Wednesday, November 21, 2012


MIDDLE EAST PEACE - was formally announced by U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr of Egypt after intensive negotiations in Cairo at 2 p.m.  Wednesday, American Eastern Time, according to The New York Times, 
Seriously, we can't at least hear Palestinians and Israelis were in the same room? Or better yet outside by a tree. Tense people make tense deals. 

Will November 21, 2012 become celebrated in history or will another brand new peace keeping team need their imprint on the next final conclusion to Middle East violence? 
Marketers in America had to create great holiday fanfare  extravaganzas to get us together. 
Except problems are hardly behind us. November 16th, an Ellen BarryNew York Times, report alluded to President Putin speaking as if he had no clue he has no clothes on at all. Costumes, yes, in fact plenty enough for a whole fashionable retinue to escort the king to and fro from to his throne. If Russian dissidents are racist and wrong, as implied by the crown, then not only is the emperor naked but living in an era before cell phones when Czars taunted they were so far away the outside world couldn't know? Everyone knows Russia is curtailing free speech. Everyone. So calling Pussy Riot racist is a lie. No, I'm sorry. Fictional political truth.
Maybe everyone needs a real actual Thanksgiving break with Mickey Mouse to stop pretending reality is violent when the truth is none of us should be anything less than peaceful, loving and understanding. 
Rule is just a gimmick too until its no longer a human race.

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