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Maureen Dowd Frames Family's Used-up Republican FACE

    Imagine sake of argument? No reason for quipping with Maureen Dowd for HER having wanted published HER Republican relative's conservative platform of undermining the public legitimacy of the President of the United States. First of all? Overall? Right off the top the friendly manner of full public complaint by Peggy a Maureen Dowd stature now stands before. A pity lawyers come out of law school going into the business of destroying celebrity personalities. Nut killed John Lennon? NUTS KILLED JOHN LENNON deceived America !!! !!! !!! Federal Government has had evidence on that BIG ASSHOLE for generations and the public stands around saying beat us with another jerk. 
    Without a reasonable ex[planation for a maureen Dowd self description in RGOGER STONE PEACOCK PARADE style without the simple journalistic integrity of a writer's researchability. Find Maureen Dowd's sister-in-law? What is happening here. Freedom just atmosphere. Maureen Dowd a simple target I doubt. But one thing is for sure, the American imagination will completely disappear controlled by idiots who think not caught gets away with anything. Get it? NIXON complained IN THE WHITE HOUSE he knew what he did to those parents of the children of the 60s deluding American Public Opinion. 
    Ignore the truth is what Maureen Dowd's editorial symbolizes in broad ways and I invite Peggy's explanation?Maureen Dowd? Your move? Or take the Rupert Murdoch lie all-the-way through opposition. He's admitting letting cheating count in American politics. It's ridicule he's not back in Australia's Penal Colony for ridiculing that pathetic little self absorbed GOD DAMNED MIND. 
    Ms. Dowd, your turn? 
    In the circus' Hunter ring, that much weight of crippling celebrity means focus. However guilty or innocent? All money is Russian or all money Ukraine is a same difference formula. Surprised any money enjoyed, or wanted, any of it. This scenario, laid out high brow, is  Hunter had a kid with a woman and he hadn't been responsible. Right? People don't target president's relatives? Uh huh and Dumpster is so pathetic whatever works is what happens when chauvinists expose their mistresses' penises to the public. If trouble suing me from the right offended authority? Lindsay Graham is proud to shout he can't understand everyone knows he raised himself to hate. he'd use presidential papers for toilet paper and throw the real in Puerto Rico too. Just as everyone knew it didn't matter. Lenin, Stalin, whatever as long as a figurehead was worthless enough and portrayed right the world just has to give up money's not circulating because Wareen Buffet likes playing with money till he dies pretending given away too late is a game for those with enough. National train grid and transportation System. Excuse not enough money? Well enough to destroy is not a recommended path from hell for the disturbed enough to believe a smile makes it all okay. 
    Accountants trained to not know devaluing everything destroys the world and no more paying for their drinking beer in college anyway. Student debt? Conscience holiday America when you decide you little frustration can't help the big picture. Whose idea clogging the US Postal Service with bs. From within toon possibly. The roots of enjoying hurting each other can run through and through the ideal capitalism not real enough so let's play funny money.
 Ms. Dowd supplies the opening having created a we are there but who knew atmosphere with her brother offended enough by January 6 but not so much not to confess to still being a fool too. At least Ms. Dowd has other columns of worthwhile points. Her brother's not firmly gripping how entrenched the family is in Washington for the January 6 to appear a TOTAL DISGRACE and not face it completely is what. In position to be fooled. Now I feel bad. Trying to walk a fine line. Ms. Dowd any explanation for on the surface such pathetic journalism. Biden that bad is pure George Get Away With Anything Santos imagery. Who else in The Times insists on wearing the world their own way in iconic look how important I like to feel imagery. What else did you and the Uber chief executive do in the back discussing a hell of a life pretending you don't know you're both overexposed loving gasoline by not giving enough of a DAMN. They own everything and it's okay?" Right, AMERICAN PUBLIC were maureen Dowd's relatives at the door when Robert Redford thought he delivered enough to change the world and Cliff Robertson grinned they don't care. They pretend killing isn't their only affair and Americans are too prejudiced to care. Because now the scapegoat is the scapegoat we hide behind scriligously when no one should have supported that big idiot all along. So I happen to not consider Maureen Dowd giving her sister-in-law full vent.  
But I warn you this is not an explanation people want to be comfortable explaining how motives are so warped that maybe even New York" Governor Cuomo learned to be friendlier when Republican women attacked to pretend defending themselves against them. No? Why President John F. Kennedy was no mystery. Jackie probably target and buffoonish shooters to cover plausibility. So liberal icon down and more loved Jackie hides behind OIL-DRIPPING magnet Aristotle Onassis so the conspiracy of individuals could lead to a succession of Donald Dumpster's ruling commerce while destroying the world from within TOO.
It's Seven Grandkids, Mr. President

The 2014 Olympic Edition illustrates an American Hero in Moscow during the 1991 Soviet August Coup. Hank Greenway struggling for his capitalist foothold. In knightmarishly riddled, checkerheaded, competition he both left and arrived in. To see if we can fix how we see our very own world. Greenway dreamed.

The Soviet Nation strangled itself on distortions. Curbing many economic avenue flow possibilities. Except BLACK MARKET. Planning was morons covering each others' mistakes. Oh yes. Moscow most certainly did labor through tears and many Soviet Citizens throughout the Country's Provincial Divisions, that Moscow ruled, worked very, very, hard despite Central Command Economy Control.

Dictator Joseph Stalin was trained to claim, centralized, Lenin revolution dogma. Ruling in the way the Czar's Secret Police managed him. Both outside and in the prison system, Stalin went onto so fondly inflict ON EVERYONE ELSE. As Stalin was evidently hooked throughout his whole devious career to devious control. In this case, networking Russians anywhere. Everywhere. Hiding them. Showing them. Re-re-releasing them to Israel and United States of America. Where moved for whatever trap was in motivated play. Hence eventually Trotsky, mutilated, in Mexico. Litvinenko crazily massacred in London. London where he'd crazily tried portraying himself crazy. Not worth trying to kill anyway. So bunglers, not burglars, take a stab. Where if bothered by a need for spending time on controlling their independence, they'll Legislatively Staff themselves Moscow Branded Criminal Enterprise System Splendor.

So this Olympic Edition of The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service is, INTERNET ARCHIVEOPEN LIBRARY documented in contemporary time with Putinesque Stalin smirk.

Hank Greenway's nemesis Colonel Srilenko is an emblem of Soviet and Russian tradition. Born to face Greenway who only knew destiny faced Russia in neglected idealistic hopes. Curtailed in ruling, for centuries, generationally as Czarist Empire. Followed by Stalinist Riddled Political Engineering that still engages countries in wind bagging vitriol. Today's histrionics of political manipulation, Hank Greenway always feared he'd find but never panicked. Looking back, astounding I never thought to portray panic. But I can remember thinking, "don't let him think panic here." Well, he had The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service ...

Charles M. Fraser

    Idiots rule bathroom logic where MEN COME FIRST. Twice as much or half as much? SOMETHING !!! !!! !!!

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