Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trust Women Conference

Trust Women Conference
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For Reuters, under the headline, Trust Women Conference: Women caught in clash between law and culture, Katie Nguyen writes of exactly why this two-day event in London, dedicated to the world-wide emancipation of women, is so necessary. Why unequal and unfair treatment needs to be gotten straight, and put behind us, once and for all. Ms. Nguyen's eloquent take on the matter should be read without my paraphrasing. Her quoting of the speakers lays out precisely what everyone should be aware of if the tragedy of the subjugation of women is to be overReuters, as well, covers the desperate trafficking of Myanmar women who are exploited in as wives in China.

Centuries. Of course people realize women were taken advantage of for centuries. Why complacency and acceptance made sexism's continuation possible for generations after being realized as a major root why the modern world hasn't completely matured. But treating women as being of secondary status is really not a cultural flaw, even though it can be, and has been, thoroughly shown that men were nurtured to feel superior.

Because what's hard to let go of is that for many the subjugation of women is their barrier against a ruthless world. A scapegoat to blame or at least make sure the chores are done. In a world where, when an advantage can be taken it is without regard for efficacy. 

Can you imagine the whole world put through America's red tape of laws that try to enforce an end to sexist discrimination? Where male bosses commonly walk a fine line of intimidation, or outright harassment, that since it can't be easily proven in a court of law as sexual harassment, bias toward women essentially goes on as before. Ignored.

Yet the world will wake from what for all intents and purposes has been a bad dream. Either with, or after, the prejudiced and selfish and thoroughly corrupt of this world have gone to meet the judgement of their maker. Because there is no religion in this world that can lay claim to what God really thinks, and those who should really be scared are those who are not whole heartedly behind the true emancipation of women that in the end will undoubtedly set the whole world free.

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