Friday, November 9, 2012

At Our Best We're Immoral, And Worst Try To Get Away With It

The biggest stories are salacious as in today's Times. Where, held to the light, immorality is flaunted as if enlightening yet tawdry. While apologies are contrite, thereby not seeming to flaunt that an indiscretion was enjoyed. But why bother otherwise? I'm sure everyone and their brother disagrees, but my feeling, at first, was that the former CIA man, involved in today's front page Times tawdriness, saw a way out of a job few in their right mind really want unless you're on that fast track of accumulating titles. Which he was. Funny how an affair was ripe for criticism, but the NBC television network broadcasting a military-esque game show got a pass, except for Rockefeller Center protests? At least the public didn't give it resounding thumbs-up hit show status. Or the network gave up on telling us we should. Oh dear, oh my, how was that remorseful look at war, M*A*S*H, allowed to survive early bad ratings that could have killed it from the start? Was it conscience then, or just a way was found for the right people to profit from war now? Damn right I support the troops right not to be dragged into mercenary wars when their real patriotic purpose is our protection.  
War On Humanity

Just as arrest logs informing neighbors of criminal activity are supposed to theoretically pressure deviants to go straight, our muscles bulge choking us on self-righteousness. I read arrest logs in the papers. It's good to know where people are being mugged and erratic behavior takes place. But I'm not too thrilled with non-violent offenders held up to public ridicule. Whether we want to believe it or not, the police are encouraged to believe they are the law and not our designated enforcers of civility. We should be at peace, not war.

So, since we're not really as civil as made out, maybe it's best our entertainment is how fallibly human former military generals can be. How right it is a sense of moral character is desired in our nation's elite. It is nice responsibility can be faced, and even better when self-righteousness can make room for contrasting points-of-view. Peace on Earth will not come just because we learn to fight better wars. Harmony will happen when that's what we learn.

To understand The Beatles' tunes and not just sing along and pacify an inner need to feel everything is alright despite the compromises our greeds make to be kings and queens of this world we're all just members of, and not greater gods than Allah who'd really have to be out of her/his mind to condone all of this world's violence. So my bet is humans are wrong and should blame ourselves. 

Give peace a chance!

While in relatively no time at all, the general's private/public affair cited above brought us a what? New celebrity. 10/12/2012

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