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Ratcheted Up Middle East Violence Means Business As Per Usual

Anger, a typical human emotion, when festered through group thought is usually the power of a maniacal self-centeredness willed into being by preposterous mindsets from theoretically opposing points-of-view. Such as terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers excusing an American President to seek revenge that in the long-run festered the desire for more resentful cyclical revenge, as in yesterday's 21 year old arrested in New York for trying to bomb the Federal Reserve Building.

Turning the other cheek in retrospect is the hardest thing to do, so why doesn't EVERYONE understand that's the problem. Is the future really so bleak just because an American President couldn't understand the whole world is guilty of unpardonable sins? Who in the human chain does everyone think should have shown better understanding? Should the 21 year old have realized, that looking weak, a basically decades ago semi-draft dodger had to flex some muscles to pretend to appear presidential. Catch my drift? Everyone? But of course the sanctity of America's being offended must be revered at all cost. Like how historically Britons had to defend Britain for being such total jerks toward Ireland. Doesn't relate? Does so is facing the truth is part of the equation.

So to move forward requires everyone swallowing some pride and finding humility. Fat chance.

So Syria is falling apart and a Lebanese official is assassinated in Beirut as the New York Times reports that it seems it's all swelling up again. Again? Under the headline, Bomb in Beirut Kills a Security Chief, Reviving Old Fears Anne Barnard writes - A large bomb exploded in the heart of Beirut’s Christian section on Friday, killing a top Lebanese security official and at least seven others, wounding dozens and spreading anxiety and dread in a city where memories of sectarian violence from Lebanon’s long civil war have been resurrected by the conflict in neighboring SyriaBrig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan, was apparently the target of the explosion and The Times reports on the details conjecturing why the assault happened that blasted a whole neighborhood to get one man. 

Really only the weak cover up that deficiency by targeting vast areas where the innocent are made victims too. No? If I have to live with these regrets, why shouldn't everyone else too? Oh yeah, various people's interpretation of God/Allah matter so much that anything is excusable. But not in Allah/God's view one can imagine. Can't? Make an effort. Please? George the B___ Whacker, it would help if you'd really take responsibility. Jerk. Your administration set divisive politics further in place for how many decades more? Grin and repeat Mr. Bush that you don't want to involve yourself in politics now. The old applicable phrase is, no s___ Sherlock.

Hey, another point but it relates. Did anyone else hear news reports (CBS Radio for me) this morning how Ford Motors evaded bankruptcy because savvy board members warned Mr. Ford two years before the collapse officially came, so preparations were made in anticipation of the financial drop? What I internally scream myself into a frenzy about is that a President should have also done that if I and so many others knew it was imminent. Face something for God's sake. 

Anyway, as The Times reports it was - upended cars and shattered windows for blocks in the most serious bombing to hit Beirut in at least four years. 

The cycle of revenge can't conclude until everyone grows up and stops playing war as if that's all there is to proving you're a man.

Remember the great American President Theodore Roosevelt? Solidified his national reputation by leading the charge up Cuba's San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War that was claimed to be about liberation but as a by-prduct led to the subjugation of a Philippines clamoring for independence from another imperialist power for another half century. Eventually Teddy, who idolized the idea of becoming a man by going to war, lost his own son, Quentin, in the Big Number 1 and realized, oh yeah, the innocent die so maybe it's not such a grand idea after all. 

Oh well though, now we have another generation of terrorists raised to hate whole societies of people for the few greedy enough to lead because they're vain. Just because needs are great it doesn't mean that's the only motive of leaders who propose answers.

So The Times renders a recounting of the vindictive trail with Reporting contributed by Hwaida Saad, Hania Mourtada and Josh Wood from Beirut, and Christine Hauser and Rick Gladstone from New York.

And, in the end, the love we neglect is the one we'll never feel until generations recall the opportunities we never took advantage of until they were relieved of the selfish mistakes the present hasn't yet faced as foolish, and stupid, and truly, truly, arrogantly ignorant. But then since all the nations on earth are so great why make amends? Bombs away. Ignorant bastards. Really, what are the odds it's God's responsibility for telling any of us to do anything. None of any of this crap is for Allah, especially that man claiming God told him to go to war. Jihad, holy war, your holy war, get it freak? Rash language. Uh huh.
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