Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Scraping Off The Scarred Painting Whitewashing American History

    Ron De Santis chip off the Chump Dump Block and all. Ya'd think finding, and having, an American coherence around rationality would be relatively easy. Considering Halloween, the night honoring goblins and none such, over. NOW rational business, Sade ... 😏 NOW NOW RIGHT NOW!

I contend this film is a Patrick Henry Voice, mine, denied MORE FREE SPACE within the Aristocratic Auto-Bodied Useless, on-off, tick-tocking, social media ramped, Facebook/Twitter-ized America in FULL and COMPLETE denial of our very own Authentic Real Beauties! 

"Little Girl," you're on! NOW! NOW! NOW!

 Newt Gingrich  - Authentic ALL AMERICAN Jerk!  @newtgingrich PURE BOUGHT PROFESSORSHIP & spacey TWITTER___t

Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society Cripples America 

It was designed by people who disdained everyday Americans and were determined to fundamentally change America.

NEWTSPEAK - "There is going to be a deep public desire to overhaul our failing and dishonest education system in favor of one that is both productive and pro-American." 

Lock me, Malcolm, Charles M. Fraser up! 
OR Mar-a-Lago Inmate, Co-Conspirator, NEWT freaking GINGRICH! In his Self-Righteously Tangled desperation for Being literally so GOD Damned STUPID and used GLORY! Religious QUACK!

The Sean-Newt Gingrich-Hannity DIMWIT

1995 Vitriolic Email from Provocative Mega-Celebrity ____ _______, co-starring TRAYVON MARTIN   Noting here earlier that pity ... 

Honoring Trayvon Martin Faces Aristocracy's Misrule as we've nowhere near done enough, obviously! 
Subdivided World Rule by Foolish Means funds warlike catastrophe everywhere

Yahoo-ed Degenerate NETANYAHU in FAKE Mourning Black

    President NETANYAHU is an A 1 Certified Screw Loose FACADE of Falsified Pride! BOTH SIDES need each other to finance lives behind hatred. All IN ON IT! GOD never condones war. Iran is not sponsoring HAMAS to win. Just keep idiot looking stupid in power. People are killed? Idiots like Netanyahu don’t give a __it! By not honoring Palestine? The whole concept, or idea, or whatever, that can be called humanity fighting over territorialism is not what one, any, or ALL RELIGIONS supposedly, theoretically, teach! What's the scapegoat? WAR satisfies the eternal urge to play god? Churn out dividends for suppliers and checkerboard players. That GOD damns idiots, fools and or anything, anywhere, likewise else. Sean and Newt? You're connected that stupid. PERIOD. LOCK ME UP! ...

    TWITTER dissolved the @SoapboxView Private CHAT Celebrity Journalists Circle against censorship. Disappeared it. Not option. @SadeABC @FrGregBoyle @billritter7 @BillClinton @LeeGoldbergABC7 @HilaryClinton @VP @POTUS @nyctimesup @NBCNightlyNews @CBSNews @mcharlesworth7 @PaulMcCartney @AndrewWylie @nytimes New York City's Mayor's membership of upmost suspicion.

    So it is NOW my honor to be writing from the underground Columbus Circle Subway Station, of-all-places, Ms. Baderinwa ... 😱 

    And why is a confluence of both subtle and exaggerated incidents evolving from studying microcosms of the National Transportation(s) System(s) 💘 placing me here? I slept over 4 hours a block away and missed watching you leave your set after 11:30. I'd cry if you stepped on a sidewalk crack. I've lost it. 

    Well. Electricity to function as a mobile office, that AMTRAK advertising inspired? Left the catchphrase "a lot to be desired" a hole right through which the center of the entire freaking planet EARTH is transparently vacuously ethic-less. We're dropping through Bill Gates' atmosphere of financed mediocrity illusionists rule? 

    Really? Millions in new software Americans experimenting improved for IBM's brainchild Billy who was programmed with some clues keeping computing leveraged for the advantage of the top and not all America as the CONSTITUTION tried establishing that the selfish decide reads freedom top cover up. Nixon honest? His conspiraxcy ate the country for dessert for generations. George W. and Cheney are qualified revenge against Muslims? MUSLIMS are not even qualified revenge against MUSLIMS and it's obvious to how those territorial grudges are absurd abstractions of the ramifications of what bad American actors got away with. With stupid elitism all over thew world. Competition isn't the enemy. Controlling it and making it worthless is. All that back slapping Republicanism? Halloween is to good for that condemned deviltry. 

    On a daily basis Americans relearn adaptation to nonsense. Hardly AMTRAK's fault wedged where they are, standing up for something on a supposedly honest level when the complete country, on a wholesale-wide basis doesn't face mistakes like the Dump Stump

    It is criminal generations later for filling stations to not have electricity for cars. Charge five minutes. Charge again, we'd have evolved long past the oil industry money NOT solar panelling the Sahara and supplying Europe and AFRICA with electricity. Oil? We're frying in it and spilling it in the oceans that are our wildlife of gold we eat and destroy catching so much our waste damned obviously SINFUL.   

    I am illustrating how people treated like yo-yos is not capitalism or socialism. But success clearly used against us. Spilling oil in oceans of food, delivered from plantations owned by ELITES is Aristocracy Capitalism, that was the Confederate States and as wrong then as NOW!

    Standing out of course, was Baltimore. Where I endured the indignities of the overstuffed figure it out for yourself unconsumer ease with which people are drawn to the sales pitchers - to get away from the onslaught of gibberish caused when people fed up with each other. The best trained to fix the circuitous meticulous internet of diasporatic messes, are/were those involved over-priced out to bring in the the naive enough to allow the staggering onslaught to continue. Google Maps confusion? There's a public option provided to fix that for free for them or us? We let confusion rule and call it money when honey, we're just confused as The Gays would say ... 

    Sade I love you comes up so often because how I feel about you is not a confusion for me. Though I don't celebrate Halloween and I was stunned how the neighborhood makes it a real carnival for the kids. How it should be. Not the darkness across America where people hid from our indifferences. 

--- ... ---

    I am illustrating how people treated like yo-yos is not capitalism or socialism. But success clearly used against us. Spilling oil in oceans of food! Delivered from plantations owned by ELITES! Aristocracy capitalism was the wrong-minded Confederate American States and as wrong then as NOW!
    Subdivided World Rule by Foolish Means is war funding catastrophe everywhere! 
    See those eyes? Well slightly more piercingly, twice in real life, those Kurt Vonnegut eyes drilled me. Once was a picture that I said NOW I'm ready to see that picture. And the planted moll, handling The National Enquirer's Mike Hammer, showed me and the same look I ran from that day internally screaming I know there's stuff and I haven't read you yet. Instead of anguished spiral, this time she went back to sit with my kept-in-the-dark handler and I? Thought something's coming that'll develop interesting. I found this that I did not know. 
Howard, a charismatic Aussie whose polished looks and cocksure demeanor seem to announce a high-low sensibility that is common at the upper echelons of the tabloid world, believes that his regime won’t be known for goofs, but for the type of shoe-leather sleuthing he says the Enquirer has gotten away from over the past few years. The rowdy band of pirates he’s recruited for the mission range from New York City tabloid alums like Doug Montero, Lachlan Cartwright and Jessica Guzman to Fleet Street staple Mike O’Brien, Hollywood reporter Andrea Simpson and former Maxim executive editor Mike Hammer.
    RUPERT eats his young. And Hammer wouldn't admit believing lies about me. Oh well. I can imagine Sade's yawn, the other night, was like don't bother with the over-dramatists over-dramatizing wins. FACEBOOK will never trump JK's full over a century before establishing the name or my making sure New York gets out from under the mediocrity my uncle and Cornell would darn well expect me to concern myself with fixing. Paid or not. That's the breaks I made for myself. Imagining getting to round-robin chase THE SADE BADERINWA? Kidding, my head just falls asleep in the cake as happened Halloween when I woke at least 15 minutes after she left even the hallway. I was pissed. Anyway, Halloween. Not that spiritual to me.
    Poor Hammer made himself an actual friend I wanted to protect from his illustrative name emanating from the 20th Century's massive social-wide exploited ignorances. Hammer One was a symbol. Hammer 2, a complete mockery of caring for actual others' ethics. His son said hello, he loved NEKTAR's Remember The Future and apparently not an admirer of his father's upmost in qualified spy work? Spies don't care. Believed lies work better. Why generations later letters were sent. Lines written in The Hammer and Cycle even because my professor said people saw him wanting me qualified crazy. I laugh so hard because that editor pulled the crap saying he didn't expect fiction writers to tell their truth. Giggle this publishing's abandonment of SOCIETY 
    Deluged myself with Vonnegut as I should. As did that photo Mr. Vonngut himself arranged taken from the merry-go-round as that's how it goes. 
    Later on the baseball field as the logic behind favors requiring the mercy of a background check hammer had been told before goes through smooth? Even Uber's timed re-background check that knocked me off during much of the pandemic,ic because courthouses were closed, was laughed about when the person at the company clicked the button where my name was waiting the whole time. 
    "Anyway" as Mayor Bloomberg says. The man who pored more than enough money into telling stupidity to shut up scapegoating pride in guns making a mockery of logical thought. Why? Dwindling resources a concern, most likely. Pinheads! 
    ANYWAYS SHE SAID, "Doesn't matter what you learned from me, you're on your own." 
    Why it made sense to challenge the President of the United States and many others to arrest me before embarking on revealing the truth of why America was dementedly turned against ourselves just for the fun of profit even applied to weapons and war. Not oh well. It's stop it, or we've officially ____ed up forevermore ... 

    President NETANYAHU is an A 1 Certified Screw Loose FACADE of Falsified Pride! BOTH SIDES need each other to finance lives behind hatred. All IN ON IT! GOD never condones war. Iran is not sponsoring HAMAS to win. Just keep idiot looking stupid in power. People are killed? Idiots like Netanyahu don’t give a __it! By not honoring Palestine, the whole concept, or idea, or whatever, it can be called of humanity is not what one RELIGION supposedly, theoretically, teaches. What's the scapegoat? WAR satisfies the eternal urge to play god? That GOD damns idiots, fools and or anything likewise else. PERIOD. ...

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