Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Passage Removed Belongs Back In The Declaration of Independence

"Sit. This'll be as short as you need."

Countless ways adversaries insert meaning in their opponents' declarations. When there's really just one reason everyone hasn't passed GOAn election to watch. Bandwagons to be thrown behind consensus. Traditionally Marred Catharsis.

"Blondie?" Yurmony said. Smacking my head after reaching across his brand new desk thinking better of using the paper weight. Bringing me back from gauging my suspicions to his purposely cast pretend smile. "See?" He asked judging me, "Sarcastic lost cause." Adding, "Your cultural appraisal's dreaming."

"Ridiculous," he guffawed. Choking on, "Everything's art." Laughing, "Snobs don't care. No apple cart to upset. The revolution's gone that-a-way. Ah ha ha. You're just falling further on your fictional face. This latest stunt farcically exploiting legitimate anger against racism."
"Rejection's relative," I answer, "The Amazing Corporation wants repeat applications to maintain a worthy pool of causes for monthly consideration.

"Yes but satirizing their not donating to your political ad the first month?"

"'No' in every US city." 

"'Conspiracy of individuals' promoting 'capitalism from the bottom up?'"

"Why indeed," I said hearing my misshapen words from out of his mouth. Facing the vacuum. Chasm worth erasure. Prompted my impatience. "We're conversed enough to express ourselves without either's presence," I said. "Precisely why am I here?"

If slavery is not part of Honoring The Confederate Flag. Still their being indistinguishable is revengefully insulting and perhaps correct that flag flies where patriotism's perverted. Racism and elitism were always wrong. Honor humanity lowering that flag. Because pride in the flag might also mean not letting it be divisive. Since racism hasn't ended over centuries. This isn’t just about that dag gum Civil War or flag.

Well. Now the mean, angry people are worked up with an excuse to feel set off. The utter absurdity apparently beyond apprehension. Because if the Bible weren't erroneously enforced, rationalizing slavery, the South could have rebelled over something much more reputable. But that's not what happened. There's a lot to be proud of being born in The South. Burning churches isn't one of them. 

"The Amazing Corporation called to verify the political campaign's gist. The Southern City I was born in sent a form letter rejection. Two cities responded the project didn't apply to their areas. Quaint, huh?"

"So you're going forward huh," Yurmony unstartledly conveyed.  

I said, "I prefer having no excuse." 
And now. Introducing. For America's Approval:
The Soapbox View 
2016 General Election Favorite
Honoring Nelle Harper Lee and Zora Neale Hurston 

Look! The document deserves our putting back what's missing.

The Black Past: ... is your own.

Who we should have been was cast as stones from our souls.

Doctor said, "Take a Quinnipiac and call me in the morning."

Nothing must die. Just understand opinions aren't toys.
For "thinkers" racism's a no-brainer Jim Crow fact. Down-side's just siding opposite views from your own. Having debatably grown up in a Proud South. A portion loyally dishonored the redemption of our sociopathic ancestry by carrying on the traditional spitefulnessClearly reality's either cycles of vengeance humbly perish. Or vainly loved children perpetually fulfill hate's bitter destiny. For no other reason than being torn apart by love for their superior-self. Ah-men.

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