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Russian Parliament To Economically Control Public Displays Of Dissatisfaction, President Putin Advises

  As if standing around and beaten at protests weren’t enough, The New York Times reports President Putin urged the Russian Parliament to increase fines for assembling without the power to receive a permit. The current fine of approximately one thousand dollars in American money for unpermitted assembly is expected to rise to a heftier nine thousand five. Starting from that fee, even compromised, the authorities should still get a good slice. Probably based on the protestor’s ability to pay on a sliding scale that, in the end, will mean – at least those with something to lose should stay home.
  Reuters quotes President Putin at a meeting including deputies from his party, United Russia. “We must guard people against some kinds of extreme, radical displays. Society, the state has a right to defend itself.” While environmental activist/protest leader Yevgeniya Chirikova told Ekho Moskvy radio. “It violates citizens’ constitutional right to freedom of assembly. This law is part of an effort to tighten the screws, it is very dangerous.”
  So Russians are well on their way to controlled accord constructing a fine society. Well yes, no, the fine society won’t necessarily allow the police to become everyone’s friend. No, the stresses Russian law is under are not cracking while power is not near its benign uses yet, unfortunately, but there might be time. Yes, the planet overheated and as some scientists project too late to reverse that fate. But technically there’s time for Russian evolution as all the world’s other societies still are.
  So, for the present, it just seems President Putin thinks he’ll hear the public better if it was curbed of that incessant Russian instinct for more, more, more. Controlled demonstrations, honed to more manageable manifestations undoubtedly no doubt may be the proper way to manage Russia. Except society does come down to, are people satisfied? And why can’t the president lighten up?
  Bloomberg, or any businessperson and politician worth their salt knows rent's for going up. 
Russian Parliament To Economically Control Public Displays Of Dissatisfaction, President Putin Advises

5/24/2012 concluded:  Bloomberg, or any businessperson and politician worth their salt knows rent's for going up.

  Despite concluding on that, purportedly, potential pragmatic note. Rent's for going upMarch 24, 2012's outlook beat around the bush using a lot of words to describe self-interest when none other exists. Why there's no breakthrough without spectacle.  Otherwise no one sees? Consequently few care, neglecting to beware of the consequences. Censorship's slant purpose. Freedom's so scary it's the achievement's claim that's the spookiest?
  On another hand. Everything's not so cut and dry concerning ruling elites. At least some historians assume if Stalin had been beaten by Trotsky or whoever, they'd have been as viscously ruthless and intolerant too. 
  It's understood anything even opposite  authoritarianism nationalism could be just as myopic? As reflexively defensive as anywhere reality's scapegoated. Bent but not fixed. Dignity's really supposed to matter more than money
Anything to say here?
Unfathomable how many dreams aren't even seen. Imagine.

Crafting the opposition in your own imageSeriously? All's fair in politics? Then everyone's accountable for sycophantastic bullcrap. But not Bizarro World's intellectual demiseNero-esque,  leaning on a harp, Sir Charles Krauthammer of The Conservative Slant?

Yes, capitalism for everyone.

capitalism = socialism

  There should be much, much, more progress by now. But far be it from me to dispute with an industry. I see sitcom.

  So this is equal pinko time? Since there's only two sides to entitlement's story. When history's just one shrewder political mirage to the next. Why, despite our vast wealth, would this generation be any different from any other? Advanced? When self-righteous destruction remains the current case?

  W was in South Carolina lauding his brother's chances of captivating South Carolina's primary voters. Saying we don't need another one like him blustering around the White House, touché? Get a grip.
So no political dynasty's not worth enshrinement, I guess. But just because their success becomes them, doesn't mean it becomes us.
  Facing reality is a malleable commodity. Remember cigarettes were technically dealt with mucho-decades after their health hazard was known. Automobile pollution was understood a century ago. But by using money conveniently we've crept backwards forward. At least the computer wizardry is so cool while the method remains the madness.
Imagining Wondering

  A Helicopter Camera pans across a highway's commercial strip. Zooming downtown to meet Camera 2  for double shot of two men sitting on an antique hotel's little old fashioned stoop.

  Helicopter Camera acquires image, rising above Camera 2 and taking in a dilapidated downtown before disappearing.

Lame: "Yeah well. Knowing that Wal-Mart behemoth would pull the rug out from under little America's a long way from stopping it. I didn't have the billions. I hear those logarithm people expect no one to drive cars anymore either. The computers will solve traffic. Fill this whole landmass with less jobs than we need. Even us poor pathetic retirees, whose ethics forbade our stabbing enough competitors in the back before having been stabbed in ours. This concept the criminal justice system cleans everything up after the damage is done, is mostly why money's so darned expensive. Candy that dissolves in your mouth without the feeling of a real taste."

Duck: "Rightly so."

Lame: "Yep. Not enough to just fight City Hall, but a matter of owning it too."

Duck: "Yeah. Hear The Big City raises property taxes every year, regardless. And landlords accommodate. Fight for all their rights, but where complex finance could be tackled and changed by steps to end inflation gouging at the weak's strengths. The practice of profiting from destruction. The ruthless Wall Street rule." (PAUSE) "Yeah blame them. All their faults. While America comes from behind its' own curtain as we obviously are.

Lame: "Oh. I see. Making fun of me. Like I don't know you're playing when you agree." 

Duck: "It is the poor's fault they're poor."

Lame: "The culture's fault for our pathological ancestors. Give up on progress like them. Go with the easy flow ya know. Go buy your finally, in a long time, properly priced gallon of gas. And leave me alone here to rot in your comfortable conscience's hell.

Duck: (Grins, waddling away.)

Act II

Lame clicks open the laptop pulled from behind his back and sounds as if he's reading out loud.

Helping Ford Go Beyond The Car, by David Gelles in The New York Times. But digitally titled here, in a more politically correct-er tone, The Commute of the Future? Ford Is Working on It.

LAME: "New set of entrepreneurs working with what's left of the old fortune. Strengthening what's strong from the corporate conspiracy that self-congratulatorily languished, and glorified, the world's grand parade of mobile thrones money said was deserved. Genius. Henry bled the idea itself that we could all be aristocrats in a great broad middle-class empire still unwilling to concede that's what rich is as well. Middle-class is a popular political concept. But as engaging what civilization wrought - a bunch of poppycock.

Cars were happening. Couldn't be stopped. GM bought up streetcars in the 1930s and America remained clueless up through and including now. Inevitable as things were, it was corrupt justice? Our arrogance hasn't a clue walls aren't dissolved because the financial stream's never caught by the undertow. Unbalanced wealth's not a political mantra. What could be exploited is a self-righteous mistake. Facing history means acknowledging mistakes and not what elected officials are ready to do. Hiding, as many are, protected by the enormous funds grown from need. 

  Tony Guida - Sam Schwartz Interview, Part 1, Part 2.

  From The Two Jakes. "The name of the game is oil John." The Past. "Never goes away." Jake Gittes
  Blind in plain sight compromise. "The price boss. It's the price." We can't afford the effort to pay? 

Samuel Fuller's The Street With No Name (1948)Morality's immorality hidden in plain sight
Diane Humetewa For Supreme Court Justice: 
Native American Representation Long Overdue 

BBN, Black and Brown News

  Where would you sit, facing this direction? Looking forward, looking back. 
  Really the perfect question seems ironic. Knowing whose selling you what and why's the answer for everything. 
  The assumption any of us avoid responsibility for the world's mess is noise and preposterous
The perpetual age of militarism never ends? 
At least not soon reports Rick Lyman 
in the International New York Times

Eastern Europe Cautiously Welcomes Larger U.S. Military Presence

Surreal desperation viewed satisfactorily? 
Ah, this M. C. Escher. Art's not leaving the past behind.
The Soapbox View Satirical Twispursues the 
Twin Legacies Andy Rooney and I. F. Stone?

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