Friday, December 13, 2013

Here's To The Ukraine In All of Us

Leveraging nations is a big affair and, of course, why so many Ukrainians filled Independence Square protesting probable closer economic ties with Russia than to Europe. There's no solution other than preferring Ukraine ALREADY HAD DEALS with Russia and Europe as part of healthy economic circulation. A real shift from the actual conundrum this international situation highlights? That territorial competition is exactly why wars and skirmishes were always fought and however costumed we're on the same path centuries of experience explain is just a Dead End. But nothing a good suit can't camouflage? Because past the veneer Stalin was a dapper dresser for his era too.

Sadly the political sin of violently curbing peaceful protest occurred in Kiev, UkraineA bad reflex for rulers possibly lamenting their power isn't outright authoritarian fear. Because as thoroughly mixed-up as he was on a personal level, authoritarianism was very good for Joseph Dzhugashvili, uniformed left above. Yesteryear reality? When today's politics aren't competition, just raw wielded Power. It's a bitch, huh?

A breakdown in civility happened in Kiev, November 30th according to Ukraine Leader Calls for Talks With Protesters by David Herzenhorn in The New York TimesThen contradicting the notion of Peace Officer, violence again in December 11th's Ukraine Forces Retreat, Ceding Square to Protest (NYTby D. H. and Andrew E. Kramer. Co-packaged, first-page with In Ukraine's East, a Message for Protestors: Stop (NYT) by Andrew Roth from Donetsk, Ukraine. Explaining people with work are content and the belief politics is futile is still around. Dissatisfaction and contentment everywhere so no need for violence. No? Friday, December 13, Ukranian President Yanukovich Meets With Opposition Leaders and gives his word, "no more violence." The New York Times

So? This is business. If you don't use power you lose it. So Europe had a deal with Ukraine that left President Putin's Russia out of the equation? It's asking for interference while trying to steamroll through. On its' face, as I'm not privy, it seems a strategic ignoring of an important detail when spheres of influence are no joke. 

What I don't understand is why citizens have to be accosted over what, in the end, bottom line, are business decisions? Can't get past the extent of corruption? We're living with now. Our entire ways of life are constructed around how the law is bent and power used ruthlessly. Period. Or am I missing something? Ukrainian Political Opposition arrested? Arrested? What has that to do with anything? Unless politicians flap their gums nothing's going on. People need to be a little more cool. Everyone? President Putin's Attitude For Everybody!
Because Independence Square should mean money for everyone.

All Obituary Is Lament

February 2, 1946 – December 12, 2013
Jang Song-taek, pictured far left, a leading figure in the government of North Korea was executed yesterday. A month-and-a-half before his sixty-eighth birthday. Officially labelled a drug-user, the great scapegoat crutch of the elite behind alcohol. But what sticks in my craw is I was a bandwagon-jumper writing laudatory appraisals on the bright side of Kim Jong-un's rule. 

Soapbox View was wrong? No this execution demonstrates real power is public appearances and basically no one interferes with authoritarian auto-pilot. 

Funny what I'd expected to satirize, The New York Times headlined Execution Raises Doubts About Kim’s Grip on North Korea by Choe Sang-Hun. In American slang, a real soap opera.

When even revenge against officials responsible for North Korea's prisonish existence shouldn't be executed. Hello?

So. What the political purging ahead means is a busy elite translates as self-serving and lazy. Lazy because in most countries fired Party faithful receive severance pay. A Command Economy is an illusion. Communism doesn't exist without capitalism and anything less is pretend. I just don't believe Jang Song-taek's plan was to tarnish the family legacy further with a coup. Well one witness down and ruthlessness continues as a rule? ...
Plus for good measure, Paranoia anyone? Or The New York Times, Russia vs. Europe by Bill Keller, December 15th.

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