Wednesday, July 19, 2023

UNIONS already established minimum standards and for both sides to pay for lawyers is legal mismanagement and everyone nicely primed for disbarring and placed historically alongside Roy Cohn? Everyone?

 Weather adjusts when Arctic overheated and claiming otherwise historically proven the maladjusted destruction of America from within. VERDICT: 

DON'T FORGET GEORGE FLOYD Footage was good. Police Motorcycles entering and fine staged confrontation. A period of time managed for an expression of the grievances in broad statements at 23:00. 

    Where a few days ago the AFTRA striking writers were a small portioned placement on half the broad sidewalk unable to specifically seen exactly what faceless entity positioned themselves with luxury's fine bureaucratic buildings. 

    Like when Gays or anyone protests against walled-off indifferently placed interests. The Giuliani Administration created pens for holding their calculated pictured enemies during their New York Presidential Convention hurricane crossed Central Florida not once but back-and-forth. In fact violent theatrical demonstrations were already accomplished in Times Squareand legally processed as squared away. So writers aren't fools. Walk the entire block and what? They'd have confronted the tourists formed into lines under the big screens telling them it's all imagery and who gives a dman really what's designed. We can pay for anything and make it worth virtually nothing. A is America and I doubt we're meant to notaries above all this GOD DAMNED DOUBT the idiots who managed themselves into control can't just manage themselves out. GUESS WHO SAVED ALL THE GOD DAMNED MONEY?

Mr. Kuby as is obvious, lawyers know scheming reaches a point, that no matter how dramatic, a judge is in on approving the motion's invalidity too. Chicago 8's BlackMan chained for being aggressively withheld for centuries and reacting naturally? You betcha. Bunch of hippies dramatized an older generation forced to not give up their hypocrites' clothes. Appointing that last enshrined nakedly self-indulgent barbarous queen King Dump.

Contemporary History Exposes Big-Oil Dripping Generations of Drool All Over The World

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