Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Apparently There's An Apocalypse?

Russia BEYOND THE HEADLINES, under their headline, Court rejects claim against Madonna in “gay propaganda”, by Semyon Kevasha, reports that the social groups suing Madonna for homosexual propaganda in Saint Petersburg, Russia are now responsible for court costs. A real pickle for those who prefer thinking every aspect of instinct is a moral question.

While RT, straight-faced, without crediting a writer, reports a Chinese man has almost finished his ark, built miles from water, in preparation for a big flood that would close out the year 2012. Though RT explains scientists know a Mayan calendar running out doesn't imply there's an end to time. 

Yet there's nothing funny conjecturing an end to this world. What's worse is that through the years of trepidation and warning, we still went ahead creating the tools capable of bringing about our own demise. Even after clearly realized. It's not that the planet's destruction won't happen because it's foolish. It's silly that it could happen whenever from the mess already made. Sure, there's scapegoats. Groups with wrong ideas. Misconceptions as important as appearing irresolute in the face of danger. No shortage of make-believe heroes prepared to take all the assorted enemies out. Even over independent beliefs, when what it's really always been about was just power. Only an idiot would blame God.

Yes Menachem Begin meeting Anwar Sadat was Nixon meeting Mao in China all over again. And Benjamin Netanyahu is really the one player in the Middle East game capable of burying the hatchet and bringing about real cordial imagination to a completely confused world over the difference between nationalism and religious right.

Sometimes angry people wake up the next day less angry, but in general too many people find anger to be their only way of finding satisfaction. Well then it must be their fault then if they can't passively get along. Except when too many lost their lives already, it would be best if everyone left just got along. Because what's at stake just doesn't seem as important as holding a grudge that should hardly satisfy humans or Allah near enough. Ya think?

And now this.
Kim Jong-un Seems to Get a New Title: Heartthrob
is The New York TimesNovember 27, 2012, headline about The Onion satire picked up by People's Daily announcing Kim Jong-un was named “Sexiest Man Alive for 2012.” 
Also posted to the bottom of the last Soapbox View Essay including Kim Jong-un.

So, the more things change, the more history stays the same, I notice now, toward the end of the day,  in The New York Times, 5:20 EST, posting by Ian Lovett, under the headline, Rail Plan Stirs Distrust Among Black Angelenos, that Los Angeles has going its' own good old fashioned contest over where prosperity is planned by considering that a light-rail and subway system could neglect the Leimert Park neighborhood. As with religion, part of the battle is labelled cultural when it just comes down to money. When the whole world could use a better railway system, right LA?
Right LA? Or maybe everyone should roll down their limos' windows to hear what everyone else might be capable of thinking once the dirt is ever possibly removed from everyone's polluted congested ears. Yep, those Russians are right we're polluted by propaganda. At least it won't be everyone's fault who profited?

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