Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jingoism Isn't Just An Ordinary Eight Letter Word?

There are good reasons for national pride. While nationalism is an idiosyncrasy that's brought war throughout history. So its worth noting then, with caution, The New York Times reporter David M. Herzenhorn's In Russia, Ban on U.S. Adoptions Creates Rancor and Confusion.
Because intertwined in these stories of personal adoption ban tragedies, is how this ban is the crown on the Russia for Russians publicity spectacle. Replicating how politicians, the world over, portray themselves in the public interest. As was reported in The Sunday New York Times by Ellen Barry, Russian Lawmakers Aim at Foreign Cars, Films and Schooling in Patriotic Purgethe presidential staff has apparently long-prepared the Russian legislature for this nationalist surge. Same old story. Russia is too big to govern people who aren't under control. Individual independence is still subject to the whims of the state.

In a sense it is almost as if its a return to Stalin's day when he'd act as if he had nothing to do with anything that didn't work. When Socialism In One Country was his jingoism heralding false progress. When an individual's access to money was an elitist state's prerogative to decide. ...
Aslan Usoyan
But forget pie-in-the-sky benevolent state satire, Wednesday's eye-catching story was RT's King of Russian Mafia ‘Grandpa Hassan’ killed by sniper in MoscowAccording to RT - A sniper armed with a suppressed Spetsnaz rifle fired at Usoyan from the roof of a nearby house as the 75-year-old was walking out of a restaurant in Moscow’s Arbat district

It seems the killing results from a feud between criminal clans. Imagine that, when un-imagining it has been out of the question for so long it seems impossible. Huh? That illegal guns, drugs and money could ever end? Maybe that's what the secret plan is for making everything in the country Russian. So it will be like the old days when everyone was too proud or cowed to complain?
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While this was The Soapbox View of ABC-TV's economically ribald, über game-show, Shark Tank, and Theodore Roosevelt in the Museum of Natural History concludes this brief highlight of essays from the Table of Contents. Except for this following story that's dominated The Press, is an example of this website's exploration of various potential points of view.

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