Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Major Television Contributor Clicks Off 

  Sunday, Eugene Polley, the veteran Zenith inventor of the television remote control passed away at age ninety-six as Associated Press writer Carla K. Johnson reported on Yahoo! NewsThe Los Angeles Times provides a video satire of the remote’s significance and photo of the original 1955 invention, Flash Matic!, that paved the way for hand held devices. It’s said cell phones came from the Star Trek design, which had to have come from the television remote everyone wanted their hands on as of course the commercial genius Gene Roddenberry understood.
  For those who don’t know or weren’t sure or remember, the television remote was invented after the rotary phone. Both critical stages in modern life’s evolving sophistication, yet there was a time you could hear and feel the strain of metal springs in those remote electronic devises. Not just today’s modern sound, of plastic, plastic, plastic.
  Yesterday’s progress creates the future but substitutes for walking and exercise will always be debatably valuable. Perhaps as with Wal-Mart’s Sam Walton, Eugene Polley secretly questioned on his death bed too if he “did the right thing?” 

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