Thursday, October 17, 2013

Street Etiquette?

Isn't Ethical Enough?

Because after all politeness is just a myth? Especially since history's worst tyrants manage fairly well among their peers. Stalin is documented having all his nation's love. So? What's most rude is usually done politely. Generally everyone's facts of life discovery. What new facade comes next? No? Good. You must be a satisfied individual.

But life is cruel and some things aren't meant to become accustomed to such as it's not a myth bicyclists have a rude reputation

Fearless spreading fear irresponsibly? Come by in a sense from an arrogance some cyclists feel from years of anonymous riding however anyone wanted with rare interference from anywhere. 
Now bicycles, cars and pedestrians happen to be everywhere. So many more bicyclists enthralled by actually how fast they go. And the exhilaration one doesn't outgrow. But please just be really polite on the road for God's sake! 
Illustration of the Outsized Misunderstanding Between Civilians and Bicycles
Starring Dorothy Rabinowitz

A corrosive tale of elitist indifference to underclass empowerment. Editorial Executive Rabinowitz gives an outstanding performance of latter age imperial integrity engaging the Metropolitan Media in toying with the smudged lines between popularity and cultural flaws. When it is simply tragic riders sacrificing for a better world are brought down by delinquents flagrantly flipping off the uninitiated. Hardly necessary when, as smart as humanity claims to be, the next step should be home free. <Safety> Drive safely, everyone, please?
gothamist Plaza Demands Removal

So it's cute The Plaza Hotel filed suit to ban CitiBikes Parking in front of the hotel. I so wish there were some defense I'd represent on behalf of the Plaza, but I can't. Compared to other inconvenient location disagreements, across the street from the hotel is less intrusive. Safer than either 59th or 60th streets and especially Fifth Avenue

To be fare. Fair? All vehicles should not be allowed access to the vicinity of the Plaza. No Automobile Parking. Nada. How unnaturally absurd that sounds reflects how much the automobile is taken for granted and unnecessarily elitist. I'm glad automobiles advertise on Soapbox View. But this legal dispute is the Plaza seeing what leverage this gains in return for losing this street furniture publicity. Because as far as celebrity prestige goes, theoretically many hotel guests are from countries where cycling isn't disauthenticated by a lazy quaint American elitism that through all the bluff and blubber doesn't portray real respect beyond scapegoating competitive patriotism. Allah Bless America & Bicycle Activism

The New York Times
Beautiful Presentation
The Russia Left Behind
A journey through a heartland on the slow road to ruin.
Photographs by DMITRY KOSTYUKOV for The New York Times; Video by BEN C. SOLOMON
Facing Reality Is Questioning Answers? 
Is Gossip News or News Gossip?

Imagine the worthwhile details of the Medical Industrial Enterprise System?

The Fleet of Bikers Changing Health Care in Africa A former motorcycle racer – and now Woman of the Yearis Revolutionising Medical Provision Across The Continent

The Independent profile of Barclay's Women of the Year Award winner Andrea Coleman who I met with her husband Barry through our common friend of financial guru, motorcyclist Malcolm Forbes.

Give Every Health Worker In Africa A Bike CNN By Andrea Coleman and Barry Coleman 12/15/2013

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