out competition is life's, and John D. Rockefeller's, template for building Standard Oil into a dethroned monopoly, or not? Mere small business coincidence, it's the able new Secretary of State's lineage? Bush/Cheney Redux? Yada. 

  So repeating what's not been entirely left unsaid, yet, is the sense American power's still firmly in the hotel guests' hands who've had Management's ear for years. Next stop: Hotel America! What's homelessness! The Criminal Enterprise System's defused. Desperation fueled catastrophe waylaid. Except tomorrow's promise is retaining the lucrative Business of Criminal Enforcement underlying the un-healed fostered madness. Too loosely paraphrased? Tweety
  No. As billboards perhaps, but Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett aren't headed back to watch Washington squabble. Nor would they also linger amused with their being gambled over to determine which team wins when. Nothing encouraging? Just Davy and Daniel were admired entrepreneurs for supposedly having not let success sway their humble heads. 
  Anyway. Other competitors, if not the McMahons, would have beaten their pulled punch. Ruthlessness isn't the problem. But cold hard fact of life. ... enablers ... "landslide" ... Presidential Motorcade ... "you liberals" ... mass media ... accusational denial ... leverage ... simple pragmatism ... political siege ... . Yep, jargon's not change. Just frayContest of uninterrupted noise so enamoring, smoke's all there is. Opaque eyes mirroring aloofly varnished reflections of gold spooned populist opportunism, or not. Reality is trickle down. Why capitalism's all there is and shading truth's so lucrative that getting past political games is beyond the planet's means. It's true. It's all a dream and we're imagining nightmare. 
  Because? The stage has been repetitively set for centuries hoping Napoleonic complexities accommodate a future that can face the past. 
  Looking forward's an oil industry spokesman expressing hope the new administration presses the future forward continuing the unnecessary excessive exploitation of the planet's chemistry? Overly embellished paraphrasing? Then how about calling this era one of no shame and
Scapegoats On Trial
Sore losers? Ah indeed. Rip Van Winkle could attest to political memory's being first to go. Similar, in some sense, to how those pesky Stalinists used to enforce being uninformed, yet full of information?

Superficial’s Winning

  The age clamors trivializing sound bittenly nuancelessness tripe. Notice how the serious businesses of medicine and justice succeed, where cost won't resolve and money trumps social resolve. An openly sarcastically blatant liberal accusation? Except rhetoric's not an argument. And Medical Industrial Complex and Criminal Enterprise System are too lucrative to face what everything actually costs. Shrewd's result repercussions. 
  There once was a successful novelist who'd re-labelled himself "conservative," described in Alfred Kazin's 1969 Introduction to John Dos Passos' 1930 novel, The 42nd Parallel, with the quote, 'Henry James said the "novelist succeeds to the sacred office of the historian.'" Meaning understanding includes imagination. So reading Dos Passos' eighty-seven years ago warning, feel what the 20th Century planted as personified in the flamboyant character of J. Ward Moorehouse, whose rise in the public relations "game" demonstrated big business' relationship to government. Symbolic manifestation of what's commercially happening. Though descendants insist John D. Rockefeller himself in his forward looking approach would not approve of tagging along to squeeze the last profitable drop. How unimaginative
  35 years bicycling while superior transportation's slumberously technological advanced into Pods fulfilling the limousines' mobile throne evolution. Skies the limit. 
  The theory there's good guys is great, but odds are conspiracies of individuals are the power of thrones everywhere in this supposed era of revelation without complete truth. Fortune is capitalism is all there is to solve. And ducking the hysterics folks just bizarre.
Orson Bean Classic Television Showbiz Interview mentioning "rabid right wingers" of 1940's-50s.
The Soapbox View pursues the Twin Legacies

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